MUJEEB:ANP and Mulla Fazlu rehman /fazullah/sufi mohammed



    ALL ingredients are there...we just need to mix them and here we have another bangldesh >pukhtoonkhuwa

    Are we still sleeping...?

  • zardari and rehamn malik party namanzoor -- if we need this country as great nation,, they we should stand up against them and tell them if you will try to cheat us we will remove u from power.. as people did for CJ. every time we need some leaders who can push us to come out.. we should form any unpolitical party as youth forum,, so we can convey our msg to these bastards,, and force our opinion on them through media,, atlease we dont need to burn our hearts sitting infront of tv and computers and just discussing about it.. plz lets do it and we should come out to ask for resignation of rehman malik ,, there are many other people could be who can do his job.. why he can not be removed even nothing he doing?

  • Rehman malik was convicted corrupt exiled ex-FIA director.he could not enter pakistan before NRO he could be can this person is resposible for pakistan security?

  • lets come out as nation but we dont need to wait for our political leaders this time,, we we always wait for our political leaders to come and push us out.. we should form youth forum,, so we can convey our msg to media and these bastards.. come on all u guys lets decide to take intiative and lets fight our own war with our own wishes,, upto what delay we will wait for others. for money we need america ,, for conveying our msg we need our leaders to help us,, why why we cant come out as nation without any political gain,, we should form a youth forum and we should do demostrate infront of geo office or parliment with play cards so just we can convey our msg.. what u guys think about it..

  • as a nation we are not sleeping........

    i guess

    maybe situation is quite similar to Bangladesh .

    but the only and major difference is AWARENESS.

    at that point only newspapers were there ....

    and only a few ppl who are educated enough can be kept posted.

    now due to the huge News media revolution in Pakistan.

    a Masi ,a housewife, a hotel wala ,a Mochi and a sabzi wala and a student is well aware of what happening around.

    we are not deaf n dumb.

    we have got ears of media

    we have got eyes of media

    we have got vocals of media

    so you can see every talk show for the past month is only about Baluchistan...

    whether its Hamid Mir,Talat Hussian or Javed Chudhri .

    so we are going to fight back

    we are going to take a stand about our very OWN BALUCHISTAN.