Pakistani students picked up for terror charges in UK

  • Scotland Yard raided several houses after a classified report was leaked to media. Almost all of them are pakistani brothers and on student visa. What you guys make of it?

    "Twelve people were arrested, including 10 Pakistani nationals on student visas and one Briton, at eight addresses across Manchester and Merseyside after a long covert surveillance operation involving both police and MI5."

  • I make this: If those arrested are indeed Pak nationals on student visas......... I hope Immigration make the entry requirements almost impossible for all Pak nationals entering the UK on a student visa.

    In fact they should stop allowing any new application from Pakistan based on student visas INDEFINATELY.

    Baqwaas people. Coming over under the guise of 'student' and allowing themselves to get involved in harming those people giving them an opportunity to further themselves in education and employment.

    If any national does this they are pure BAQWAAS PEOPLE!!

  • BTW, all the above is IF those arrested are found guilty.

  • Oriel,

    I think it’s a very unfair statement that every Pakistani student should be denied the right to in UK. Terrorists can come from any nation and people around the globe know better than to judge a whole nation on the basis of just one incident.

    In fact, based on HESA statistics, the total number of Pakistani students enrolled in the UK in 2003-4 was 3,245 out of which 2077 were postgraduate and 1195 were undergraduate students. The numbers rose to 6560 in 2004-5 with 4150 Pakistani students enrolled in postgraduate courses and 2410 in undergraduate courses Pakistan is one of the 7 countries which accounts for 40 percent of UK’s international students. After September 2001 it has become the market leader, a place traditionally taken by the US. Currently Australia and some European countries have also become quite active in marketing their education in Pakistan.

    Pakistan now has the largest Fulbright scholarship programme in the world

    This view was echoed by Amanda Barton of the University of London's School of Oriental and Asian Studies (SOAS): "It's just what the media says. Terrorists can come from all nations and people in the UK know better than to judge a whole nation on the basis of just one incident.

    When asked why Pakistani students were preferred by UK educational institutions, Dr Baker said that Pakistani students were of very high academic calibre and the Pakistani education system was similar to that of the UK, making it easier for them to adjust and do well. "It is easier for the students who opted for the British O/A-Level system, but we provide foundation courses for those who remained in the Pakistani system."

    M'Doe agreed that the reason Pakistani students were a big market was because of their academic strength and she added that they had very diverse interests. "It's not all business and it's of very high quality. A lot of them are interested in actuarial science, law, engineering and international journalism. And our most special connection with Pakistan is that we have the honour of being the alma mater of its founder, Mohammad Ali Jinnah

    Pakistani Students clinch top position in UK examination systems

    Rawalpindi, March 05, 2008: Some Nine Pakistani students belonging to different schools in Islamabad clinched top positions in O level and A Level examination under Cambridge International Examination (CIE) Edexcel Board and ACCA (UK) Award distribution ceremony among the high achievers of the position followed by a Press conference was held at a local hotel here on Tuesday.

    British Deputy High Commissioner (DHC) in Islamabad Ray Kyles was the chief guest on the occasion, besides others David Davies, Regional Relationship Manager Edexcel Board, Arif Masud Mirza head of ACCA (Pakistan) and Nasir Kazmi Director Islamabad also attended the ceremony.

    In the ceremony organized by the British Council certificates and shields were distributed among the top position holding Pakistanis students in the examination session 2007, conducted by CIE, Edexcel and ACCA (UK).

    Overall 16 students received awards by the Edexcel board with 02 students achieving top position in the world, while Cambridge International examination awarded 52 students with 09 topping the world. ACCA awarded 9 students and 04 students received awards from University of London.

    SO, Its not all terrorist entering the UK but some sincere, honest students are making their way too, just like any other country’s students (even the British students who comes to US for higher studies which includes Pakistani British desi's (who are mainly involved in these terrorist activities (like 7/7) So shall we ban all the British Pakistani students too?\11\28\story_28-11-2006_pg12_4

  • I trust the english judicial system, they must have have some solid reasons...


