Let the Animal Rule

  • Your planet, your Earth Mother,

    Nourishes and provides,

    Bleeds, weeps, sleeps to forget

    Her sorrow.

    Her sons and daughters

    Shatter in flesh sharpeners

    Under hail of bullets and bombs,

    Gifts of death

    Only George, Toni and Sharon

    Give for free.

    As long as they can take your life

    Death gift is on them.

    America, UK and Israel

    Don’t hide their motives:

    They invade;

    They kill;

    They destroy;

    They rob;

    They rape;

    Freedom fighters, terrorists,

    Call’em your favorite name.

    They retaliate and commit murder;

    Somehow, they believe,

    “An eye for an eye” applies here.

    Universal Laws

    Say otherwise.

    George, Toni and Sharon

    Don’t mind retaliation one bit.

    As long as killing is taking place;

    Execution performed by them or by others…

    The pleasure is the same for them.

    Freedom fighters are sacred soldiers

    Only if they fight invaders

    From inside their borders.

    Freedom fighters who became invaders

    Have crossed their sacred line

    And joined George, Toni and Sharon.

    What other choice Arabia has?

    Arab leaders and Arab generals

    Wear tight pants to entice pimps.

    Mecca, Jerusalem, Najaf, Karbala

    All up for grabs to the highest bidder.

    Arab leaders and Arab armies

    Raised the white flag

    And jumped into the laps of invaders.

    They get screwed;

    They ask for more!

    Look at what George, Toni and Sharon have done!

    They blew up homes.

    They buried Muslims in rubbles.

    They spat on their religion.

    They demolished their mosques.

    They pissed on their holy book.

    They raped the living and the dead.

    Don’t tell me you can’t stop

    George, Toni and Sharon!

    You hold the bulk of guilt.

    You are not the ones holding the gun;

    But you voted for the criminals.

    Does this not make you the godfather?

    Vote the bastards out before they do you in.

  • This post is deleted!