Media ,Murder and BB?

  • beenai sis

    yes u cannot convince me here

    so again im repreating "yes we are noone to decide who is shaheed but we are noone to object others calling her shaheed coz it will be wrong ".

    people who r calling her shaheed have their own ideas so we should not raise eye brows to their convictions coz for them she was their leader fighting for them .

    now to your other queries i can give u many islamic examples but i refrain from involving religion aspect to this matter .

    she was no angel nor are we or other politicions ,noone is perfect here .she might have done many mistakes but she might have done some good things too .

    comparing her with halaku khan is utterly wrong .dont u think she suffered a lot .

    anyways ill stick to my point that media is not biased here and they are doing what they ought to do .

    and about those corruption charges well i know all about it but i do believe she has paid enough price for that so lets not bring up those things .

    for insider eyes (if he can see )

    speak when u r spoken too ok .never address me next time coz i have seen your true colours .period.

  • beenai now here

    tell me who is shaheed those army men fighting in waziristan or those who are fighting against them .

    tell me when our army created havoc in bungladesh those who were fighting against our army were shaheed or our army men killig bangalis .

  • they died because of misinterpretation of Gods word. I would consider her and the other people who died shaheed. even the bomber who blew himself up because someone else twisted Quran to convince him to do this. they are all victims of a lack of knowledge if you think about it.

  • when incident of lal musjid happend and ghazi died he was called shaheed but our govt was also calling their lt colonal and many others shaheed who were fighting with them .

    here im merely implying that if people are calling her shaheed let us not object to it coz its up to God to decide .

  • You pardoned A.Q Khan in his life for his corruption,

    but are not willing to pardon Benazir, even after her death).

    Something has gone wrong.


    Such a double standard is not a reflection of 'LOVE' for Paksitan.

  • here i think media has played excellent role .

    u want to bridge the gaps or create more differences .

    it not a secret when BB was murdered there was an instant reaction from sindh .people were seen raising anti pakistan and anti punjab slogans there .the long burried anti pakistan sentiment again surfaced ,everyone reported it .our media has done the right thing to bridge that gap ,our media stood with them and showed solidarity with them by mourning her death .it was very imperative at that time to show solidairty with sindh where already anti punjab and anti pakistan sentiment was present .

    In the present senerio discussing her past was irrelevant coz it was like putting a salt into their wounds .

    we have to look at the things objectively .

    we are too damn ready to discuss her past but forget to discuss the present senerio .her past is burried with her and we should be concentrating on the problem in hand .

    noone can make anyone hero or zero but in crucial time we ought to stand together as a nation .our media calling her shaheed is also representing the large sentiment of PPP supporters and if it helps in avoiding another disintegration of pakistan then im all for it ,

    everything else is futile .

    last but not the least lets not forget what happened in 1971 ,a simple movement started on the basis of lingo resulted in disintegration of pakistan .

    we already have trouble in other provinces so can we afford another one in sindh now ?

  • javed shahib

    u r right here .

  • What has gone wrong? Why this 'nation' has gone morally bankrupt?

    Why in Pakistan, difference of opinion turns into hatred, hatred into animosity and animosity into killing, very quickly.

    I noticed even some of the Religious Preachers and Champions of Morality on this forum, could not control over throwing the venom against the (late) Benazir, from whom I was expecting a little bit compassion.

    What could be the future of a society, so cruel, callous and intolerant?

  • its not difference of opinion, unless there is differing opinions about corruption and stealing.

  • What about A.Q.Khan and his 26 associates from the Military, who own the Blue Area in ISLAMABAD?

    (I don't justify the act of corruption or stealing. Just pointing out the double standrads of the Scholars at thie Forum who shut their mouths by overlooking their buddies.)

    Kill the Culture of Corruption not the Corrupts.

    Zip the pocket to frustrate the pick-pockets.

  • javed

    u r right we still consider AQ khan our hero ? isn't it .

    i have seen his villa in the out skirts of islamabad myself but we are ready to ignore everything coz he helped us becoming a nuclear state .

  • first of all i would like to thank all my fellows who reponded on my thread .

    all fellows whether they agree or differ with me are dear to me .

    i can answer u all one by one .

    i want to first answer Mr sheikh ,who is the most senior ,most educated and my dear friend at this forum.

    Javed Shiekh Sahib,

    Dear Sir,

    first of all i am sorry to hurt your sentiments ...but that was not purposely..

    being my elder i expect you to pardon me ....

    but at the same time i want to give a try to make clear my view point ....

    my whole objection was not bout BB and her Shahadat or murder .

    my whole ojection was on the media coverage of the issue.

    they are not unbaist,neutral and objective when they call her Shaheed.

    i have no objection when PPP leaders ,workers ,supporters like u call her Shaheed.

    but media ...who is talking to 16 carore ppl ,out of them mostly are ignorant ...they are trying to give them a ready amde opinion trying to drive them to think on one single point ,which could be 50% right and 50 %wrong.(not confirmed yet)

    thats why i praise Dawn News channel ,who always covers the issue with staying neutral.

    watch Dawn News ...and see the difference ...

    it might clear my point what i am trying to prove here .

    Dawn News never says Shaheed ,Martyer ,innocent...they always use the word Killing of Ms Bhutto or Assasination of Ms Bhutto.

