The enemies of pakistan have started their bloody GREAT GAME in Baluchistan.When government of pakistan was about to resume

    good relationship with Baluch Nationalist and we witnessed the release of UN official JOHN SOLECKI .Our enemies have destabilized peace by killing 3 top nationalist leaders who were involved in deal between pakistan and baluch nationalists.

    Those who were cautioning us that US DRONE ATTACK will target baluchstan to distabaliz this region just like NWFP

    didnt realize that Enemies also have PLAN B which is more

    safer than drone attacks Kill few nationalist and put this region on fire.

    The importance of baluchistan is GWADAR PORT we saw how quickly it was built by obedient servant of USA pervez musharraf .will gwadar be only seaport of land lock country AFGHANISTAN .

    In his last address to ARMED SERVICE COMMITTEE gENRAL DAVID MECKERNAN said the best alternative NATO supply would be gwadar port.This demand will answers so many questions of those who wants to know what is going on baluchistan. (NOTE:READ THE LAST POST)

    They put 3rd province of pakistan on fire i don't think so PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES will be able to handle 3 fires at one time.The only thing which can save us from certain destruction is our UNITY AS PAKISTANI.

    Our enemies has started their evil pakistan only ALLAH and people of pakistan can protect this homeland.

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