British Scotland YArd requested to Investigate Bhutto case by Musharraf

  • Should we allow another country to investigate our own primary matters. I agree that government has provided us with conspiracies rather then any solid reasons for Bhutto's death but still we as a nation should have our own sovereignty?

    It reflects the mind set we have as still being colonial slaves mentally of the British Empire?

    What can be done to change that?

    What do you guys think?

  • we should call the US and scotland yard and ask them to handle our nuclear weapons because we dont trust the government.


  • I am afraid i have to agree with you Insider on this. If we cant run a state how can we take care of a nuclear weapon that can kill millions.

  • First everyone was asking for a foreign investigation. Now the Government has announced to take foreign help, Mr. 10% is not willing to accept the offer.

    I have full sympathy with Ms. Benazir, but look at the facts. She became prime minister twice. What she has done for us?

    When she became P.M. first time, Pakistan was declared the most corrupt country in the world. In second term same story was repeated. These are the facts, Transparency International and other foreign websites have these information available for free.

    If PPP can’t have democracy in their own party, how they can bring democracy in Pakistan. A 19 year old guy is declared the party’s leader. What a shame!

    My Pakistani friends you should not be sad on Benazir’s death. You will see our children will pay price of her life. Bhutto died and we paid price of his death by giving Benazir five years as a P.M. Our children will pay on the death of Benazir by making P.M. to Mr. Balwal. This story will never end.

  • hassan you are right.

    zardari was stealing money under the veil of BB and now he will do it again under his sons name.

    he is an unqualified thief.

  • Why Korean Engineers were invited to construct the Motor Way?

    Was the sovereignty of Pakistan damaged?

    Were Engineers of Pakistan incompetent?

    Why thousands of students go out of Pakistan for ‘higher education’?

    For the last 60 years Pakistan is surviving on American Glucose and people talk about sovereignty.

    The 'parrots' are repeating: corruption, corruption, corruption corruption, deal deal deal deal deal. 10% 10% 10% 10%.

  • yeah its the biggest dilemma.

    we all love to go abroad 4 studies and strive our best to settle there just to have a better future for ourselves & our off-spring.

    we are being fed by over 10 billion $ grant form USA.

    But then we complain Y WEST is interfering in our domestic problems?

    Do we have the courage to say to the west "We don't need ur money so plz keep ur a-- out of here"?????

  • mush has asked for this investigation because of the one sided media playing up conspiracy theories.

    mush just wants this cleared up, he is an honest man.

  • @Javedshiekh

    How many time do i have to repeat it. Your generation didn't care for Pakistan`s sovereignty but we CARE. Now your questions.

    1. Your genration didn't had engineer but now we have all sort of engineers. Build another motor way and we can do it on our own with our local engineers.

    2.Students go abroad to study and that has nothing to do with the current topic i find your example irrelevant. Besides at your time universities of Pakistan were not recognized by their own government so they were not accepted equivalent but now they are.

    3. If you study a bit of economics you would know its not only US aid running this country.

    One more thing in todays world we dont use phrases like parrots, shikra or wise man once said. In this century we prefer logical talk equipped with strong arguments and conclusions. Its never too late to change.


    We have a lot of honest people in Pakistan that does not qualify for dictating a country. Musharraf had weaken a few pillars like media and judiciary and thats not very honest and honorable.

  • daaaaamn irfan owned javedsheik!

  • Everyone should read following article published on The New York Times

    "Bhutto Clan Leaves Trail Of Corruption"

    Ifran is right, we should look at facts and figures.

  • @ irfanx

    I am sorry, you made the same mistake.While Others are shouting corruption, corruption corruption, deal deal deal, and my dear friend; you are repeating the same RAAGA of generation, generation, generation.

    The match between generations will take us back to the Stone Age.

    The thread under discussion doesn't require a philosophical and intellectual terminology to understand.

    Please don't tell me what everyone knows about the credibility and efficiency of the Institutions and Infra-structure in Pakistan. How the investigation is conducted and molded, due to lack of training and technology.