  • So far most of the terrorism attacks around the world has been blamed or proved against NON PAKISTANIS. So I don't know why do every one blame Pakistani's straight away. In England, 7/7 bombers were all british born pakistanis not "Pakistan born British"

    Same goes for Glasgow airport bombing. (they were indian muslims, bangladeshi and arabs with no pakistani involvement)

    Even the pakistani british who were picked up by a MASSIVE police operation from east london were freed without charge after all this media drama! (All they can find on him was porn images on his PC.. LOL) I am going to start a new thread about pakistanis involvement (Born pakistanis) in terrorist attacks specially against americans..

  • oriel,

    You're pretty harsh! Every nation has good and bad people, so based on actions of few you can't blame everyone. It's like calling all Muslims terrorists cuz of what Taliban or Alqaido do. Would it be fair? I don't think so! IRA and LTTE are other examples.

    Yes, if they were involved in the planning stages of a terror plot they must be punished but that doesn't mean you deprive every Pakistani of an opportunity to get better education.

    Think again sir/madam!

  • Madam!

  • I will surely think again....

    Thanku fellows for responding to my 'harsh' words :-)

    I have only now understood what it takes to get a reaction from the other bloggers!!

  • Gud for you Madam Oriel ;)

  • Baaz ajao Khan Sahib Sir!

  • Kahan aoun? I dunno any place called "Baaz" ?? Is it in oxford? he he he

  • Yes not every pakistani should be labelled a terrorist and many britishers are civilised enough that they will understand this. But we also need to take the responsibility of our countrymen who are creating havoc within Pakistan and all over the world. If any pakistani is involved in these activities, then it is our responsibility too! It will be too much if Ajmal Qassab traumatize Bombay for 3 days or 7/7 attackers shock britishers and we expect they treat us with great respect!

    We often demand our sovereignity when America attacks our soil with drone attacks, but Do we really control tribal areas? Can we stop the infiltration of Talibans residing in FATA and other parts into Afghanistan? And I hope we all know that the answer is NO WE CANNOT STOP THEM? So I want to know from you what do you think world should react? For whatever reasons if we consider USA our Enemy then how can we expect them to treat us any good and respect our sovereignity?

    If we make sure that our soil won't be used for any terrorist activity anywhere in the world only then we can demand our Soverignity.

  • Tribal areas historically never required any policing. They have always lived in those areas peacefully and their elders govern the land according to tribal customs and laws that are acceptable to all that reside there. They are more loyal to Pakistan than anybody else. Never underestimate their role in liberating the 'azad kashmir'.

    Today they are upset with us. All these drones are not helping the cause. We are losing their support faster than one can imagine. This increased resentment will harm Pakistan. We need to find a way to appease them (i.e stop the drone attacks) ASAP. It gives them a reason to sympathize with the Talibs. It's a grave concern!

    Once we win them back to our side, they'd flush all the Talibs out. You dont need no Army, Rangers, FC deployed there. These guys are armed and know their rugged terrain. It won't take them long to kick Talib's asses.

    Let's see what our so called leaders do in this regard. I'm not very optimistic though.

  • innocent people believe in colonialist and their just.

  • Msohail83.... Jee khush kur deeya.. Totally agree with every word of your posting!

  • What is the evidence the UK govt presented against the Pakistanis??Again the purpose is the control the flow of students period.Historically Pakistan is being ruled by pimps dallals turncoats,they have no morals left in their satanic souls. It is blood money the criminal generals at GHQ collect by selling their fellow pakistanis to jewish paper printed currency from USA in return we kill THE MOST PATRIOTIC PAKISTAN LOVING ALLAH SOLDIERS?? The people of pakistan are lucky to have such brave honorable citizens our country.The brown negros will never learn until there is no Pakistan left to defend.Wazeeris are not the issue it is the criminal elite allied with their pay masters.Look who is our president??need I say more.

