Media ,Murder and BB?

  • it was a great shock for all of us to hear the news of BB s murder.

    but i have strong reservations about media role in the whole thing.

    i agree we all were feeling sorry for her .

    i agree despite being the opponent of BB ,i also was crying ,while looking at the fooatge of murder.

    but ....but ...but

    media couldnt stop itself to be baist while reporting and covering the event .

    no1.Geo,Ajj,Ary one world,Hum, TVone ,Sidh TV,KTN all calling her Shaheed .

    she might be a shaheed for her party workers ,....but she is simply murdered ...if u ask to any common pakistani at the streets.

    so if a private ,independent ,neutral channel is calling her Shaheed ...that means ,channel is getting away with the general and basic rules of journalism of being neutral and unbaist. hats of to Dawn News ...the only channel ,reporting unbais and calling this event a murder, an assasination but not shahadat .

    calling her shaheed means ur getting a party urself .

    that means Ajj,Geo,Ary,Tv one are supporting PPP and runing thier election camapign while the party workers are busy in creating myhem all over pakistan.

    no3.being a media student ,i know ,u need to be less emotional ,more factual while covering any ancident like this .

    but unfortunately our channels (*except Dawn News )are not doing so.

    they are getting too emotinal while covering this event and in follow up stories also.that it has become a subjective coverage.

    i can forgive sindhi language channels like KTN and sindh TV as they are supporters of BB for so long but cant forgive GEO ,who use to run funny skits about money laundering of BB and now runing a full 1 minute documentry with Faiz verses and Abida Perveen voice AYE DES SE ANY WALY BATA ....after every 15 minutes.

    it is a hypocracy or they are simply getting baist .

    similarly ARY one world ...who has become a GOVT PITTHU after closing all the talk shows ...they use to hate BB they are also crying after every 12 to 15 minutes with a BB shaheed promo.

    no wonder they are getting paid by Zardari or US for doing so.

    but my whole point is that

    media is getting baist ,throughout the coverage and follow ups of Ms Bhutto murder they have been acting like a PPP stooge

    pardon my language

  • The media in Pakistan has missed following points: The selection of family member by PPP is against the basic norms of any democratic process or institution. It would have been better for Pakistan if party would have held internal elections and then would have elected a seasoned PPP member. Bilawal would have joined the party after graduation.

    The death of BB is sad but the way party has reacted and blame game has started, it is destructive for Pakistan. Many countries have lost many great leaders in assassinations like Gandhi, Indira, Rajiv, Mujib, and Kennedy but the way things have been handled after the death of BB is inhuman and should never be accepted in this century. The looting, burning, and killing of poor people and government properties are a black mark on so-called Muslim Pakistan. The silence of all political leaders and inefficiency of Government of Pakistan is equally a moral and criminal act. The poor Pakistani has suffered. Poor shopkeepers, daily wage earners, and labor class have lost wages. No government official and politician has suffered any financial loss. These things did not happen in India, USA, and Bangladesh. I think PPP leaders should have come out aggressively to stop this violence.

    Z.A. Bhutto's hanging was equally great tragedy but this level of violence did not happen. The PPP leadership at that time was more mature. I request all the parties involved; when they go for UN investigation regarding BB killing, then we also go for the same level of UN, Human Rights Groups, and Pakistan Government's investigation to bring these criminals to justice who have destroyed Pakistan's economy, killed/burned to death innocent poor people, looted banks, burned shops, cars, Government and private property. Those politicians who are not speaking against this criminal act must be defeated in elections. Shame on all politicians and people of power who looked silently of destruction at such a great level. Allah will do justice for those poor people who died, injured, looted, or destroyed. Insha-Allah. Nations with dual justice are destroyed.

  • I have had serious reservations about the media being objective, unbiased, nuetral and impartial for quite a while now.

    What has happened since, has only strengthened my views about the media.

    The reason I say that is their behaviour since BB's tragic assassination.

    Now, I was highly critical of BB. Highly critical. But, after what happened, I was very sad. I could be critical of everything about her, everything she did, while she was alive, but after her tragic assassination, we must only look at the good things about her. And, what happened was very wrong, and, being a human, and, a Pakistani, it was a very sad day.

