Join the most powerful secret society for riches, fame and power +27719999518

  • If you have the desire and a Dream to join the Illuminati from anywhere in the World; Call us on our Telephone Number +27719999518
    You will be required to answer the following questions over the phone before we consider your request for membership

    1. What is your name?
    2. How old are you?
    3. What do you do for a living?
    4. How many times have you ever tried to join secret societies? if you have ever tried its also not bad

    How to Join Illuminati Family today:

    The first stage is usually the Initiation Stage.

    Immediately after the Initiation, new members are given a Money Award equivalent to
    US $1,500,000 to reorganize their Lives in-order to fit the class and status of the club members.
    Others Money Awards are communicated after the Initiation stage.

    However this is the basic requirements needed during the Initiation Stage.
    Joining Members around South Africa and around the world

    Official Agent No: +27719999518

    Once you make the Payment and after filling and submitting the Registration Form, you are then invited to the Illuminati society where you undergo the Initiation Ceremony.
    Seven days after the Initiation Ceremony, you are then Invited to an Awarding Ceremony where you are rewarded with USD $1,500,000

    This Money is to enable you change your Lifestyle and your standards of Living so as to match with that of the Legacy Members. Money Awards after Initiation: USD $1,500,000
    NB: Illuminati International Provides equal opportunity to all joined members.
    We aim to empower our members
    You can email us on :

    Call us/whatsapp on : +27719999518

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