I Have Talked to Kashif Abbasi

  • so friendz atlast I caught Kashif Abbasi and he told me that "Inshallah we'll soon see him on ARY" i'm quoting him he also said that every thing will be alright soon. so friends lets wait n see when he'll b back on track


    -Fan Of Talat Sahab

  • yea everyone has price tag...

  • no ARY realizes his worth

  • haji abdulrazaq is best friend of asif zardari

    ary is now ptv-sister channel all PPP functions

    were only covered by ARY one. KASHIF CAREER finished

    in ary and EVen if he returns he would come with limited

    freedom of speech

  • pathatic analysis Ijay:

    If he has to agree on limited freedom of speech then why he was off from off the record.

  • @misalligned ,

    i agree with u.

    if Kashif has to give it up on their terms.

    he would have done it long ago .

    wont waste that much time of his and his channel.

  • @Fan of talat ,

    thanks for the info .

    it seems that u r a fan of Kashif too.

    or u r thinking of changing ur ID ?LOl

  • Fan of Talat sahib

    I hoped that u will bring something new but this is hopeless …that u r telling same what everyone on this board knows that things will be alright and he will come back very soon but nobody shedding the light on the term of” soon” weeks, month or year how much long will this soon? Anyways, thanks for sharing.. This must be appreciated.

    r u thinking over beenai’s suggestion abt ur Id :) but I don’t think u has to be needed of this … becoz Kashif Abbasi is himself a big fan of Talat Sahib :)

    larki ab idhar udhar call karna chor do aur studies par tawaja do…. kashif abbasi ko bhi araam karne do.keo us ko vactions par disturb karti ho, sone do us ko :)

  • who knows...he is on vacations OR on a Protest?

  • in both situation, he can rest and enjoy his life…. with a long and calm sleep:) why not?

    ghar ka kuch kaam he kane do us ko…… aakhir wardrobe bhi tu saaf karna hota hay na je? phir chatting, dosti yari, dinner, lunch, movie, music, outing, and off course dating, I mean a lot moj masti which he can do or I think he is doing :)