    But, look at how the media behaved. Over the past few months, they constantly criticised her, for so many things:

    1. Supporting Lal Masjid operation

    2. Being extremely pro-American

    3. Acting on America's wishes

    4. Making a "deal" with Musharraf and supporting his falling regime

    5. Not uniting with the opposition for judges or democracy

    6. NRO and the dropping of cases

    7. Handing over AQ Khan

    8. Allowing American troops to enter Pakistan to catch Bin Laden

    They had made her a zero. Now, without any change in actions or policies on behalf of Benazir, they took a complete u-turn and made her a hero after her assassination. Now, I know they must give her all the respect and condemn this horrific act. But they didn't stop there. Ever since 27th dec. They have:

    1. Made her a complete hero, taking a complete u-turn from their previous position without any change in policies or her actions

    2. Today is the 4th day. Still they are giving 80% of the ooverage and time to BB. Still you see a little tab with her photo and it says BB Shaheed. Now, this is a complete lack of responsibility on their behalf, the reason being, the media knows the elections will be held soon, yet they are giving 80% of the coverage to BB and PPP, will this not have a huge impact on the election result? Are they not helping PPP tremendously by such behaviour and harming other parties? Do they not know there will be an election held soon? Will their actions not make the election a bit less FAIR? Has the PPP had any change of policies or manifesto or actions, yet why have they been made such heroes and their party given so much coverage? They are the perception creators and the opinion makers, yet they have shown no sense of responsibility.

    Many people will notice this behaviour now, but, they media behaved similarly with the CJ case. Now, if the people, assess the lawyers, analyse Ch. Iftikhar, assess whether he is right or wrong, whether he is a good or a bad man, whether he is a hero or a zero, if the people do all this on their own, then it is completely legitimate for them to decide, that, yes Ch. Iftikhar is a hero, or that, we should support the lawyers movement. My point is not that Ch. Iftikhar is a hero or a zero, or that, the people should not support the lawyers, but, the point is, that the media should not make people think Ch. Iftikhar is a hero or that the lawyers movement should be supported, the people should decide themselves. But that is not what happened, the media gave complete coverage to the lawyers, to Ch. Iftikhar, were not impartial and neutral at all. "Ch. Iftikhar has left his home, he is in his car, he is on the road, he is on the road still, he is on the road for 10 hours, he is addressing a rally" Why did they gave so much coverage to one party. The lawyers were a party. It's not for them to decide if lawyers are heroes or if they are zeroes. It's for the people to decide. Why did they not cover Ch. Shujaat Hussain 24/7? Because they should not. But why did they cover Ch. Iftikhar 24/7, they shouldn't have. And, on top of that, covering live rallies by lawyers where they failed to differentiate between the army, the countless soldiers and officers who had nothing to do with Musharraf, and, chanting slogans and swearing at the army, at it's officers, and, the failure of the media to telecast it uncensored. You could tell they were in favor of the lawyers movement, you could tell they were so unbiased, you could see their happiness when Ch. Iftikhar was re-instated, the journalists present there, they were rushing out to deliver the news with immense happiness and smiles. I am not saying that the lawyers movement and Ch. Iftikhar is right or wrong, what I am saying is that it is not for the media to decide who is right or wrong, it is for the people to decide.

    Another thing is the breaking news, everything is a breaking news.

    Those who can watch GEO now, I have been watching it every now and then since BB passed away, and, since then, it's day 5 now, the strip at the bottom continously has "BREAKING NEWS" on it, continously, even when the news is 10 hours old. They are repeating the same "breaking news" over and over again for 15 hours on that strip.

    The media must not create opinions and perceptions as they see fit, they should only convey the information.

    Another thing, when GEO was being shut down from Dubai, Shahid Masood called Voice of America, and, a their journalist, now this is what ANOTHER JOURNALIST SAID, when Shahid Masood was talking to him about info. GEO was giving to overseas Pakistanis, the journalist for VOA said, Pakistanis here watch GEO very fondly, and, I have spoken to many of them, and, they find GEO very informing. And, we have heard from many, THAT THEY BECAME EXTREMELY ANXIOUS AND WORRIED ABOUT WHEN THEY WATCHED TV AND THEY CALLED THEIR RELATIVES IN PAKISTAN TO INQUIRE ABOUT THE SITUATION, TO WHICH THEY WERE TOLD THAT EVERYTHING WAS ALRIGHT IN PAKISTAN, NOTHING WAS REALLY HAPPENING AS SEEN ON TV.

    These were the words of another VOA journalist. The point is, execessive exaggeration.

    Many other complaints, focusing and concentrating only on certain types of news.

    Not discussing the policies of different parties in detail, not having enough issue-focused content and discussions, like health, education, economy, employment, industry, international politics, science.....There are countless real issues that need to be covered and discussed.

  • @Beena, Secular & ZAB

    I do not disagree with you guys about media beign biased. But time and time again and in the direct thread about media i.e. 'Media Besy Way Forward' I repeatedly pleaded fellow bloggers to let the media be biased. Let them say their version of story, let them have their own interpretation. My whole point is very simple, let the market forces (i.e. viewer or consumer) evaluate for themselve do not try to gag the media. Trust me it is tested method that bias coverage loose credibility and viewership, gag approach increases the viewership. GEO's popularity skyrocketed after emrgency because of Gag. I don't know why people do not get this very simple point.

