It says feel free to discuss anything here

  • i want to ask you guys and ladies a question.

    what turns you ppl on???

    what turns me on?

    a chivas and 50mg viagra.

    that really turns me on-

  • well, i'm headed out to party, so don't have the time...

  • To be honest,

    I take Cialis 20mg or Viagra 50mg and a glass of Red Wine, one hour before batting.

    I also take two table spoons of Isaphgol with milk, daily.

    My Spanish girl friend helps me to score a half century, through a soft massage.

  • sheik sab qabar may apki tangen hain aik steroids ka teeka lagwa ker haj umra bhi ker ayen ho sakta hai apkay liye jahanum ka thermostat 5 degree neeche ker diya jaye lol

  • @ Hasheesh,

    Sorry. I cannot act upon your advice.

    I don't believe in nonsense.

    I am sure I will go to Jannat as my Allah is very kind.

    So don't attempt to scare me with such a traditional threats of Jahannam like a Mullah.

    Moonh Achha Na Ho, Gul Te Achhi Karo.

  • Ah,

    our early generations were so open minded

    What ever happened to that

  • @secular_pakistan: this javedsheikh guy is old enough to be your father and it is such a pathological spectacle here to see you pat him on his back for the words of wisdom that he excretes here so often, political or otherwise. You two get along very well on a range of issues, it seems. It looks that he scribbles drivel here while high on Viagra, Cialis and thinking all the time that he is scoring "half centuries" with his Spanish girlffriend "helping" him out! Any sobre and thinking person particpating in a public forum like this would not submit such rubbish that he and some others like him do.

    @Admin: this site is increasingly beginning to look like another one of those internet gutters where nonense rules. Since some of the members are not mature and decent enough to self regulate and behave, please take some measures to maintain quality and decency. This is a good site and many of us would not like to see it degenerate.

  • @ My Dear Dervesh,

    This thread was posted by anderkabunder and I don't have any problem with that as it was under the section "Chit Chat Gup Shup'.

    (It says feel free to discuss anything here)

    Please don't mind if I ask you please open up a little bit and don’t be so rigid and cruel.

    We are living in 21st Century. There are places for SERMONS.

    Have you ever read Mirza Ghalib or Mir Taqi Mir?

    Please don't attempt to make PKPOLITICS a webpage of LAL MASJID.

    I would like to post a copy, what another member 'shikra' has posted somewhere on this forum, I guess, carries an answer to your concern.

    Please read and take it easy.


    1. This is Chit Chat Gup Shup.

    2. There are other threads of your choice under discussion, where you can expose your intellectual 'Maturity'.

    3. I am known for my immaturity, but don’t mean I cannot talk sense.

    4. You could have ignored this thread, if not up to your standard.

    5. It is not mandatory to poke your nose in the 'Trash'.

    6. This thread is helping to release my tension, depression and agony caused by the Social, political and moral crises in Pakistan.

    7. I am a human being, above all prejudices, who gets upset and panic when persons like Martin Luther King, Liaqat Ali Khan, Z.A. Bhutto, Sultan Rahi, J.F. Kennedy, Indira Gandhi, Hakeem Saeed and Benazir Bhutto are assassinated.

    8. I hate cruel and callous attitude.



    (I like this person. He seems to be away from hypocracy).

  • ah i see my old man Gandhi in this post. Charity begins at home ideologies , morals, ethics even a few rule can be a lot to practice when it comes to implement on ourself. We all have dark secrets and when it comes to SEX we are all wicked creatures. Yet i would remind you guys of the kind of discipline it takes by the gratest tolerant in history after Jesus and that is Gandhi restrained from sexual life for the last decade of his life. He was no extremist but he sure knew ho to embarce principles and live up to them.

  • Mr shiekh,

    as u r the most senior ,most literate and educated person at this forum,so i respect you a lot ....

    at the same time ,if i expect you to be most sober,decent and responsible in ur posts ...i am not wrong by doing so. should be an example for all fellows here,who are ignorant ,desperate or manchalas.... a nation we all are at a height of disappointment.but that doesnt justify us to be desperated to that ectend to discuss sex publically.

    no3.this is a public forum.there is no segregation of topics here on the bases of gender divide....i .e this is a male topic ...this one is for everyone or anyone can go ,read and repond any is the resposibility of the members to beahve soberly and keep in mind that what i am writing or posting ,anybody can read it ,so we all should be carefull enough to not to discuss taboos.

