Feeling: Admins ignore this section

  • I have a feeling that pkpolitics admins pay less attention to this section of their blog. They kinda pay more attention to the video section where a continuous hyper discussions are revolving around in a nightmarish dance of opinions..

    Plus we the more argumentative yet close to each other even though we have different opinions is ignored, for example, no actions have ever been taken to add requests from users.

    Why ?


    I still do appreciate their tolerance of me and respect their efforts for propagating the voice of truth even further...

  • You are right! Even there is no input from admin/moderators too. Beenai seems to have lost interest too!

  • Beenai's lack of interest might be due to the fact that we do not behave like donkey's as much as we used to in the past...

    a self correcting principle which is visible on this section in the recent weeks can cause boredom in the admins....

    because since a few months, including myself, we have become attached to each others on this forum and after arguments and circular and cyclical gap shap like lunatics we settle down and then start again.....

    but admins need to take a look once in a while and pay attention to the suggestions of fixing the section...

    Beenai, i think was gone looking for Kashif abbasi....:)

    she is back though and is in observational mode....


  • I call this sleep mode..

  • I call it "auto pilot"


  • lagta hey pilot light buhj gayee hey!

  • Gentlemen

    I used to be regular follower of this blog but eventually lost interest due to few reason.

    1. Too many thread about same topic.

    2. Less discussion and more conversation.

    3. Any objective and deep analysis were totally ignored. I started few threads of serious nature, expecting input but it turn out that people don't want to brain storm about issues.

    Eventually I saw standard of discussion in declining mode; so for last six or more month I kind of switched to watching video only . It is possible that there may be some good threads been initiated during that absence but I am not aware of it.

  • I can't stand 10 threads with same topic.. You can see that there are atleast 10 threads right now on Taliban only. I tried few threads after discussing with Mulla and few more but with lack of interest from people have deter me from putting any effort again. People seems to like abusing and swearing at each other then actually discussing things..

  • Rafi sab...

    same feelings I have, that sometimes there are cyclical issues being barked upon and most uninteresting are the ones about what form of religion should be adopted...

    I go through the same depression just like you and retort to videos, but even on the video section the talks are just bakwas with some writers in between talking sense otherwise its just us vs them...

    you should come back and start a few threads, khan sab and myself have been able to develop a few serious commenter and even started grass-root level media points, like we wanted to judgments against shareef ud deen peerzada, and in less then 4 days or so, we heard that some petition was filed against him, we are not sure if it was our dua or our posts to each other and media heads ...but we did see the movement in this direction..

    then we in here highlighted the drones issue and it being obvious the media has picked it up like never before, if you observe the past 3 days of talk shows all of them are talking about this...

    so we are slowly organizing into a task force and watchman type group and would love to have you back....as a serious and able commenter...

    would you please start a thread and I assure you that I will be there to support you...as well as other scholars on this blog....


  • Everything turns salt in a salt mine.

    Every institution, with the exception of hatred, goes adverse in Pakistan after a specific time, unfortunately.

  • JS..

    Try some serious issues and which are religiously non contraversial and you will see a serious response..

    @ Mulla..

    I agree with your observations.. It did occured to me that the issue of Drones and Peerzada was picked up very quickly.. or may be it was just a fluke... regardless..it was a good attempt.

  • in religion i learned one thing, that "ijtimai amal" yani collective action always brings results!


  • Very Well Mulla!

  • to lets do some ijtimai zoor azmai to the admins too for some requests!


  • Mulla suggest some thing.. I will add some too on my return.. over n out

  • send 10 emails to the admins about this ! everyday!


  • hi ,

    thats not the case that somebody is ignoring the blog.

    i am very much there ...

    yah thats a fact that over all members are doing very good and there is no such need to remove posts or do the moderation.

    as the biggest thing make me to use delete option is the ABUSIVE language used by any member for any other member .

    coz i respect and love them all and i just cant allow anyone to abuse the other one.

    this has improved a lot .

    and congrats on that .........

    no2..i was away for a while ...as i have told in some thread that i went for a workshop on advertising in Dubai .

    in that period i was away from the net too.

    i havent lost interest in the site ...

    i wont be ...

    i am not a moderator only i am the participant i m the member ...u can see my posts on daily basis...


    why i need to go to look for Kashif?

    as already many ppl are looking for him ...

    when they find him...

    i would defiantly too...........


  • One obvious reason I see for loss of interest. In last two days since I started bloging again; I see plenty of new thread. It is justified if number of active participants are hundreds but it is not a case. Like I would like to continue in two or three threads. That would keep the focus and conversation on going. Blog is not a chat; but that is my opinion.

  • Rafi sab,

    this blog is a "reflection" of the mental state of our youth as well....as you noted, they are all over the place and lack focus....

    this is what khan sab, and other scholars are trying to get, "focus" and then a reaction to this focus....would be the "good" thing...after all of this blogging..

    you shall continue to blog and write and unite your heartbeats with us....inshallah we will appear as a new creed of thought masters worth the new world, I swear the humankind needs a new world! a new world and we(you) shall play our role in creating the new world!


  • Beenai should "aggregate" the topics once a week....I know , I know this is a lot of crap to read but once a week, some kinda "purge" should be used to aggregate and create space for identical posts....

    I am just giving a suggestion, I mean I worry if Beenai will get upset at me for trying to teach her what to do, so I am shy to suggest any moderation tuition..

    Welllllll Beenai, i was just kiddding.......:)