Musharraf kidhar gaya ?

  • last time, when i heard, he was leaving for china,

    did he return or no do giyara ?


  • for nose surgery:)

  • Musharraf need a BRAIN and a HEART transplant .

    more than a Nose transplant.

    priorities ....u know .

  • but Mulla is always worried abt ppl' nose.. u know:)

    Personally I know that Musharraf does not care of his nose..Never

    us ne apni bhi naak katayee aur hamari bhi..

  • Musharraf loves to be NOSY about things.

  • beenai

    u r right

    he loves to be nosy and noisy too

  • haha!

    aristatuu....baaz ajao baaz hahaha...

    wese sachi muchi yeh hai kidhar ?

    mujhe lagta hai commando action kar gaye hai!


  • Musharraf has gone to his lavish farm house ..........

    waiting like a LION IN THE BUSH to catch a DEER KURSI .

  • ab is ki kismat mein aik hi "kursi" hai..."bijli wali kursi"

    us par is ko baithai ga koon, yeh alag masla


  • who will bell the cat???

    question of 1 million dollars .


    i nominate MULLA for this assignment.

    as Musharraf is the only liberal in Pakistan ,who loves MUllas.

    check previous records for ur reference.

  • my personal opinion is not to kill him or hang him. Mine is to give him over to the lal masjid people! they do the justice to him...


  • u are afraid of being so popular as a Mush killer?

    u cant handle the fame ?

  • yep, I am against fame for personal reasons!

    Mush should be handed over to lal masjid, or bugtis or wana ke pathan party...


  • or MQM ? should be handed over to karachities in the same course of action.

    we would like to make them hostages ...

    like they are making us for the past 20 years.

  • mqm ? nah!

    they will make him a hero!


  • No no ..

    i was not talking about handing Mush over to MQM.

    i was talking about handing MQM leaders over to karachities .

  • Rashid Qureshi Must know about him :) What a chamcha he is.

    btw you guys are looking musharaf in the same way as PTI members look for IK

  • imran idhar hi hai or sooch raha hai keh ab mein kiya karon!


  • yaar iss forum per IK kay baray main der der kay kehna perta hay ,MQM say taeluq ka fatwa lagjata hay .

    Waisay IK ko jamaat islami join ker laini chahiyeh

  • wese mein ne imran khan ke khilaf kafi batain ki hain , us ki national leadership ke hawalay se, magar mujhe kabhi kisi ne kuch naheen kaha...

    agar aap imran par scandal walay angle se baat karain gey to tab loog is ko connect kartay hain mqm wali startegy se, mujhe is ki scandals se koi khas taluq naheen hai, mein sirf shaq karta hoon kiun keh imran ko mein janta hoon on a personal level as a worker for him during hospital era....

    magar mqm ka hona koi gunah bhi naheen hai, mqm mein kafi saray loog majboor ho kar survival ke liye guzara kar rahay hain....

    mujhe shaq hai keh mqm ki leadership indian hai or is ne in sab ko yarghmal kiya howa hai!


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