The threat persists - Open your eyes.


    Taleban militants operating in Pakistan's Swat region who agreed a peace deal with the government have expanded operations into nearby Buner.


    Dozens of militants have been streaming into bordering Buner to take over mosques and government offices.

    Buner is part of the Malakand region, which has just seen the implementation of Sharia law under the peace deal.

    But the Taleban have mainly operated in Swat, where they fought the army from August 2007 until this year's deal.

    Under the deal the Taleban were expected to disarm.


    Buner district is only about 100km (62 miles) from the capital, Islamabad.

  • lol

    let me show you who is the real threat to pakistan

  • When a region is disaffected, down-trodden and raped of its natural resources, then you get the out-cry and discontent as we have been seeing for years in Balochistan.

    Punjab is the Wadera, that is sucking the other provinces dry in order to keep its soil fertile and factories ticking over.

    A shame, as Punjab has the ability to unite and hold together the other Provinces by equally distributing its wealth and giving the other Provinces their financial due.

    Pakistan is splitting at the seams as a result..... and manipulative vultures such as the Talibs are able to take root.

  • You know, I dont want to sound pro-Punjabi and all that, and, I acknowledge that Punjab has from time to time abused its influence.

    But, all this talk of Punjab as being the big bad boy that knocks around all its little neighbours is garbage.

    Punjab is not the biggest wadera. I hold the best wishes for the people of these areas, but, the biggest waderas are the illiterate backward and barbaric Baloch sardars and Sindhi waderas and NWFT/Pukhtunkhwa tribal leaders and Taliban. These people have had tremendous influence in their areas for centuries, and, they have not let their people get educated, become independent, develop their economies, develop their infrastructure.

    You know, why are people in Balochistan and Sarhad and Interior Sindh still living in absolute poverty in conditions that havent changed for 300 years?

    Instead of asking for real substantive things for their people like education, infrastructure and economic development, which is the real root cause of their miseries. They want privately controlled levies and succession and their own unelected "govts" and backward protectionist/communist policies like Balochistan only for Balochis or Sindhi jobs only for Sindhis or no federal police/army/rangers/law enforcement in NWFP.

  • real threat to Pakistan is the friend...

    who has never been freind but always been considered friend of Pakistan.

  • @Oriel

    Nice to read your post. Punjab can be a uniting factor. But unfortunately it is quite opposite.

  • Fahim:

    You are right. Which is why it is despised by the other Provinces. As it should be until it meets out some justice. Atlest give them autonomy to run their own Provinces in a way only they can understand, then they would have less justification to insight civil unrest.

    (That was a contraversial last point.... wasn't it Ijay? Nevermind, I have braced myself for being branded anti-Pakistani)

  • the world isnt a vaccuum.

    we are to blame for our faults. and our inability to deal with the taliban is as bad or worse than our inability to deal with the americans.

  • @Oriel ,

    i agree and disagree with you.

    giving autonomy to provinces is a good idea & i agree with it but on the other hand the problem is that who will set the boundaries and real real definition of that autonomy?

    here ppl have misconceptions about each n everything .

    so a baloch sardar can define autonomy in a 180 degree different perspective than a Sindhi waderah.

    how do u make a definition out of these two perspectives ?

    to give a same level of autonomy to all provinces ?

  • Opportunity:

    Pockets of the world are indeed vaccuums: i.e. places without economic opportunity, political opportunity, lawlessness, lack of education, health and social care, no provision for destitutes, orphans, widows etc.... these are vaccuums. It is within such vaccuums that a group often take root offering money to desperate people in order to get them to do their bidding.


    Khan Sahib has been talking about referendums for weeks and I totally agree with this method. The people of Balochistan as well as those of the other Provinces must be consulted and asked via referendum as to what it is they would like for themselves. When you give someone a stake in their own future, they will sit up and become pro-active in shaping their own destiny.

    The Provincial assemblies must take this information and agree on terms of political autonomy of decision making.

    Central govt. must delegate this decision making to allow the grievances to be aired through the right channels so we can stem the bombings of pipe-lines, people and general disturbance of people's lives. Obviously, in the initial stages post-referendum Central govt. needs to keep a close eye on developments, but as the Provinces stabilize, the reign can be lessened.

    Also you don't need same levels of autonomy for all Provinces. You need relative levels depending on socio-economic statistics within each Province: population, infrastructure, education facilities, business strengths/weaknesses, provincial level GDP etc.


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