Pak media inadequate and unprofessional coverage of BB death

  • the pak media coverage of the death of BB has been woefully inadequate. it has been sickeningly one sided and has turned this event into an orgy of sentimentality, devoid of balance and perspective. the western media has been much more willing to examine both sides of her character, the positive and the negative. the media in the uk has not been afraid to speak of the corruption, nepotism and incompetence that characterized her terms in office.

    why are the people of pakistan not given a balanced picture.

    one has only to look at the way geo plays this awful sad music to create an effect of tragedy and sadness to discern the bias in their approach. why are the contradictions between her words and actions never mentioned. our media needs to practice much more balance and courage in situations like this to engage the public in

    political education so that they should vote with their minds and not their hearts.

  • exactly. geo has been inciting people against musharraf any way possible.

    this is just a new angle they are taking, by trying to play up the sympathy for BB.

    they should be held responsible for some of the destruction doled out across pakistan over the last week.

  • this is nothing to do with musharaf or N or Q or any one else. i just

    want to discuss th way our media has approached this issue.

  • you cannot discuss the media without discussing musharraf.

    everything the media has done since the sacking of CJ is to spite musharraf and incite unrest in the country.

    you are mistakened if you think otherwise.

  • It is beyond my comprehension why the media has got after Musharraf in such a venemous manner. Is it because the Hussain Haqqani types have worked on channels like GEO and convinced them of some Washington agenda or the other? Some pillars of the state are hurting their own country.

  • Maybe, if you open your eyes a bit and see what Musharraf did to the media when it was trying to be 'neutral', you would understand why the media is going after him in what you call 'such a venomous manner'. If someone deprived you of your bread and butter, you would probably pray for him, right? And if you are so worried by Hussain Haqqani, why didn't you employ your most experienced turncoat journalist Mushahid Hussain to counter him. It proves to me your side's incompetence. Stop being silly and accusing others of working for Washington. We know who is working for Washington, those who are getting the billions in military aid. Your complaint against Haqqani is actually the threat you feel from another competitor.

  • It is so unfortunate that none of respected partcipant in this thread understand media. The culture of accepting only 'my mentality in the media' is the basic undemocratic habit of this nation. Even educated people like participants in this thread aren't able to grasp a simple and basic rule of media. Very unfortunate; we talk about democracy. You can't have real democracy in next 25 years unless you learn to listen and respect dissenting opiniion. Even if that dissention is one person out of one hundred. I have been yelling like 'Pagal'; please please leave media free and let market forces determine popularity rating of particular channel, show or program. I don't like PJ Mir, but I don't want his program off-air neighter I want him to change his style but I want his program to die naturally by reduced viwership.

  • The media has indeed gone a bit overboard in its covergae of the tragic death of Benazir Bhutto. But it is in our cultural and religious traditions to remember only the good qualities of the dead. Besdies, the circumstances of her unfortunate death did indeed create sympathies among all of us.

    Given that a few days have elapsed since December 27, the media will now slowly return to normalcy and we will start hearing dissenting voices.

  • @ Rafi

    You are committing the same blunder that you are accusing others here of. No insult intended. I think I understand what you are talking about. And of course you are right. The Chinese say, Let a thousand flowers bloom. But you must realize that it is human nature to have likes and dislikes, hopes and fears, benevolence and greed. The same is the case with the media. You are right that the media is lopsidedly covering the event of Ms. Bhutto's murder. But what do you expect?

    1. The side supposedly against Ms. Bhutto has either circumcized or banned the media. The media feels the need to retaliate and this is the perfect time for it.

    2. The media is afraid of retaliation by the enraged supporters of Ms. Bhutto who are understandably in a real foul mood. In the absence of any protection by the state, how do you expect our media to impartially assess Ms. Bhutto and that too at this volatile time. Also, the media has not been that lopsided in its coverage. I know because I am a daily reader of newspapers.

    3. The so-called opposition parties are the only people who have supported the media in their hour of trial with the government. Why do you expect total neutrality from the media in this situation, which could be construed to be support to the government, and the media end up losing its supporters. Is this logical?

    4. There is an element of sympathy for Ms. Bhutto and respect for the deceased soul, which is only human. As time passes the media will come off it.

    5. Lastly, by expecting the media or the people to conform to your ideas, with which I also agree in part, you are yourself espousing conformity as opposed to creativeness and diversity. Is that democratic thought?

  • PoliticalAnalyst - very immature remark. You're trying to see conspiracies where there are none. For once I have found something I agree with that Adonis has said in this thread.

    It is simply according to the norms of basic decency to not immediately start flaying someone after their death. And playing sad music at her death is not "bias". A human being died, was murdered...and so were many others.

    Also, an important fact is, that when someone dies (unless it's a terrorist), there IS no other side to report. Do you think her enemies, or anyone for that matter, would have the guts to start criticising her? What do you want tv channels to do? Just start saying on their own that the most corrupt politician has just died by the grace of god?

  • we are talking about a former prime minister whose policies and decisions impacted the lives of millions of people. as such there should be an unsentimental appraisal of her life.

    it's true we are a superstitious and irrational nation. when the pet monkey of pir pagora died, it's "janaza" was attended by thousands of

    people. we need to judge our politicians by objective, non-partisan standards. if educated people can't even do that, what hope is there for our nation.

  • I dont care what the media reports on. It is when they are inciting a "revolution" and violence against the government that I have a problem.

    Look at the available channels before Musharraf and after he came in power.

    the Media should show some respect. since the firing of CJ, the media has gone above its boundaries and needed to be checked.

    You think the FCC would allow a channel that is inciting a revolution in the streets?

  • The main problem with the media is exactly that it is "NOT" inciting a revolution.

    Inciting for overthrow of a legitimate government is indeed a crime. But inciting for overthrow of an illegal and illegitimate rule is national duty, which our media is not performing. !!!

  • @Rehan

    When your twice ex-prime minister is assassinated bruttaly in the daylight what kind of balance picture you want media to present?

    Was it a time to politically educate people about voting?

    Her death was before elections so does it mean nation should not mourn?

  • fahim, sorry she is not a shaheed.

    a greedy corrupt ex-politician maybe, but she is no shaheed.

  • she is no shaheed.

    stealing from the poor. frothing at the mouth. a serial liar.....

  • @Insider

    For you may be she is not shaheed!

  • she is not a shaheed for the majority of pakistan. the media just wants you to think she is.