Cause of all dirt: Mullas & Islamists

  • Subject states it all. No one has any doubt in their minds about it, its a different fact, no one speaks it loudly. Because everyone is afraid of mullas, that they will kill or they will put a label of Toheen-e-islam etc etc.

    This mullas & islamists are causing so much of trouble in our country in the name of islam. Every single incident of shit attack in Pakistan is because of their own way of being islamist. Thats just a bull shit. All mullas and all those who have sympathies with mullas shall be abusivly punished that it shall stand an example for rest of their group to leave it.

  • Agree ,Although I have beard and people call me mullah too ,have been in Madaris many times ,but still I would say this is not because of USA,USSR ,Pakistani Governemnt etc ,This is the evil ideology started from Najd (horn of Satan ) then in Egypt by Syed Qutub ,then Jamat islami ,UBL ,Deoband etc .In pakistan where Jamaat Islami could not get votes but they are able to make Jamaati Mind set of the people and Afghan and Kashimir war help them to spread their evil ideology ,These Islamist has no purpose except they want to be in power ,They do not give dawat and deen to the people ,they just want to take the power and they think in their mind that Islam is nothing without the government .All their life they use hatred and they become physic and start killings .

    These kind of extremism started 60 years ago ,it was in Egypt ,Algeria ,KSA,Yamen ,Chichniya ,Afghanistan and pakistan ,but in pakistan and afghanistan they gets sympathy because of Jamat islami and others concept of Jihad and ISlami nizam ,and this concept is in army ,madaris ,in journalists ,and in the people who do not even pray but support this concept .

  • Secularist are also creating troubles in the name of Islam.

    Allah (swt) addressed the Messenger (saaw),

    "And rule between them by that which Allah revealed to you, and do not follow their vain desires away from the truth which came to you" [Surah Al-Madinah (5): ayah 48]

    May Allah(swt) guide us to right path.

  • There is no such thing as secular and non seculer in Islam ,All are muslims ,these jamati mulla labeled seculer those who do not support their evil ideology .

    Actual secular is those islamist who have only motive to take the power and rule ,this is a just a materialistic ideology ,they bind with islam and jihad .

  • meaning from cambridge dictionary.


    the belief that religion should not be involved with the ordinary social and political activities of a country.

    there are still some stupied who think on that lines.

  • Usman sb

    if someone disagree with these jerks maulvies, they declare them as western, secular and la deen etc. just like you are doing now. thanks a lot aap qadiani declare nahi kar rahe kisi ko.

    what netengr and me are trying to say here, is that such sort of Danda marka Shariat is not acceptable to anyone. we all are muslims and our forefathers were muslims Alhamd o lillah, but no one has right to declare someone wajib e qatel as he is not supporting them.

    these are takfeeri groups, they have mislead people in Hazrat Ali ( RA ) era with the name of khwarjis, and these takfeeri people are emerging again under the banner of taliban etc. what netengr has said about najd, go and study the ahadees about prophecy of rising of evil horn from there.

  • do any muslim could believe in secularism?

    I believe no muslim could believe in secularism but they could act like a secularist knowing r unknowing.

    Allah (swt) revealed,

    "O you who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared and die not except in a state of Islam with complete submission to Allah. And hold fast, all of you together, to the rope of Allah (i.e. Qur'an), and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah's favors on you; for you were enemies and He joined your hearts in love, so that by His Grace you became brothers; and you were on the brink of the pit of fire, and He saved you from it. Thus Allah make His signs clear to you that you may be guided."

