Visit of two US satins

  • what r they doing here?

  • visiting the pakistani satins...

  • what is the plan of both side satins?

  • How to De-stablise Pakistan without getting blame for it.

  • y most of us have closed eyes and discussing non issues instead of real issue(mother of all evils).

  • usman

    non issues to you are issues as well. and mother of all evils have many children, which are found in pakistan in different shapes. dont get confused by the faces and slogans. they are evils.

    sanpoliye main saanp se ziada zeher hota hae.

  • @waqartaurus

    non issue are also issue but it is chield of main issue(mother of all evils)

    meaning of secular from a dictionary

    and a link to know about khilafaht

  • waqar

    Yes, it was an issue like a symptom of the cancer. You guys are only interested in focusing on symptoms and the actual cause..... Have you ever been to swat and have you seen the atmosphere their, have you met the people of swat? If not ask those who have been their and know about it, you will realize that what ever is happening in swat is orchestrated by the Democratic dictators of Pakistan along with their master United snakes....... I would request you to search out for the solution of the problem and then strive to achieve that!!


  • revitalist

    agreed, i have expressed these talibans are agents and second face of west, target is to defame islam and pakistan. i have been to swat thousand times. ppl are so friendly. they canot cut throat. have given one ex of their hospitality in one the threads as well. no prob with swat ppl, infect their demand of justice is kidnapped by the culprits, and they are now in thier hands. simple is that.

  • "How to De-stablise Pakistan without getting blame for it."

    "mutual trust"

    Qureshi said Afghganistan, US and Pakistan will hold talks on May 6-7 in Washington. War against terrorism is not possible without mutual trust. Pakistan is a victim of terrorism and seeking political support from ‘Friends of Pakistan’.

    "common threat and interests"

    Richard Holbrooke, special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, said Pakistan, Afghanistan and US facing common threat and these countries have common interests. US wants to assist Pakistan in countering threats. We should look forward.

    "long commitment"

    Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at this occasion said US has long commitment to Pakistan. During meetings with Pakistani political leaders, we had tried to develop mutual trust. We are optimistic about Pakistani people and leadership, he added.

  • Jaan chor den pakistan aur pakistaniun ki yeh americi bhi aur taliban bhi.

  • Reviv,

    I have not only travelled to Swat quite few times but I went to swat last month during the height of these Talibaan surge. So what I am sying is based on my personal experience and not by google search like most of us do here.

    People of swat wanted "Shariah" but not the one imposed by Talibaan! They are quite scared to talk about it openly but behind close doors, they are quite frustrated about the overall situation. Even I met some elder (Masharan) who were unhappy with Talibaan's rule but to my surprise, I saw them a week later praising Talibaan on a local TV channel (And who would not if you and your family are based in swat area ruled by these Islam key Tehkayadar)

    People of Swat and generally in all Pukhtoonistan are very religious and attached to ISLAM as compared to any other part of pakistan (No offence to other communities but this is a fact which you cant ignore) So my point is why Talibaan have to implement Shariah in Swat? I think over all shops in swat who sell CD's or DVD's are less then one can find in one busy high street in karachi or lahore.

    I am all up for Shariah law in Pakistan but not the one implemented by these hardcore Talibaans or likes of Maulana Fazal-e-Rehman aha Maulana Diseal. If Talibaan wants to bring this country towards Islam then they should get rid of Maulana Diseal and Zardari who are not only destroying this country but are now security threat.

    I have on occasion stressed the need for "PUNJAB" (or punjabis as they are majority in punjab) to stand up for their Pukhtoon brothers against the Drone attacks and Talibaanisation but sadly there are some racist and sick people who criticised them as a racist remark. How does it feel now to have these sucide attacks in Punjab? Do you still want to wait till the first Drone attack on some part of Punjab?

    The Americans have already indicated their intention by the claim that Osama is in baluchistan so I can forsee another potential target of a Drone attack very soon in Baluchistan and obviously punjab will still choose to snooze till it happens to them too.

    Allah gives you some Hidiah cuz you are not reading the very obvious signs!

  • its a nice co incidence that whenver we have special amercian guests in pakistan all drone and terrorist attacks halted... hmmmmmm

  • Till the Pakistani public shows some courage and gutts, there will be no stoping of drones period. The brown negros of southeast asia are expandable human species.

    Zardari harami is the number one brown negro.Till we have moral real leaders in pakistan our counrty will be treated like a prostitute by these mass murdering zionist pimps white anglo saxon invaders.Mullen should be arrested by pakistanis and put to trial for war crimes and that jew hallbrooke should be send to afghanistan with talibans.


  • @Khan-sahib

    I agree to much you have said but I guess you haven’t read my post carefully and that’s why you have written that "Allah gives you some Hidiah cuz you are not reading the very obvious signs". I accept your dua and thank you very much for that but saying that I am not reading the very obvious signs is not clear for me. Could you please refer to anything I have said in my post which made you write this???

    Best regards

  • This is what the prophet of Allah Muhmmad (saaw) said:

    إنّمَا الاِمَامُ جُنّةٌ يُقَاتَلُ مِنْ وَرَائِهِ وَيُتّقَى بِهِ

    "Indeed, only the Imam/Khaleefah is a shield, from behind whom the Muslims fight and by whom the Muslims are protected.”

    In this so-called war on terrorism the whole Ummah is on one side whilst the traitor Muslim rulers, flanked with the imperialist, are on the other.

  • a way to record ur protest

    On 5 April 2009, hundreds attended a demonstration organized by Hizb ut-Tahrir Wilayah Pakistan in Karachi, Pakistan, against the arrival of US Special Envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke, on 6 April 2009 and Michael Mullen, US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman on 7 April 2009. The demonstration called for an end to all American presence in the region, whether political or military or intelligence, for this presence is the cause of the unprecedented chaos and strife in the region. The demonstrators called for the army to overthrow of the treacherous rulers, who collaborate with America in its mischief, and establish the Khilafah in their place.