Quality of a University

  • Today I see number of universities, but to be honest (no offences) they are not giving out a high quality product. What do they lack?

    Do they lack good course outlines, text books, balanced work load, faculty, exposure to real time market, industry relationship or exposure of personality & communications skills ??

    In my opinion course outlines & texts followed are the same everywhere. Putting more work load in form of more assignments and longer assignments and giving ZERO grade if a student is not present in the class does not contribute very high in order to give a high quality output.

    Most important thing is "Envokation of thought process" in a student. And also "Exposure in terms of communication skills".

    GOod universities, envoke a thought process in an average student. Their assignments are high quality assignments which makes it so interesting for a student to solve it or complete it. At the same time, they are injected with self confidence, when they are given an opportunity to speak and convince people in public.

    I understand many universities are adopting these methodologies, but still, we are lacking lot of quality.

    Any thoughts people !!!

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