17 year old girl whipped by Pashtoon Talibans in SWAT valley-video link

  • check this out how they brutally whipped a 17 year old girl

    and embarrassed pakistan in the whole world


  • Ijay, I saw this video on various websites. They all had the caption of "Taliban’s Justice in Swat" No where word "Pushtun" is used!

    It just gives an idea of the hate or racist thoughts against Pushtuns you have inside you, which is correctly identified by Khan Sahib.

    SHAME on You!

  • chief justice Iftekhar have taken the notice ,


    is this from jews ? hindus ?? ahm ham

  • Qazi ,Hameed gul ,IK etc go to sawat and join them .We are with Pakistan and CJ


  • Excellent, Lets see how will this work out now?

    CJ VS Talibaan !

  • @netengr

    please give me the link where IK owned this, and see that is why we were for this Chief justice and people like you were against him. Tell me if Dogar could have taken this notice.

  • IK never condemn any of the taliban terrorist ,He never visit those areas where talibans are strong ,IK used to say that there is no taliban in Pakistan and this is drama of the government .I was always favor of CJ but always against the Takkeeri/jamaati Islamist .

  • You are misquoting him simply. IK is against this style of war against terrorism, he is not in the favor of terrorism.

    and i agree to him and strongly think on the basis of our past experience that this so-called war against terrorism is producing more terrorist than eliminating terrorism.

    the pushtoons and afghans are living in these areas for generations, the schools were open before, the girls schools were there before but this never happened before, these are the gifts to pakistani nation because of war of terror.

  • we should have started our war against terror 30 years ago ,This virus was there but did not effected us much becasue we were the harboring country ,base camp of sectarianism , Kashmir ,chichniya ,afghanistan etc .as it was stopped now it is growing inside us .This problem was there before and still there .

  • Extremely outrageous.

    A brutal non-sense.

    Another Long March is needed to destroy such social, cultural or religious cancer.

    The people executing the whipping and their accomplices should be brought to Justice.

  • heather

    taliban are pashtoons branch dont you agree? i have used this words so all pushtoons come out and strongly condemn this issue. I have used this word intentionaly for pashtoons so they should disown them as pashtoon brother.These talibans are devil they are not muslim not pakistani and also NOT PASHTOONS


  • Ijay:

    You're correct the Talibs are barbaric.

    Who gives you the right to insight any kind of reaction from Pakhtuns? I have informed you on several occasions to research about them.... because you are coming across as idiotic when you ask; ...."taliban are pashtoons branch dont you agree"...

    Is NS and all that support this bent politician Punjabi branch?

    Is everyone living in Karachi a branch off from Altaf's MQM?

    Go and bring some logic into your arguments, as you are crippling yourself with every sentence.

  • @Letsdoit

    For me IK is day by day loosing his importance. He certainly does not own such acts (No human can possibly could) but he does not out-rightly condemn the terrorists. He leaves no chance to condemn government (Which is GOOD and should be for its senseless and Ad-hoc policies) but fairness demands that people like IK and Qazi who have certain following also condemn the terrorists whose actions are actually causing more trouble thn government or US drones, they should be careful with what they say. But unfortunately if nothing else thn I think most of time when they speak they end up in generating sympathy for Terrorists because of reasons and justifications they try to deliberate.

    Never IK probably has owned these terrorist actions, but he finds justifications for that (which are none!). He also advocates for Jirga System which is completely Out-dated.

    They should make it categorically clear that Taliban are Terrorists like MQM and people of NWFP/Pakhtunkhuwah and Afhanistan don't deserve centuries old Jirga System when human beings have developed better and modern judicial system (on which IK himself beliefs in).

    It is wise and good to go and deal the wounds from its roots, but sometimes we need to stop bleeding by taking immediate steps.

  • As an example read what Munawar Hussain new JI cheif says just today on this issue:

    "Drone hamloon par koyee rad-e-amal nahin deta"


    What a preposterous statement that is and how criminal can they be for their vested intrests.

    and try to imagine the effect of his statement in major newspaper on general public.

