• What do u people think? Is politics allowed in ISLAM?

    What does Islam say about Politics? Plz do share ur opinion.

  • In the Islam of Medinian Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah s.a.wasllam, Polictics means "khidmat", insaaf, aman, charity, help, resolution, peace and INSAF...

    In the Islam of molvi's of today, Politics means, and Talibs, jamatiyas, and other zahiri muslims, it means, choori, badmashi, na insafi, beimani and magrib parasti....

    now its your choice which Islam you want!

    Simple definitions are the best....if we were able to talk to holy prophet, he would have have nodded YES about the politics of khidmat! :)


  • Ofcourse where people lives there is always politics but in my opinion there is no politics in Islam ,If a Good muslim got the opportunity to rule he should be honest as a muslim .and Politics is power game .

    Religious groups are trying to get in power since 100 years on the name of Islam but no one got success ,People did not vote for these groups ,then these groups used "khilfat " slogan to get in the power but cannot find the place then they used "Jihad"to fulfill their desire and become terrorist ,took panga with other counties ,not we are seeing the results .

    The power and the government is always be with local strong groups ,on the basis of religion it is never be successful.the Khilfat-e-Rashda got success because there was not rule of law in that region and people used to lives as tribes .

    Muslims group can serve islam without getting into power and try to support the government to promote Islam and its values for example Shabeer Ahmed Usmani ,Shafi Usmani etc .but todays groups just want to remove and fight with the governments and countries to get the Power using all evil tactics and naming it "islamic"

  • are you sure that khialfat e rashida was successfull, do u recall that father in law of rasool Allah, haz syedna umar radillah was assasinated by his own servant, and two sons in laws of rasool Allah s.a.w, hz Usman and Mola Ali were both assasinated along with thousands of close sahaba, including 60 huffaz of quran....

    from a success point its hard to call it success ?

    do not listen to the ulema, they are a cult!


  • it is question like "is there any concept of God in Islam"

    Hisham bin Urwa reported on the authority of Abey Saleh on

    the authority of Abu Hurairah that the Prophet said:

    "Leaders will take charge of you after me, there the pious

    (one) will lead you with his piety and the impious with his

    impiety, so listen to them and obey them in everything which

    conforms with the truth. If they acted rightly it is to your

    credit, and if they acted wrongly it is counted for you and against them." [Al Mawerdy]

  • Muslim reported on the authority of Abu Hazim who said:

    "I accompanied abu hurairah for five years and heard him

    talking about the prophet saying: the prophets ruled over the israel. Whenever a prophet died, another prophet

    succeeded him, but there will be no prophet after me. There

    will soon be khalifs and they will number many. They asked:

    what then do you order us? He said: fulfil allegiance to them one after the other. Give them their dues. Verily Allah will ask them about what he entrusted them with."

    Muslim reported on the authority of al-Araj on the authority

    of Abu Hurairah that the Prophet said:

    "Behold, the imam is but a shield from behind which the

    people fight and by which they protect themselves."

  • Hadees e rasool Allah mandates the condition of "confirmation with the Truth"....

    do you notice that ?

    but the kafir molvi's do not high light the essence of the hadis e rasool s.a.w...instead they bark about following

    those who rule...bogus translations of hadees!


  • instead of b..king would u like to put some light on the Hadees and its right translation?

  • 1-There is not clearly mentioned "islamic System " in Islam ,This Term was not used at the time of Prophet SAW .

    2-ISlamic Politics is also not mentioned in Quran and Sunnah .

    3-Rassol Allah SAW never called Madina as "state" instead he used "ummah " .

    4-The Jihad against those who want to stop practicing of the religion and dawat ,meaning they do dawah (no materialistic intention ) and practicing of faith , if some tried to stop their basic right they did "jihad "

    In Current Situation these groups are not doing Dawah to non muslims and muslims they just want to be in power and their intention is pure materialistic ,The issues of Muslim countries are the same as other non muslim countries ,for example first and second world ware 500 Million people killed but they were non muslim killed by non muslim ,These groups used the common issues like injustice ,lack of education ,"bay Hayaee " etc as a slogan of islam and trying to get the power .

  • there is another view I find

    NO to Political Islam

    Political Islam is a movement that arose in the 1940s as a reaction to foreign domination and political corruption. Supported in the 1980s by western governments, it has grown in leaps and bounds since the Iranian revolution and the events following September 11th. But Political Islam is not the answer to either western arrogance or political corruption. It seeks to return Muslims to the dark ages, limiting educational opportunity, denying the right of women to participate fully as adults in the life of the community, denying equality to non-Muslims, and imposing its own brutal and outmoded interpretation of Sharia law on every aspect of public life.

    Among the hungry and destitute, Political Islam gained support with the promise of salvation for the dispossessed. But while drawing its strength from those who would fight oppression, it seeks to enslave all Muslims. It opposes progressive movements for liberty, freedom, justice and equality, and is opposed to cultural and intellectual progress. Throughout history Muslim reformers have opened up new vistas of intellectual and cultural achievement, tolerance and diversity. Political Islam on the contrary, seeks a narrow, petty, joyless, intolerant and closed society. It rejects all modernity, science and technology - except the technology of death.

