Treating Jews/Israelis as being beyond reproach


    Comment by S.R.H. Hashmi

    The writer concludes his article, claiming authoritatively "Wisdom teaches that when a country allows its Jews to be victims the very core of its political and social stability gets shaken".

    Is he trying to say that the political and social stability of a country gets shaken only when Jews are allowed to be victims? Now, is the phenomenon really Jews-specific and does not apply to other groups of people who are simply expendable and of no consequence whatsoever?

    And does he really believe that fanatic Jews of Israel can keep subjecting Palestinians to utmost barbarity and yet the political and social fabric of Israel will remain intact. I did relate barbarity with fanatic Israeli Jews to distinguish them from other kind, decent Israeli Jews who stand up for the rights of Palestinians and protest against the atrocities of their state. Unfortunately, being a small minority, they lack power to change the way things are done in Israel.

    I think France has been most helpful to Israel, and this was the country that helped make Israel a nuclear power by supplying it a nuclear reactor. Moreover, France joined Britain and Israel in invading Egypt at the time of Suez crisis. In fact, France has done all that it could do for Jews and Israel. However, even France has to draw a line somewhere, and it can't keep supporting Israel while it contemptuously contravenes all international laws, humanitarian conventions and violates even the United Nations resolutions.

    All right, like all people, Jews also deserve a country and they got one. However, with total world population of Jews being under twenty million, and with less than a third of that being in Israel, just how much land they need? I think there is more than enough land in Israel proper to house them all, more so when in some recent years, the number of Israelis leaving the country to settle in the advanced western countries has exceeded those coming in to settle in Israel, which trend is likely to continue.

    And don't the Palestinians also deserve a state of their own on the land that lawfully belongs and belonged to them, and on which they have lived for generations. This is in contrast to large number of Israelis who have had no physical connection with the Palestine for centuries.

    So, if French government advocates the Palestinians' case for a viable state with East Jerusalem as its capital, why are the Israelis so incensed?

    As for Muslim fundamentalism and terrorism, I would say no decent person favours or supports it. But do you remember how brutally the colonial French government tried to suppress the freedom movement in Algeria. And the ordinary French citizens did not even know what their soldiers were doing in Algeria. And it was only when the Algerians started bombing campaigns in France that the French people woke up and learning facts, paved the way for freedom of Algeria.

    And there were attacks by Muslim terrorists in other countries as well.

    Remember, in the last couple of decades, the US and its allies devastated Iraq, Libya and Syria. And French jets were the first to launch attacks on Libya. So, if the US, Britain, France and other countries launched unjust attacks on Muslim countries, removing the strong rulers who habitually nipped the divisive elements in the bud, the monsters like ISIS were bound to rise. And do you not think that some of these people will also launch terrorist attacks in the countries the forces of which devastated their countries for no good reason. Like if you put your neighbour's house on fire, the ensuing flames are bound to scorch you as well.

    I would like to state here that I am not justifying the launching of terrorists attacks in Europe and elsewhere by some Muslims, but merely stating the cause-and-effect relationship. I may add here that in Islam, someone who killed even one innocent person - irrespective of religion - is regarded as having killed the entire humanity. However, it is difficult to impress this fact on those who had their relatives killed, their homes destroyed and who were turned from fairly comfortable lot to the status of desolate refugees for no good reason because of unjust invasion by the US and its allies. And this applies to Palestinians as well.

    In view of the above, I would request the writer that instead of giving moral lessons to France and other countries, he should emphasize on Israeli rulers to abandon their insatiable greed for land and to agree to a just peace settlement with Palestinians, resulting in the establishment of a viable Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. This is what all the right thinking people and states want and it is the deliberate negation of this by the imprudent, over-confident Israeli rulers which is giving rise to resentment against them, which the writer wrongly describes as antisemitism.