    [Surah Al'Imran (3); ayah 102-103]

  • this not true as you think,, u are talking the language of those who want to destroy us. islamist means who follows islam or something else.. what u are ,, u r not muslim-- dont follow media blindly.. what happend in police academy -- beitula mashood accepted he is the planner of all this and our rehamn malik at the begining said it is done by the islamic groups,, shame on us if islam is not safe here,, the people who use its name for wrong reasons,, baitula mashood is most wanted person on pakistan ,,usa and uk but why they dont attack on his land his tribe,, bcoz he is agent of them ,, they can see everything from sattelite but they cant see baitula mashood tribe and his men and even his area even everybody knows about it,, why americans cant see the drungs plants and why they dont attack on them,, its all bullshit.. our government and specially zardari and rehman malik are theier agents surely.. be sensible and open ur eyes guys ur country is sinking and your are following what they want to show u.. a real good muslim cant kill any innocent human being,, these all are foreign agencies who trained them as they r duffers and illeterate. our government even americans know it who are training them baitula mashood and who are helping him just think about it and plz dont spread hatred about your own religion.. this the job of our enemies,, we should awake our people.... dont follow anything blindly -- they are powerful but ALLAH is most powerful than all.. i hope u wont mind my words ,, i am sorry if anything u find offencive,, thanks

  • @netengr: @waqartaurus:

    Agreed, this is what happens. Maulvi simply can't accept someone disagreeing with him, straight label "Secular" "Kaafir" "Wajib ul Kattal" " Kaadiyani" etc etc. They have spoiled our society from its roots.


    Bait.. is much bigger, stronger, firmer muslim than you are. And he is so big a Muslim that he simply considers people like you and me as Kaffirs and considers us as Wajib ul Kattal. Its him and everyone like him who are changint the state of mind. I can see the changed mind state all over Pakistan now. Irony of fate is that knowing them as culprits, we are still not ready to give them a blame.


    I agree, US or Europe have nothing to do with us, why would they even bother or think about us? Being in a company of a maulvi 1st thing which we think is that .....this is a Sazish against us and thats it and we keep revolving around unveiling the saazish. And get completely distracted from the actual point of thought.

    I know, it may not sound very practical, but Maulvi culture and thought has to be erradicated. Its spoiling our country, its spoiling our religon.

  • Thats why Political Molvies always want to be in opposition or a protesters they never take the opportunity to work What is the contribution of Alwaida ,Jamat Islami ,Al akhwan to the muslim community ??? these kind of socialist islam is always against who even in the power ,Running the country is like a running the factory or house and 90 percent it is nothing to do with the religion ,it needs honesty and capability but these socialist islam given by Syed Qutb ,Moududi ,Ayeman Zawahri is nothing but terrorism .

  • "US or Europe have nothing to do with us" ha ha ha jock of the day...

  • US and EUROPE have nothing to do with us ... how stupid ...

    they have occupied IRAQ and Afghanistn they trying to conqure IRAN, pakistan, shamm , etc ...still we say why would they think about us ...

    @ netengr

    can you prove that U:S (YOUR AAQA) has nothing to do with muslims... ?... i hope u will... cause you have so much against ISlam and in fovor of U.S---

  • US is not my Aaqa

    AAqa tou un kay hain jinhon nay 15 years tak USA sa saath diya i mean Jamaat islami ,hameed gul etc ...Jin kay bachay US main pertay hain ,or Like Moududi who was died there .

  • netengr

    Allah nain tumhain bhi aqal day di, BTW always you cry against JAMATIs, rotay howay hi nazar aatay ho, name me a single person who represent jamat here.

    Koi tumhara mukhalif bhi nahin hai phir bhi jamat ka naam lay lay kay rotay rehtay ho...shabash chup ho jao aur bury yaadain bhool jao

  • @usman1423:

    If you think they even think of you or consider you, then you really live in Utopia, thats the place where every Mulla, Extremist or Islamist also live. For what they will consider you or me or any of us?

    Are we more educated?

    Are we more civilized? Do we have any culture? Do we have any values? Do we have agriculture? Have we some name in Mathematics, physics, gournalizm, media, sports or any minor thing which comes to your mind????

    Do we make a needle ?? Do we make anything........

    I would be highly impressed to know of any single thing you can name, which concerns US or Euroipe to think of us. By wasting their time thinking about us, as if we are progressing rapidly.

    Come on........


    Don't mention others, talk about yourself, me and all here. About Pakistan !!!

