Anchors, live talk show, and "break"s

  • Why do our anchors have to take a "break" during live shows....doesn't it break the flow of the talk...

    why cant they edit these into the program afterwords, so at least we the public gets a clear picture....many a times the talker is offtopiced and throw out of their thinking orbit!


  • if there is no breaks ...there wont be a show .

    these shows earns revenue out of these commercials only.

    they have to show it into the breaks so ppl got stick to the channel and forcefully watch all the ads just coz they wont wanna miss any single sentence in the coming piece of the show.

    thats the whole objective.

    if they show u commercials before or after the show.

    who will watch them all?

  • No i think Mulla means that show should be recorded once without break and then while playing this recording they could get break


    There is one big problem in this. If they will do this then it will be no more live and then many INFLUENTIAL people will try to edit the recording like this was happened in the case of Kashif Abbasi.

  • anchors are the employees/servants of TV channels and they have to follow their Bosses (producers) instructions. Commercials breaks generate revenues which is lifeline of media. So what our anchors can do? Whatever salary package they are getting from their channels, are coming from commercials. Yes, I agree with u that breaks during the live program shatter the flow (tempo) of show and diverts the attention of viewers that is a bad practice. Sometimes, for a junk breaking news, live program breaks.. That is another pathetic and irritating practice. Once I wrote a mail to Kashif Abbasi (off the record Program) abt these pathetic, bogus and unimportant so called breaking news during his show that breaks the flow and mood of audience. He replied as:

    "i m trying to work out breaking news during the program. sometimes guests are hard to find. but will try to improve the guest list in future."

    in the case of recorded programs the problem is there which mentioned by LetDoit.. kashif abbasi has tasted it.

  • so is it all about "revenue"...?


  • Also its about mental health

  • mental health ? or mental illness ?



  • It is all about revenue! (Not my view but I asked this from someone from ARY. Also It breaks the flow of the guests too. Plus during the break, the anchoe even gets threats on air too.. I was a guest on one of live show on ARY some 4/5 years ago and a famous TV anchor got threatened by 90, Edgware road. Later her agreed to take him on line and then his speech still makes me laugh.. Hilarious magarmuch

  • what is 90 ?


  • 90 azizabad kee British Behen

  • whorehouse ?



  • really ?


    is it in karachi or lawhore ?


    oriel will get pissed again! at my spellings

  • This post is deleted!

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    do ga bhi kashif abbasi ko!


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    Look forward to some politics another time!!

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