  • @msohail

    What do you mean when you say "Historically tribal areas never required any policing"? What kind of statement is that? Are they any kind of angels and not humans? Do you know that before 9/11 tribal areas were the heaven for fugitives, absconders and auto lifters?

    I get surprised when many people advocates the century old Jirga system which was probably suitable before 19th Century but they are not Anymore! The Jirga system does not meet the requirements of Fair and Just system and it has countless shortcomings. And instead of making an effort to integrate that society to rest of Pakistan, they suggest everyone to leave them as they are living as if they are the backyard of Pakistan. I want to ask those who support Jirga system "will you choose Jirga system for you and your family?" Jirga system does not utilize the developed technologies that humans have developed. It is very rare when people get justice from Jirga system, most of time they believe in the rule of Might is right and therefore the decision favors local Khans, Maliks, Chowdhries and Waderas.

    About 100 years ago every part of Pakistan was similar to todays Tribal and many Balochistan areas. Every man used to carry weapon and used to solve their issues via Jirgas. And we all know what kind of Decisions they used to make. But they are left behind due to the negligence of Government and of their own. It is time that we choose same for people living in those areas which we prefer for ourselves.

  • Fahim23,

    I have noticed on this board, that people will give their expert opinion on pretty much every topic. Instead of reading a post and then rushing into replying with counter argument, I would suggest to rethink before your final reply.

    Msohail is correct when he says that "Historically tribal areas never required any policing" If you happened to know FATA, there was never a police force in FATA. I have been a regular visitor of FATA and have never felt the need of a policeman to protect me in that part of the world. There is no doubt that criminals from all apkistan go there and seek refuge. Once you get refuge then you can't commit a crime in that part of the world as the rules are strict. They have Khassadar force which works under a political agent directly answeable to Governor/Islamabad.

    As regards to your statement about jirga which I believe is totally based on ignorance. Jirga system has been the main justice seeking system in Pukhtoonkhwa.

    So you think that the pakistani or any western justice system is better thenm jirga... (Personally, I am not a fan of Jirga system but I won't let you believe that jirga is a inferior way of justice seeking system..

    Let me ask you a question? Does O.J Simpson? Rings any bells? May be President Clinton??or perhaps Unfair capital punishment of Bhutto?? dismissal of CJ? NRO? Disqalification of the shareef's brother's and then few weeks later reversal of the same decision? SO is this the better justice? Justice where people can buy police,judges,witnesses... If you are caught in a minor crime, how will you defend yourself? lawywer? dealing with Police?

    On the other hand.. Jirga... You can go anytime without any lawyer, without to deal with police.. you present your cases,present your witness and you will have a decision in less then the time it will take you to lodge an FIR.

    Jirga was the Islamic system untill 20th century and now all of a sudden you question the oldest system and prefer a bias system just becuz its been adovcated by our white skin masters?

    I am not saying that jirga system is the best but ease of seeking justice is more important to people then actually getting the rite decison (though I believe that90% of the people do get fair decisions..which is even then better then our own judicial system.

  • @Fahim

    First I'd advise you to kindly go back and read my comments in the context. I was reffering to the current wave of violence in the region which is a direct result of our subervience to the Western world, espcially America. We've become an unofficial 51st state of America. Our govt. set up and military leadership is chosen by Washington and to defuse crises we seek final say from there as well. This unprecedented interference is a breeding ground for anti-American feelings among Pakistanis.

    Now I'd agree with you that it was a safe haven for crimanls. FATA has been under the federal govt. so they should have done something in this regard.

    Lastly, I'm not sure why you despise Jirga system so much. It would only be fair to criticize it if you had a fair justice system in place in rest of the country as pointed out by Khan_saab. Remember, charity begins from home. We need to first put our own house in order then we'll have grounds to point fingres at others.

    If we could establish a strong judicial system in which nobody is above the law and where you could even drag your PM to the court then I'd be more than happy to abolish the Jirga system and implement it elsewhere in the county.

    I'm sorry but for now its a far cry from having a perfect system!