Definition Of Mulla!

  • A mentally, intellectually, (or physically too) retarded person who pose to be more loyal than Allah, is a typical Mulla.

    This gauge and litmus test is true for Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Sikh Mulla's also, who are known with different titles.

  • title like JS.

  • Mulla is a term coined by Allma Iqbal...

    interestingly being a rightest ...he was still very against the Mullas.

    in his opinion Non practicing and verbal preachers who thinks of them superior then others just coz of being more towards the religion.

    they think they own Allah ...and we the common KHATAA KAAR Muslims wont .

  • Please fill in the blank.

    A mentally, intellectually, (or physically too) retarded person who pose to be more loyal than "SHATTAN", is a typical ___________.

    i m a common KHATAA KAAR and want to also know it.

  • ahahah,

    i got worried, thought i was so important that JS made a post about my nick name!

    i am not this important!

    hahahah, but the current model of a form of extreme thinking is "mullah"


  • mulla,

    are u a HALWA MULLA?


  • beenai

    Mulla has brain and thinks which we can not expect from a Mulla so I suppose he is not Halwa Mulla…

  • then he must be a BRIAN MASALA Mulla.LOL

  • I have no idea "what" I am...

    sometimes I feel like Nooh (a.s)....screaming to a nation of earless massess....

    Beenai, baaaz ajao baaaz :)


  • It’s a very unfair title by Mr JS. Why Mulla? Why not priest? (From child abuse to every single bad habits can be found in this species like dividing Christianity into different secs and promoting intolerance and violence against catholic if they are protestant or protestant if they are catholic or against the other faiths. Why not Pundit? (We know all about pundits very well!) Why not Rabi? Who apparently has already started the preparation of welcoming "Dajjal" in Israel?

    I think we can do with some interesting and intellectual topics rather then a very lame topic. Also what will be achieved with this discussion? Nothing!

  • I think that MULLA or MAULANA r the same terms used by people. Plz distinguish them as HOLY QURAN said in SURAH AL FATIR (PARA#22) 'Or tum main se ALLAH ke wohi nazdeek hain jo ILM wale hain'.

  • HafizAli:

    in quranic arabic "ilm" does not mean "information" walay , it actually means "practical" walay!


  • There are thieves, rapists, policeman, politicians, murderers, and there are "Mullas".

    I have personally experienced the damage and destruction of a society, the Mulla causes. I remember in my teenage I have personally argued with my friends and neighbours whether Democracy is Haram or not, Shiah is Kafor or not, and Taliban are the true momin or not. It really shocks and scares me to remind that many of my friends were convinced that when you see any Shiah you are ought to kill him because he abuses Sahaba (RA). I have read many books and heard many audio cassettes of so called religious Scholars (which I term as Mullahs) which were full of obscene language, allegations and warnings for people of different sects. If you like democracy you are one of Kafir and in Qayammah you will rise with them. I have seen the mosque of my town occupied by the people of different Sect and the Imam of that mosque threatened with Gun on his head not to come back. One of my well educated friend used to travel 4 5 miles to offer prayers because he considered praying in town mosque Haram. The two places where most young children are molested are either Jail or Madarssah/Mosque. They all were and are ordinary people but were poisoned with Hatered, ignorance and extremisim by Mullahs.

    And later I learned that this role of Mullah is not unique for our times. Since centuries they are playing their horrible and pathetic role. That's the reason one of the great saints and poet of Sindh said:

    "Mullah...may your mother dies as you have no shame whatsoever"

  • Fahim23:

    exact same issues I went through.......but later on I realized that what we call mullah is actually kanjar...and a lot of kanjar has converted and become molvi...

    proper identification is a blessing!


  • the term has been used so loosely that it has lost all his respect.

    we cant see anybody who respect Mulla.

    Mulla is itself a disrespecting term.


    that means u r convinced that u r a Brain Masala Mulla?

  • yes! brain masala as a main course meal and halwa as a desert...

    on a serious note, Mulla is a title of highest learnings in persian literature a polymath, one who knows all is a Mulla, and a Mulla is an institution but just like army, it looses its glorious days and sees zawal..same here, but I am trying to revive it, I tried to present the modern side of Mulla, who is literate and aware of inner and outer sciences again in a way which is according to the times and age of the people...this is what my purpose is....

    there is only one Mulla on the net! and thats me cause I challenge worlds so called intellectuals to come and argue with me on the inner and outer uloom of this century...I wish to bring the lost honor of this ummati back to the levels of orignial value...

    but afsoos my challenges are hard and work is mountains...but I am not going to fail plus I have started seeing results of my work already....from Australia to zimbabway I have collected human gems who have realized the total solution is internal and external change....not only external ...

    ok, so enough about me lets go back to halwa and jalwa....

    Beenai: what is the inner connection between "beenai and jalwa" ?


  • @Mulla,

    thanks for describing MULLAISM with ur won spectacles on....

    u need a higher number of spectacles in order to get a BEENAI which can see inside n outside of a JALWA ...

    for HALWA ,being a Mulla i m sure ur Beenai would be quite good.....LOL

  • halway ka bhi jalwa hota hai wese ..........

    molvi teen kisim ke hotay hain, halway walay, jalway walay or khalway walay...

    halway walay like fazool ur rehman, har cheez kha jatay hain...yeh apnay baap ko bhi bech detay hain nazriya e zarorat par...

    jalway walay like sufi sawati and talib-an type, in ko hero ban janay ka shouq or sahaba ki sachi jhooti mythology par chalay walay...bas in ki tareef hoti rahay...

    khalway walay, yani "tanhai" walay, yeh meri type ke hain, apnay liye kuch bhi naheen sab kuch Allah or Allah ki mahlook ke liye inhi ko "khalifa" bhi kehtay hain jo Allah ke nabi ke dill ki kefiyat ke waris hotay hain in ko nabi ne apna waris kaha hai.....

    we need more of this kind, and i am just trying ...just trying..


  • @Mulla,

    keep trying.....

    Good Luck.