    But because you have mentioned let me tell you that Afganistan is now living in stoneage, and same as Iraq. They are gone, those nations are gone. They are atleast a millenium back. Is it worth talking about them and considering that we will be treated the same.

    Or think like China and move ahead ???

    Its need to come out of Mullaizm, come out of spur of an extremist, islamist (who thinks you as Kafir).

  • @Nationalist

    i can understand fully -- ur anger about mullas and we should progress like china but did china got help from usa to progress.. did they sell thier own people-- did thier goverments formed by usa. no religions is not problem.. if it is then why it was not before 9/11... this all is bullshit and propeganda == the goras are not stupid like us they fight like professional.. through media = through policies- they know the power of media and how they can manupulate the leaders and public mantellity.. this the time to know our religion in right way- what do you think our religion is bad- islam is the only true religion on this earth - british ruled india for years but when they left just few christians were left but when muslims ruled any where in the world like spain and india they gave equal right to everybody and as islam says every body is equal and even new converted muslim could be better than you if he or she is good in actions.

    how come you can say baitul mashood is better muslim than us,, not at all they are wrong pictures of islam who are in the hands of evil powers who want to destroy this true religion. islam doesnot say to kill any innocent human being even any animal.. dont speak thier language=

    our leaders are in thier hands, what do think zardari and rehman malik are they were and they are the most evil and corrupt people of pakistan and they are controling pakistan at this time ,, do u know who is controlling them-- who made them to come into power.. we need to see the reality -- thanks

  • The things were same even before the 9/11 ,Osama attacked many times in saudi Arabia ,yemen ,bahrain ,tanzania and nerobi bombing and accpeted these terrorism in his press conference .Where USA missile attacked happened during Nawaz Shareef perion od time on Osama .That war was with those groups and USA ,Why we as pakistan have to protect them ,this is Mullah's own war and muslims or pakistani war

  • wow -- come on how come one man can be that powerful -- do u think he did 9/11 ,, i am not supporter of him at all but i cant believe on anything blindly-- one man they are killing millions muslims and destroying their homes lands and families ..

    come on our leaders are bastards ,, they are agents of them just full their banks and when pakistan is drowing they fly usa or uk to live hapily after .. this is our land we cant leave it we should come out to help it out ,, dont just see on our leaders .. they love themselves first of all.. we can use media as weapon and we can form young form and we can participate in media programs to convey our msg.. just we need to stand up with full power and commitment .. what u think about it.. do we need to get together at one place to discuss all this except just sitting infront of computers and burning our hearts ,,

  • i wont even think twice to decide that we let our self in shit coz ov mullahs, extremist n taliban..remember sumthing we call civil liberty, they r takin our civil liberty..they r still livin in era ov stone n cages...they r hypocrates who is the largest seller of heroine, yeah it's afghanistan sells 90 percent of heroine accros the globe n they feed their self by selling these drugs n thinks they r proper muslim..u must b fool if u think they can earn decent livin by imposin sharia law, in order to gain economic growth u got to move forward the way other does thats why being american ally is very important coz they r superpower n world buisnesses trades against dollars not ruppes u know what as a socitey we r bunch of hypocrates basically double standard ppl we want to drink, gamble, shagin galz n bla bla but, we cant stand if women from our family does it same this is what we call double standard..pehlay apna aap sudharo phir doosroon ko dars do.thats why education is important it opens new horizon make u think whats gud n whats bad but these burns school how galz gonna get education how they gonna educate their children when they r not educated....govt should kick them out from this country we don't want them they r bone of contention..

  • @mjkk86:

    Fully agree.


    I don't say Bait is Muslim. I say, he and his followers think they are the biggest muslims, and you and I myself and people like us who shave, who watch TV (e.g. News, moveis) listen to songs are all Kafir, Wajib-ul-Kattal. So if you think Bait is not a muslim, all such terrorists & islamists are not muslim, do you have enough dare to say this bluntly and loudly?? I have seen you using quite a lose language against everyone else, can you use the same level of words for Bait and company ???? Why you can't??? Why ??? Why do you have soft corner for him and I don't see you insisting killing of Bait, cursing Bait ???