    Sun TV is another good example

    yesterday i was listening thier bulletin ,they were also not refering her Shaheed.

    if she is Shaheed then still media should have refrained themselves to use this word which is tilting the covearge in one direction.

    i think i have made my point much clear then before .

    again thanks a lot sir for reponding on my thread .

  • Aisha Dear ,

    i want to clear my point to u also about the Shaheed philosophy.

    u have said in your post that i should not object if anybody is calling her Shaheed ....

    yes ..i agree with u 100%...and dear ...i am not objecting them to call her Shaheed ...

    whom i am objecting is the Media .....

    Media is trying to move the Masses think into one and only direction.

    we as a nation are already too emotional ,too ignorant,too less eduacted ,too less decisive..and our Media is doing is called in urdu sonay pe suhaga

    media is so irresponsible and money minded that they are not bothered about objectivity anymore .

    only Dawn News is doing justice with the unbaist journalism.

    no2.defination of Shaheed

    i dont know the exact defination of Shaheed ,but i can tell you whom i consider Shaheed .

    no1.hazrat Omar Farooq Razi Allah talah

    no2.hazrat Usman Ghani Razi Allah talah

    no3.hazrat Ali Razi Allah talah

    no4.hazrat Khalid Bin Walid Razi Allah Tala

    no5.Hazrat Bilal Habshi Razi Allah tala

    no6.all Badar and Uhad Shuhuda

    no7.hazrat Imam Hassan Razi Allah talah

    no8.hazrat Imam Hussain Razi Allah talah first PM Liaqat Ali Khan

    no10.Hakeem Mohamamd Saeed Shaheed

    i just can not ...

    i just can not ...

    i just can not ...

    bracket a deal maker ,a US agenda follower ,a corrupt here .

    i think ,if i would do so ,the great ppl i have mentioned above,would lose thier dignity.

  • Beenai, wat about Z A Bhutto?

    anyways i think u r right, i think that "Shaheed" is not like "Sir"; that anyone who is workibg for colonial interest got Sir 4 him.(like Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto).

    Personally i dont think even Sir syed khan did any-good to muslims.

  • Adeel bhai,

    i personaly dont think we can put ZAB in the list .

    losing half of pakistan just for the sake of power is enough to put him outside the bracket.

    PPP workers,leaders and supporters believe that everyone is shaheed in the Bhutto family ...i respect thier view but can agree with it completely.

    i can bet ,ppl who are still alive in Bhutto family would called Shaheed after they would die ...Bilawal Shaheed,Bakhatawar Shaheed,Sanam Bhutto shaheed.

    i cant stop anyone to call them shaheed .

    and at the same time ,nobody can force me to call anyone shaheed .

  • insider and Letsdoit

    thanks for ur support my dear brotherts!

  • @beena

    welcome sis


    The word Shaheed connotes ones who bears witness to a certain fact. It implies martyrs as they live their lives bearing witness of the truth and spare nothing to remain steadfast in the way of their Lord even their lives. The basic thing that qualifies one to the position is this conviction. This conviction varies in different individuals raising them to different stages. Therefore, we cannot draw a line to distinguish between their degrees.

    Those who die in accidents or killed innocent may get some reward from the Almighty but accidentally being killed in a war by the enemy does not raise one to the status of Shaheed. The basic criteria are living the life of submission to God and sacrificing all in His way even life if it needs. The term Shaheed is also explained in Bukhari [vol 01. book 11 hadith 624, vol1, book 11 and hadith 688]

    According to this criteria the soldiers fighting against Pakistan or for Pakistan in 1967 or in 1971 could also be Shaheed depending upon their intentions and its not you and me who could decide, if some one is Shaheed or not.

    We (Muslims) cannot call Kafir as Shaheed because a Kafir does not bear witness to Allah. (One God).

    Why they call BHAGAT SINGH as shaheed. The word martyr or the concept of martyr exists in every religon. This word martyr is poorly translated as Shaheed in urdu. Shaheed is an arabic word which is used as same in Urdu. it comes from arabic. and when sikhs wants to use martyr for some one they use the same word of arabic SHAHEED.

    What is the extra reward for Shaheed? Its described in Holy Quran:

    Think not of those, who are slain in the way of Allah, as dead. Nay, they are living. With their Lord they have provision. (3:169)

    I have written all this according to my poor knowledge and you have every right to critisize this. But in this view i wanted to say to my sister Beena that if some one is calling Benazir a Shaheed let him/her call this because She is really a Shaheed or not, it has to be decided by Allah not you and me or by media

  • The role of media should be critisized and it is not narrow minded approach. Calling everyone good is not the proof of open minded approach. I agree with Beena for this point that you should keep a difference between some one who has delivered and someone who has not.

    Comparing benazir with Dr. AQ Khan is something which appears to me as narrow minded approach.

    AQ Khan gave his whole life for us, he could have settled like most of us out of Pakistan and show his Patriotism but instead he delivered something to Pakistan on which still we lot of Pakistanis are proud of. In the last, he has taken all the blame on his self, once again proving how sincere he is.

    For me he is a hero and I salute him.

  • lets Do it ,

    i agree with u 100% ....

    AQ Khan cant be comapred with BB .

  • thats was my point it was up to allah to decide .