    Political Islam is a reactionary movement that has no place in the modern world. Over the last two decades, millions have been, and continue to be, murdered - shot, decapitated, stoned to death, and publicly hanged – by Islamic regimes and movements in Iran, the Sudan, Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, and Central Asia, while millions more have been forced into exile. The Islamists equate even well-founded dissent with blasphemy. Thousands of Muslim opponents have been killed and millions silenced through fear. Our silence is taken as support for the Islamist agenda. But the vast majority of the world's Muslims reject Political Islam. The time has come for our voices to be heard.

    The way to restore our pride is to move forward not backwards. We oppose Political Islam and its agenda of hatred and oppression, and its illegitimate pursuit of the most barbaric interpretation of Sharia law. We seek a future in which all people, men and women, Muslims and non-Muslims, can enjoy the benefits of equality, democracy, human rights, freedom of inquiry, freedom of thought, and freedom of expression.

  • in hadees the imam means your qalb, and khalifa means spiritual guides not monarchs....


  • islam has a very simple concept of politics.

    not like what we are experiencing these days.

  • first, please define what is politics in your view ???

    politics in itself is a positive term or negative term???

    if, it is a positive term then why you ban it in islam???

    if, it is a negative term then why you allow it for others??

    if, politics is a negative concept, then it should be banned for all,

    if, politics is a positive concept, then it should be allowed for all.

    if, you mean terrorist mqm's politics is a true politics, then you have so many questions before you.

    so, please first define, what is politics in your opinion.

  • my dear brothers and sisters would u like to put some light on the actions of Prophet(saw) in Madina when they appoint Qazi,Wali etc.

    and even do we know the meaning of politics?

  • politics is looking after the affairs of the people

    Muslims believe it should be according to islam and non muslum believe it should be according to their believes.

    Prophet(saw) is a role model for all and also for muslim politicions.

  • Politics is taking care of the affairs of a nation (ummah), internally and externally. This is conducted by the state and the ummah. The state conducts that practically; whilst the ummah takes the state to task over that.

    Taking care of the affairs of the ummah, internally and externally, by the state is discharged through the implementation of the ideology internally; and this represents the domestic policy.

    As regards taking care of the affairs of the ummah externally, by the state, it consists of her relations with other states, peoples and nations, and propagating the ideology to the world; and this represents the foreign policy.

    Since the Islamic ummah is entrusted with carrying the Islamic da’wa to the whole mankind, it is thus indispensable for Muslims to stay in contact with the world, where they comprehend its circumstances, understand its problems, be aware of the motives of its states and nations, pursue the political actions that take place in the world. In this context, they have to pay attention to the political plans of the states in terms of the styles they use for the execution of such plans, the relations between these states, and the political manoeuvres they use.

    Therefore, it is indispensable for Muslims to understand the reality of the situation in the Islamic world in the light of understanding the global international stance. This is vital for them so that they can find out the style of work they use to establish their state, and to convey their da’wa to the world.

    As regards the thought upon which the policy of a state is established, it is the thought on whose basis the state builds its relation with other nations and peoples. The thoughts of the states that do not adopt an ideology, are different and dissimilar; besides such thoughts are open to change. The policies of such states would be studied through the study of their political plans and styles; where the study of the political thought is irrelevant.

  • As regards the states that adopt and ideology, their thought is constant without a change. This thought would be the propagation of the ideology, which it adopts, to the world via a constant method that does not change, regardless of the change of styles; so the study of the political thought applies to such states.

    Accordingly, the present states in the world have to be viewed based on the assumption that each one of them has a basic thought for drawing its relation with other nations and peoples; whether this thought was constant or not. It also has a specific method for executing this thought, whether such method was constant or not. In the light of its thought and method, it draws the plans, and follows the styles that help it to realize its objective. However, the present states in the world today give free rein to themselves in terms of the styles. So, they would follow a style that realizes the objective, even if it violates the method; and thus they follow the rule that says: “The end justifies the means”.

    As regards the capitalist camp, the thought upon which its policy is built is the propagation of capitalism, which is separation of religion from life affairs, worldwide. Though there are numerous and different states that adopt capitalism, all of them work to propagate their capitalist intellectual leadership in the world, and to make their viewpoint about live dominate over the world.

    As regarding the method, which the capitalist camp follows for executing its thought, it is colonialism; i.e. imposing the political, military, cultural and economic authority over the conquered peoples for the sake of their exploitation. This method of colonialism is constant, and does not change regardless of the change of governments and their laws. Colonialism is not as Lenin described, where he said: ‘It is the last stage of capitalism’. Rather, colonialism is part of the viewpoint of capitalism; and it is the method by which capitalism is propagated to the nations and peoples. Therefore, the foreign policy of the capitalist camp is constant, in terms of its thought and its method; and it does not change following the change and competition of states. Thus, Britain is like America, France, Italy and any other capitalist state; where its policy is based on propagating its ideology and its viewpoint about life, through colonizing the nations and peoples.


  • thanks Revivalist.

    Jazakallah khair

  • Better to keep the religion out of politics with some of the following half-truths:

    • "Politics is dirty.”

    • “Prophets didn’t get mixed up in politics.”

    • “There’s a separation between church and state.”

    • “Our citizenship is in heaven.”

    • “We’re not supposed to judge.”

    • “You can’t impose your morality on other people.”

  • @javedsheikh we r discussing the affaires of the muslims and we all know very well that prophat(saw) life is alos role model for the politicians.

    in hussainmehdi's words

    if, it is a negative term then why you allow it for others??

    if, politics is a negative concept, then it should be banned for all,

    if, politics is a positive concept, then it should be allowed for all.