Kashif Abbasi replaced by ARY

  • Kashif Abbasi has been replaced by a domesticated animal from the farm of ARY. Check out the show on the main page.


  • lolz @ domesticated animal

  • From the farm of ary..lol Mulla u r really intellectual …. ary farm is self sufficient in these products .. Look Faeza, Asma, PJ Mir, Dr Danish, Javed Malik

    but its not fault of Nasarilla Malik.. He is doing his duty as per management order. (naukari hay yar) now program has been become really off the record .. It will not register or record in audience’ minds.  The only one thing is off the record that Kashif abbasi is no more with ary?

    Nasarulla Malik ! My sympathy with u sir… u r in a difficult situation..

    Kashif abbasi.. bhai ab koi faisla karlo, kab tak sochte raho gay? …….. Allama Iqbal ko parhna shoro kar do jo kehtey hen k

    “Sitaro se agay jahan aur bhi hen”

    “ tu shaheen hay parwaz hay kam tera

    Tere samney aasman aur bhi hen “

    kab tak ghar par sotey raho gay

    ghar beteh beteh aur motey hojao gay

    akhri sher Allam Iqbal ka nahi hey.. Mind it…

  • Nasurullah Malik is a useless DUMBO.

    ARY should realize that what they are doing with themselves?

    by spoiling thier most revenue generating show ?

    there is a difference between a reporter and an anchor.

    Nasurrallah maybe a good reporter and a journalist but cant be a good host anyway.

  • @beenai

    Unfortunately aryoneworld top management is not professional and dose not belongs to media group. They r Gold Seller or keepers … ary owners have partnership with Mr zardari.. Remember arygold case.. That has been cleared due to NRO. So this type of management can’t understand and evaluate the real value of a journalist like Kashif Abbasi.. Who is definitely a jewel but gold smugglers can not find his worth. I guess that we will see soon this jewel in any other crown where he will be really valued and care of it.

  • ARY farm jo hai woh memon jewish converts into islam ka farm hai or yeh loog kalay ko gora karnay walay loog hain or advertising ka topic dhoondh kar inhoon nein shahid masood ko mehdi ke khanday(shoulder) per bhita kar awam mein nazil kiya,

    phir aik pindi ki badnaam e zamana bipolar actress jis ka pehla shohar drug mafia ka banda tha ko inhoon ne awam mein introduce karwaya...NK show jo ab hosting ke doran bachay paida karti hai....aik hi kisim ki chichori bakwas....

    phir inhi jewish ne kafi sara pesa diya muchal zardari ko jis ne in ke cases khatam kiye or gawadar mein in ko aik anonyomous ship birth di hai, jis par nabeel gabool ne kafi shoor kiya tha ...

    ab yeh ex tutor kashif abbasi jo sahafat se pehle tution parha kar guzara karta tha ko sachai ka alambardar banaya or during lal masjid encounter is ko kafi agay laya gaya or ab jab kashif abbasi ko ghalat fehmi ho gayi keh woh wakatan aik news anchor hai or governors ki bhi le sakta hai, to us ko ab bahoo ki tarah naraz kar ke kisi meekay mein behja how hai or aqal thikanay anay ka intizaar kartay hain...

    sab channels par aik aik badmash type anchor ka kabza hai, koi bhi kashif abbasi ko bardasht naheen karay ga...kashif ab aik force ban gaya hai , geo par hamid meer or bagar billa ppp agent or nakam doctor shahid masood , aaj tv par mustaq or nusrat plus pappo talat jan, peechay reh kiya gaya...duniya tv or express par already magarmach type slumdogs baithay hain..

    Kashif aik talented admi hai and I respect him for his feelings for his country....


  • @Mulla,

    it makes no difference at all that what Kashif use to do before coming to the field or in the lime light?

    difference is that he came into the lime light due to his straightforwardness and truthfulness.

    thats why ppl love him and like him ....

    unfortunately the same thing take him backwords .

    ppl are trying to push him towards the wall.

    but they cant do it ...

    these are the ppl of Paksitan .

    dictator use to say i wont let BB and Sharif to come back...

    but due to pressure we make him to call both of them back.

    now ppl of Paksitan wants thier favorite anchor back .

    and we make him back ....inshallah

    any doubts?

  • i am all with you!

    no doubts!


  • @Mulla,

    u must know ARY ppl better than us ...

    they are HAJIS ....

    2 number hajis ...

  • i know them very well, they tried to rob me two years ago, they offered me a talk show but i realize they want to keep their agenda over mine!

    I wanted to expose corruption like ansar abbasi and they said no...



    u could be a replacement of Kashif ?

  • yes, i did some negotiations with them but no way anyone can replace kashif....noone...

    i was offered some local talk show in usa


  • Anchors are Hero if they criticize every thing of the Government and treat Ministers as Mujrim in their shows ,In Pakistani Media Achors are playing a Opposition role, those who try to be balanced cannot sell their show .The more critics against the government the more famous they will be ,Issues are being settled in the shows rather then in the Parliament.

    I think there should be some difference between anchors and the leaders .staying in opposition is the best practice to be famous .In Pakistani Media Officials are more criticize then the Terrorist and their supporters .