• To remain unemployed after completing your studies is a matter of serious concern and worry and especially for those who remain unemployed for very long duration. You need to listen to not only your relatives and friends but even your neighbourers do not spare you. Finding a job remains on your top criteria but despite your sincere efforts you fail everytime.Not getting a job is not a curse as people may consider but you feel that you are not worth anything. You start losing on your confidence and your morale starts going down. Despite all those interviews that you give ion various jobs of your fields you do not job and there you are, sitting at home and facing constant torture of those talks.Give a tight slap on the faces of those people who say ridiculous things with the help of astrology. You can consult the Job problem solution astrologer Amar Sharma to get employment in the company or the field you desire. He will guide on what is best for you and will come out with the best career astrology solution. Try out his services in India or in UK and put an end to those times of constant listening from your friends and relatives. BY PT GANESH NARAYAN JI +91-8264276973

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