    no4.chit chat corner doest allow anyone of us to get out of control and talk about sex adn drink.

    no5.basic etiquettes says dont crack dirty jokes in a mix gathering.same applies for a public forum. even u r posting in a chit chat corner.otherwise ppl would start posting bedroom jokes at this public forum in the chit chat corner.

    no6.being the most educated .u should be more decent then anyone of us.

    no7.if u belong to the school of thought that advoactes being modern and hip is being open about sex in ur converastion ,being liberal means admitting publically that u drink ...

    if u want to look cool,want to prove urself liberal,prove urself open minded ...the only way is to talk about sex ,drink and dance.

    thats the extreme of being modern.

    if u belong to the same school of thoughts ...i am sorry ..

    i cant help u ....

  • @javedsheikh: I am not a member of a moral fire-and-brimstone brigade lecturing you and trying to scare you with the fires of hell and the virginal charms of a paradise, like many do here while themselves indulging in the same kind of vulgarity that bthey pretend to condemn. I actually despise such people. You have every right to do whatever you want to to with yourself and your life but, still I request you, try to show some sense---decency and taste---when you come to a public forum like this. You are old enough to know that this is not your bedroom.

    My reading and understanding of Ghalib and Mir teaches me not to do what you do in a public space like this. But then, perhaps, we are not talking about the same Ghalib and Mir.

  • beenai define decent

    i agree with js we are older and we need help in our private matters,

    u young ppl are in a fertile age god has blessed you

    == up to now====

    i need help and i know where to get it.

    does that make u jealous?

    all of you will get to my age someday

    and u will cry when you cant get it up.

  • i read your post again beenai i was so long but i managed to get thru it

    u seem so confused and in pain. i dont know how i can help you.

  • andarkabandar sahib,

    getting older means getting wiser.

    getting older means getting experienced.

    getting old means getting relexed after taking care of all basic things .

    getting older means getting more respect .

    thats what my stand .

    thats how i want to get old (if i live up to my old age)

    but the way u have explained old age is simply beyond me.

    thanks for sympathising with me...

    i am quite ok not in pain...

    u ppl are ...who wants to talk about sex all the time.

    i am still single.

    i know whenever the time come i would marry and have a great life with my hubby .(inshallah)but rite now i am enjoying life minus sex.i am not desperate about getting a hubby .

  • (edit.changed my mind abt sermoning)

  • well

    i think noone should waste time to preach others .if something is offensive to someone they should just switch to someother topic .lol .

    coz these guys need no sermon they need real help .lololol .

    all these guys are mature enough so whatever they are discuss should not be problem to others coz they are in dire need of help .lmao hahahahhah let them do their catharsis .

  • anderka bunder

    u asked this question from ladies too .hahahaha

    are u nuts do u think they will answer u seriously .lol.

  • beenai= what is wrong with talking about sex?

    what dont wise ppl talk about it?

    experience makes a sex discussion even better or not?

    when you get a hubby and when he gets old you will probably understand more.

    aish= nothing wrong in asking women what turns them on is there, it could be music,food, clothes or yes sex.

    lol hahaha

  • To all the respectable Scholars and champions of morality,

    1. I am member of a society, where people don't loose temper or get hyper just upon reading the words like 'Viagra', 'Red Wine', 'Spanish girl friend' or 'massage'.



    1. I am disappointed to learn about the Standards of Decency and morality in Pakistan.

    2. I cannot buy this logic that an old person like me should become a pseudo-moralist and hypocrite, and start thinking about Qabar, Jannat, Dozakh, Hell, and Death.

    3. I remember, one of the most learned Muslim Scholars on this very forum, (a PUBLIC FORUM), once advised and suggested to sell me as male-prostitute.


    1. What if at the age of 70, I feel lively, young and optimistic and lots of my young students take me as a Role Model.

    2. I can’t help where a young person at 30-40 starts behaving and thinking like 70-80 years old.

    3. My posting was not to irritate or injure the feelings of any respectable member of the Forum. That was an extract from my 'autobiography' under compilation, inspired by Yadon Ki Braat by Josh Malhabadi.

    4. The Public Forum should not be monopolized as a Private Forum.

    5. The advanced Technology gives you the command to shut down, where you find a bad window (such as mine)

    With best wishes for A Happy New Year.

  • JS Sahab

    what city do reside?