    The seeds of religious extremism, hatered against Kafirs, and sectarianism are planted in the generation of 80's which we are reaping now. We cannot close our eyes from these facts.

  • for all of them who think this act is about the implementation of Islamic rules….

    when you do not have a Islamic environment in your territory and you are not willing to give people their rights then no one has the right to just implement Islamic punishment.

    besides that before implementing the Islamic punishment you have to go through the back ground of that crime, if there are reasons that the person is forced to do that crime, u cannot implement the full punishment, in that case reasons to do that crime should be addressed, problems should be solved and other forces should be punished too not just the criminal alone.

    Its not actually the implementation of Islam and Islamic rules but its about to scare people so that u can do whatever u want to without finding anyone who could told you that what is right and what is wrong.

    it is a long debate that what Islam says, what is its true spirit and what it means in depth when it says something So plz do not use Islam as a reason of all these types of act.

  • @Fahim23

    Totally agreed what you said

    These terrorist always find justifications ,There always be problems in this world but these terrorist and Jamatis always find the weakness and justifying their action ,some time Gaza ,Palestine ,Kahimir ,USA ,Drones etc etc but these similar kind of issues are with every country and this is how the world is about but in Islamic world problems is used as a slogans and these groups show to the people that their "islami Nizam " has a solution for all the problems which is not true .

  • زمانہ بدل گیا ۔۔۔شاید نہ بدلنے والا دین بھی اس کے ٹھیکیدارون نے بدل ڈالا۔۔۔۔قران اور ہدیث کے نام پر ظلم اور جہالت کا بازار گرم کرنے والو۔۔۔کیا کبھی سوچا کہ جس کے دین کے نام پر تم نے دکان لگا رکھی ہے وہ تو رحمت اللعالمین ہے۔۔۔ اس نے تو کہا تھا کہ تم میں سے بہترین وہ ہے جو لوگون کے لئے رحمت ہے۔۔۔۔ اس نے تو اپنے اخلاص اور رحمت سے جہان بدل ڈالا تھا۔۔۔ اور تم ہو کے اس کی سنت اور شریعت کے نام پر ظلم کے پہار توڑ رہے ہو۔۔۔

    اللہ تو کہتا ہے کہ جس نے ایک قتل کیا اس نے گویا تمام انسانیت کا قتل کیا۔۔۔ یاد کرو نبی نے تو منافق کے قتل کو بھی حرام قرار دیا۔۔۔ اورایک تم ہو جو مسلمان کو جانور کیطرح زبح کرنے سے بھی نہیں کتراتے۔۔۔ غربت اور جہالت کا فائیدا اٹھا کر مسلمان سے مسلمان پر خودکش حملے ہو کرواتے۔۔۔۔ تمہارے بڑون کے بچے تو تعلیم حاصل کرین اور شریعت کے نام پر قوم کے بچے جاہل رہیں۔۔۔ واہ کیا خوب تمھارا دین ہے۔۔۔

    عہد جہالیت تو رسول نے ختم کر دیا تھا۔۔۔۔ مان، بہن، بیٹی اور بیوی کو عظیم مقام دیا تھا۔۔۔ خود مومنون کی مان بی بی عائیشہ صحابہ کو فقہ ، قران اور حدیث کا درس دیتی تھیں۔۔۔۔ بی بی حفضہ اور بی بی خولہ میدان جہاد میں حصہ لیتی تھیں۔۔۔۔ کیا خوب دور تھا۔۔۔ ترقی کا عظمت کا۔۔۔ مگر تم نے کیا کیا ۔۔۔۔اسلام کو عہد جہالیت میں لے گئے۔۔۔۔رحمت کی جگہ اسلام کو زحمت بنا ڈالا۔۔۔۔ اسلام تو پردا پوشی کا کہتا ہے۔۔۔ اور تم تاک میں بیٹھے مسلمانون کی عزتین اچھالتے ہو۔۔۔۔ سوچو اللہ کو کیا جواب دو گے۔۔۔ سوچو کیا یہ ہی اسلام ہے۔۔۔سوچو۔۔۔