  • maybe you guys would have preffered TV channels to play BBs long corruption list amid cries of pakistan na khapay! to further anger the crowds bruning the whole country ending up in a civil war.

    The criticism will come but its too soon. No matter what her dark side was she had a several qualities as well and as our former prime minister and a first woman one at that! she deserves everyones respect.

    we are a very judgemental nation the same journalists will change their tone very soon. don't confuse civility and common sense of media to be biased journalism.

  • hasheesh bhaiyya ,

    i am not saying that they should focus on dark sides of BB S LIFE .

    i am saying Objective reporting and Coverage .....which is missing !

    they are not objective and neutral when they declear her Shaheed e Jamhuriayat .

    if PPP say so it is ok.if sindhi language channels say so its ok.

    but Geo,Ary ,Tv one,Ajj should remain neutral and unbaist ,in which they are completely failed .....

    thats what i want to point out .

  • MEDIA is simply getting emotinal ...which is against the norms of journalism.

  • beenai ofcourse she is shaheed she died and was killed for democracy.

    its as simple as that u may dispute it but this is a fact.

    she is the nations daughter

  • good to know that u r a BB fan.

    have u become just now after her murder or u have been her supporter before?

  • if she is Shaheed that means we are simply making fun of real shaheed e Millat ,who was martered in the same ground same city .but he was a real Shahneed not a corrupt shaheed ...

    BB traped in the power game and got murdered.

    otherwise she has looted much that was enough for the rest of her life.but power hunger made her to come back and trapped by mush and agencies trap....

    this is also a fact ....

    if u r fond of collecting facts .... her death her party is earning grades .free promotion for elections by national and international media.

    so in that sense her so called shahadat was good for her party.

    i feel sorry for her kids only.

    her kids are the only ones who affected badly .

    her hubby is all enjoying back in politics and corruption world.

  • i was never a BB supporter and i will never be .

    but killing her just for her ideas is too damn brutal .i feel no qualms in stating that i too think she was shaheed coz she was murdered .even if someone dies in a road accident he is also shaheed as far as my limited knowledge is concerned .someone took her life for her convictions and beliefs like we will not call that person a messiah we will always call him a murderer just like that people are calling her shaheed .God knows better ofcourse coz its up to him now to decide .

    as far as media is concerned they are merely depicting the sentiment of ordinary pakistani people .i have yet to see anyone celebrating her death .everyone is in a state of shock .media is not taking any side here but they are merely trying to pay tribute to a twice elected PM of pakistan whoes family suffered heavy losses throught decades .i donot think media is over reacting here .its a great loss for our nation .she was representing a large party here .calling her shaheed is not a big deal here .people call zia ul haq shaheed ,likewise many others are called shaheed .noone in the country is happy about her assasination and media is depicting the right sentiment .when she wasdragged in courts on the corruption charges at that time too it was media who looked objectively into her politics .

    it was the same media when she tried to struck a deal with mush heavily criticised her i still remember watching jeo programme Kamran khan key sath who lashed at her policies when the mush govt prodeced NRO in order to facilitate her return to pakistan .

    SHAHID masood called NRO a blot on PPPS face and condemned it along with many others like ansar ababasi of THE NEWS .she and her party was grilled in every programme when she was granted endemnity after NRO .aditorial after aditorail criticised mush and ppp about NRO and called NRO a shameful order .

    but noone is happy about the way she died .so let the people decide media is biased here or not coz they are the better judge .

    her death is a tragedy and as a nation we must pay tribute to her she deserves that coz noone is flawless here and media is doing exactly what ordinary people are feeling .

  • i totally disagree with u aisha...


    i am not agaisnt mourning of a death of a leader .

    no2.i am not against the coverage of it .

    no3.i am just against how they are pretending it .

    the words they are using are not neutral at all.

    the selection of words is toatlly baised.

    no4.we are nobody to decide who is shaheed ?

    then who are the Geo,Ary,Ajj and TV one to decide at thier own end?

    no5.u have said it what i pointed out earlier .that the same media ,same channels ,same anchors are praising and dying for her who were of the view that she is corrupt and a deal maker .

    either they were wrong at that point ,or they are wrong today. is runing a free promotional campaign for PPP.which is not a neutral thing at all. needs to be unbaist ...

    watch Dawn News ...for example...

    they are coverinmg the issue with follow up stories.

    check out thier selection of words ...

    they are not using any word which says Shaheed ,Bechari,innocent,etc.

    they are just reporting it as facts ...

    i think Dawn News is the only channel that fits into the norms and criteria of a neutral ,unbaist journalism.

