Where are The Ulema agaist terror??

  • When Usman peer Zada divorced Samina Peer Zada in the PTV Drama the next day our Ulema issued the fatwa that their marriage is invalid and start protesting against them who were living together as husband and wife .

    Now every day there are suicide attacks ,the attacks in Lahore ,Scicide bomb blast it the msjid whereareoud 70 people killed ,Biatullah Mehsoud ,Molvi Umer ,Mulla Fazlullah openly accpting the killings and thir terrorist action ,Why there is not protest against them ?? why there is no mufti ,AAlim ,Mullah etc says that this is HAram ?? why they are quite ?? is this a Jadoo in which their mouth are shut ?? lips are sealed ??

    If there is justification of terrorism then there should be justification of every sin .

  • The Alim along with governments in power, the elites are all incontinent..... lol, i meant incompitent.

    Stop expecting any justice or leadership from their ranks.

    I believe change must come from the bottom upwards. If the masses are made aware of the injustices being meeted out to them due to the elite's incompitence, if they were made aware of their basic human rights, they would be able to voice their opinions. The masses need to be rightly guided and educated to be able to make INFORMED decisions about their country.

  • People that make informed decisions (bashoor awam) do not vote in governments of the likes of Zardaaru, NS. They would not tolerate army intervention over civilian political leadership. They would immediately see the problems with a judicial system that is in the hands of the executive. They would speak up over constant ammendments of the constitution for further political gain.....

  • We need a breath of fresh air.... or perhaps a Tsunami of fresh air. A tsunami that would eradicate the bent elite's and keep the common man intact..... Much like the flood during Hazrat Nuh's time.... although Allah promised not to bring about a flood again..... so until then, if we do not do something to raise the domestic political standards of Pakistan..... we will be sitting ducks for annhialation when ever Qiyamat hits..... unfortuneatly Imaam Mehdi will be looking the other way when Pakistani's will be begging him to accept us in his fold.

  • i sometimes wonder if they are really Alims or Ulems. what kind of Alims are they, when killing is done by american is killing and killnig done by taliban is "Radde amal to drone attacks and invasion in Afghanistan". i wonder they really know the hadees where killing one human is like killing the entire humanity. I also remember a hadees where it is clearly told that qayamat ke qareeb ilm utha lia jaye ga.

  • The so-called Alims (wolves in sheep clothing) that par-take in Pak politics on the whole are all just another gangrenous sore, much the same as the other mainstream political parties.

    With exception to Senator Khursheed Ahmed, the Maulana's of present day Pak politics are no yard-stick for Islam. Lets stop thinking that a man with a beard, shalwaar kameez, pagarhee of whichever colour, is the embodiment of Islam..... it certainly is not!

  • unfortunately we have 2 number Alims .

    like we have 2 number President

    2 number judges

    2 number ministers

    2 number political parties.