Cant we see what's happening!

  • its so systematic...

    why is our army letting us down...

  • it is the lot of politician, journalist and admirer of taliban who are more letting us down. remember it is an old saying that wars is fought by the whole nation, army is just on the front end. so when ppl like fazlu, qazi, JI, IK and blah blah are saying fauj wahan se nikal jaye and journalist like Irfan sidiqui, Hamir mir and ansar abbasi are saying army killing own person, how come you expect army to fight there.

    there should be a clear defination of our enemies and whole nation should get united against them.

  • THIS IS NOT TRUE...they are justfying their future invasion but unfortunately we are falling in this trap by considering it real just like that swat video ..


    dONT believe these western lies

    to attack any country you need justification by accepting their propaganda you helping them not pakistan

  • First you guys need to answer one question? Forget USA or UK and tell me, why did govt of pakistan waged a war in wazeeristan few years ago (while there was no condemnation except by Ik,Mahmood khan Achukzai and JI)

    Why do we have to be the front line state against the so called war on terror? Have Talibaan ever attacked any country outside afghanistan? Pakistani govt on the instructions of USA is busy killing its own civilians for last few years, so I am now not surprised that these people have now waged war against the state! If u kill my brother, my son or my daughter as a collateral damage, I swear on almighty that I will do the same!

    We have messed up the situation BIG time and regardless of the fact that none of us wants these talibaan's shariah, we may have to back off at this stage. I would again stress that if you want to get rid of Talibaan then we need to have a plan which I pointed in one of my other posting earlier "history of talibaan and how to defeat/get rid of them)

    Things are getting worst very swiftly in pakistan and our leaders are still busy looking after their own assetts.

    Ther way nawaz has jumped in zardari's lap is a direct slap on every nawaz's supporter! Nawaz was a traitor and will be a traitor. He can not think beyond govt of punjab and very soon he will be the leader of raiwind only.

  • This will continue until USA take GWADAR port

    they need sea port for secure supply route for NATO

    with out this can't defeat taliban.They also want to capture NWFP to get control of tribal areas so they can hunt alqaeda freely recall what obama said in his speeches

    we will finish alqaeda how can usa FINISH ALQAEDA with out destroying their bases in FATA even a 12 year old kid can think what comes next for pakistan in future

    aNSWER OF ALL USA worries is disintegration of pakistan why you people don't take those words of US official seriuosly


  • nobody can see anything.

    everybody seems like lost his Beenai in the era of Zardari.

  • by closing your eyes like a piegon or dig yoour head like ostrich not going to protect you from upcoming dangers...

    Lets remain united and FACE THE MUSIC.. i have firm believe this country was a gift from ALLAH to the muslim of sub continent

    nobody will ever be able to harm this sacred land called pakistan..

    we always saved ourselves from traps,challenges and dangers in past. we will bypass them again ..ALLAH MALIK HAI..

  • i hate how some of us are stuck in the past and keep dhandola-peetofying about our actions in the past. this whole "we are reaping what we sow..." attitude is what's brought us to our knees to a non-state actor in NWFP.

    ok. granted, the taliban are essentially a CIA creation. granted, they had never harmed pakistan prior to our undertaking after 9/11. granted, it was wrong to go into Waziristan.

    But we are where we are. we have to fix this problem today, because as much as some of us may want to - we cannot go in the past to undo what's happened.

    The cards we've been dealt are pretty damn ugly.

    our only concern should be: what is the best solution, today.

  • ijay,

    "by closing your eyes like a piegon or dig yoour head like ostrich not going to protect you from upcoming dangers..."

    your eyes are as sealed as you seem to suggest ours are.

    a full blown enemy has surfaced and is holding arms against the nation's foot soldiers and you suggest we should "FACE THE MUSIC".

    "Allah Malik Hai".

    Buddy, nobody denies that. But, you have to get up and take action.

  • two years ago every one was denying that taliban exists in fata

    one year ago no one was believing that there are in sawat

    one year ago evey one was saying that it was propaganda .

    now they have shown their power in sawat ,pashawer,bunair etc .I do not know what is wrong to accept the reality

  • I think chines will come for clean sweep at the end

  • waqartaurus,

    i agree. too much noise is made about fighting our own people. things have gotten too far out of hand to have a lax attitude now.

    like i said, we shouldnt have involved ourselves in the first place. now that we have, we cant let things be.

    You cant light a fire, and then slowly walk away from it.

    The fire's bloody raging - and someone must put it out. and i pray and hope it's going to be the Pakistani Army.

  • give people of bonair 72 hours to leave after this carpet bomb it set one example like saddam did for kurds in halabja

  • This post is deleted!

  • For Fata

    Qazi,IK Hameed gu and other looser used to say

    -Army should not go to those area

    Arabs are the guest there

    there is no taliban in FATA

    Boarder should no be sealed

    No killings of Militant

    No drones attacks

    Then These Taliban are getting strong day by day ,doing suicide bombing ,killing people ,progressing towards settled area for their cause .

    Governemnt baichari karay tou kia karay ,IF taliban will capture pakistan ,IK will move to UK ,Qazi Iran bhag jayeh ga ,Mullah sab chup jain gay ,aur USA opper say sab ko maray ga ,baicharay pakistan awam phansain gay

  • @ netengr

    bhai mairay we have more than 6 lakh army ... but for what ... is this so simple for talibans to takeover ...

    you have a very limited scope of looking at matters like this ...

  • 6 Lakh army sawat ko control ker saki ?? ...

  • 90000 pakistan army 1971.

    Tumhey yaad hoe kay na yaad hoe magar bangalioun ko yaad hey zara zara

  • @netengr

    i told u already that u have limited scope... if Afganistan can win a war against Russia then these al quaida and taliban are too much for our army ... if you know how afghanistan fight against Russia then u can also understand that how Taliban are fighting in Pakistan ...

    We are traped in a very big game ... the main game is between USA , Russia and China .... but subject matter is oil, gas and other resources which are hidden in Afghanistan , balochistan and Fata....

    Brother its a big game and it involves so much paisa ...

    Our problem is that its our history to do GHADARI with our own peole just for paisa ...

    Its not war of Islam and others ... its just a justification....

    Whole of iraq was destroyed on blames and justification that it was wrong intelligence report... but still they are using resources of iraq...

    Mr. netengr i will start a new topic soon ... to discuss whats actually going on ...