  • beenai sis

    u have the right to disagree .u r welcome

    u said "no5.u have said it what i pointed out earlier .that the same media ,same channels ,same anchors are praising and dying for her who were of the view that she is corrupt and a deal maker .

    either they were wrong at that point ,or they are wrong today".

    they were not wrong at that time and now also they are not wrong coz as i said they were right to criticise her and now when she is gone they are right to mourn her death .as i said she was the chairperson of the largest party in pakistan .

    in my point of view it was also imperative to mourn her coz that way we are actually showing that we stand together with our sindhi brothers and sister and with ppp in grief .by acknowledging her efforts for democracy media is actually showing that we are not biased .after her death when we heard many anti pakistan slogans it was very important to convey sindh this message that we stand with them in crises and it was not only their loss it was nation loss too .

    u said " is runing a free promotional campaign for PPP.which is not a neutral thing at all.


    im shocked thats quite immature to say it .u think it was free promotional campaign then u r utterly wrong here dear sis its really harsh thing to say she was murdered cold bloodedly .all over the globe they were covering her death so u mean western channels were also promotibg her campaign .

    so u mean everyone should try getting their leaders killed to get free campaign .

    anyways it was a respite for my sore eyes who were too damn fed up with Q LEAGUE campaign adds nonstop popping every third second .

    yes we are noone to decide who is shaheed but we are noone to object others calling her shaheed coz it will be wrong .

  • aisha sis,

    i think i cant convince u ....

    u can t convince me ....

    i am not that cruel to celebrate death of anyone .

    i am alright with the mourning and unity showing gestures.

    but my whole point is baised media coverage.

    nobody is saying that it is good to kill a leader .

    but to promote a leader left right centre like an angel is wrong.

    tell me

    she was corrupt?

    she was not corrupt?

    she was a deal maker?

    she was an angle ?

    she was a devil?

    if death can make one clean ..then why not Changaeez khan,Halaku khan and Nadir shah should be called Shaheed .

    thanks a lot

  • @ Madam Beena,

    I am sorry to say your recent postings totally disappointed me. I have lost faith upon the intelligentsia of Pakistan.

    How easily they loose the track?

    (You pardoned A.Q Khan in his life. but are not willing to pardon Benazir, even after her death). ITNA GHUSSA? ITNI NAFRAT?



    Let me ask you a few questions.

    1. Do you want Pakistan to survive and flourish?

    2. What system of Government you favor?

    3. Which Party or Leader you consider as the most capable?

    4. How that Leader or Party could win to exercise the Sovereignty?

    5. What is your vision about Defense and External Affairs?

    6. If there is no Leader or Party of your choice, what is the alternative?

    (Please don’t compare apples with oranges, by putting Halaku Khan against Benazir. To compare Zia-ul-Haq with Aurangzeb makes some sense.)

    With best wishes.

  • @secular

    I agree with you although it was a very long message to read.


    The definition of SHAHEED according to my knowledge is a person who is killed while doing JIHAD, Jihad does not only mean WAR but it is Struggle for the sake of Allah swt.

    There are few other types of Shaheeds also as per hadith, the one who dies with plague, drowned, buried alive or the reason of his death is abdominal disease.

    Now Benazir was shaheed or not, I must say it would only be decided by Allah, because if she was struggling really for the people (JIHAD) she was martyr but if she was struggling only for herself and for her family then she is not a martyr and only Allah knows whats in the heart?

    For a real shaheed, you don’t need any Funeral Prayer as he is already blessed by Allah swt but now a days its hard to decide if some one is shaheed or not therefore we pray for him/her after the death.

    As far as media is concerned I really agree with you and Secular.

  • I request if someone helps me to understand:

    1. Can an infidel (Kafir), achieve the Status of SHAHEED?

    2, IF not, why Bhagat Singh is also known as SHAHEED?

    3. Why the demolition of a mosque is also expressed as SHAHEED?

    4. Could we call all the lambs, goats, cows, and camels, we sacrifice in the name of Allah as SHAHEED?

    4. What extra honors and privileges a SHAHEED is entitled for?

  • thank you beenai. im glad to see you havent lost your "beenai" in this situation.

    ive been wondering why she is being declared shaheed for the last week.


    yes i agree, your knowledge is limited. a person dying in a road accident is not shaheed.

  • @JS

    I am not sure if you have ask these questions because you dont know the answers. Even someone like me having a little knowledge can give all the answers so instead of playing with the words, please make your point.

    and if you are really confused with these questions please let me know, i could clearify these points according to my limited knowledge.

  • @ LetsDoIt,

    Yes I am confused and want to learn more about the philosophy of SHAHEED.

    Further, I would like to understand, what about those Indian muslim soldiers killed during 1965 and 1971 Wars, against Pakistan?

    Could we call them 'SHAHEED'?