    One should not be upset, if the administration, (I will not use the words, of your generation) acknowledged the need for help from UK, having more scientific knowledge and equipped with better tools.

    Do you think is it a debatable issue, when there are precedents of accepting Foreign Aid and Technical help?

    Is there something to generate inferiority complex and behave defensive?

  • I believe there is a reason to have a defensive behavior towards that. The establishment in Pakistan has always made people of Pakistan think they are not good enough to govern a state. You will find so many people in Pakistan still thinking that we are an inadequate and only army can rule us properly. This mental state is dangerous. We as a nation are psychologicaly still slave of the west and this whole mind set is being imposed onto us so we will think like slaves. That is the reason you find so many people becoming pro islamic in a defensive way. We need to have an identity and now in our most critical political time we will take HELP from British. They left us 60 years back and yet we reach out to them. Some one has to raise a voice i am just that voice nothing more. I know how evidence is tempered but i assure you that Scotland yard is not gonna find the criminals. Mark my words and in the process we loose our own identity once again.

  • Yes. Almost 25 years back in Pakistan,I had the same feelings.

    Emotions dominated my reason. Reality was eclipsed by allusion.

    I expressed my anger to an American Scholar at the American Center Lahore in 1984, who was opposing our desire to achieve nuclear capability.

    The Role of the Government under Zia-ul-Haq and combination of some other social, moral and cultural evils in Pakistan, prompted me to change my optimism to see Pakistan as an independent, 'autonomous' and progressive State.

    All my hopes to see Pakistan as a decent worth living state like Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore, were collapsed.

    Our generation or the generation before 1947, if made any mistake; you should come up to undo that. My generation was without the information technology and tools, available to your generation.

    You can produce better outcome.

    Nothing succeeds like successes.

    Good Luck.

  • Dear Irfanx,

    i 100 % agree with you.

    we shouldnt call any outsider to inspect our matters.

    Dearest Shiekh Sahib,

    with due respect,you know about one kind of parrots who repeats corruption,corruption,corruption...or deal,deal,deal...

    i know about one more commmon kind of parrots..which keep repeating Shaheed,Shaheed,Shaheed...or sindh ka wazir azam ..punjab ka wazir azam...

    which is more dangerous...

    those parrots are using sindh card ..u know!

  • I never said i have anything against the scholars of US or Britain. Without any doubt i believe they are a way ahead of us. I also dont support Pakistan having a nuke very strongly because i am afraid we are not ready to have such a responsibility. Even when i was in Pakistan i was greatly inspired by the developments in west. These people work really hard and their society is very research oriented. I believe i was a harsh about our previous generations. We have all tried and are all trying to make something out of our country. I have no doubt that people before me didnt had resources and were a lot less educated and didnt had any information tools but inspite of that they tried hard. I only want you and the other people in this forum to be optimistic so we can always think forward. Thanks for you blessings.

    God bless Pakistan

  • without getting emotional i do support that we should allow UN PROBING INTO HER DEATH ,instead of scotland to investigate the death of BB .now here im sure USA doesnot want ANY PROBE UNDER UN coz UN can hold unbiased investigation .

    i dont think now that its the matter of sovereignty here .tell me one single inquiry held by OUR INTELLIGENCE OR POLICE who delievered any results .guys look at our history we will find a long trail of unsolved murders starting from liaqat ali khan ,assasination of zia and many other .where are the results of our enquiry .what happened to the investigation ? what happened in "ojri camp" ,so instead of harping the mantra sovereignty here we really need to seek help .where is hamood comission report ?

    our police our investigator have delievered nothing .zia went down in a plane crash killing the top lot of our army and USA embassador what we know about it ? how it happened ?

    we may be a great nation of doctors ,engineers etc etc but we as a nation believe in hush hush and dont know how many more people will be murdered but we will never know who did it .

  • javed sheik, arent you the guy that said there is no corruption in pakistan?

    you are not qualified to post in this thread, just read it next time.

  • @ Insider,

    Do me a fovor.

    Cut and paste, what I said.

  • why dont you do me a fovor and stop flip flopping.