After socialism, capitalism, what else can come next?

  • Dear all,

    The current multi-dimensional crises facing the world and its modern ideologies have placed the western intelligentsia under great stress.

    The botheration is compounded by the fact that no other possibility seem to appear in the horizon. If something does not work, common sense would direct one to question and rectify the underlying assumptions. However unable or unwilling to come to terms with their fundamental error, they persevere looking for solutions underpinned by the flawed assumptions. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are either oblivious to the efficacy of the Islamic solution or intentionally undermine its potential.

    The very nature of the question implies that what comes next should certainly not be more of the same. When socialism failed, capitalism was able to take over, due to its presence in the international stage. We now face a unique situation in over a Millennium that an alternative system is not present to see-off its competitor's decline. Economists, commentators and politicians that discount the credible alternative of Islam’s economic system as mere rhetoric without a fuller and considered appreciation of the Islamic solutions are disingenuous about their desire to see a better and more prosperous world for all its citizens. Nevertheless, words are insufficient to impress the world.

    The arrival of the Islamic economic system will not materialise except through the re-establishment of the Khilafah state, of which it is an integral part. The main obstacles in the Islamic economic system winning favour with the world is the radical shift that entails the manifestation of Islamic economics and the absence of a current system to convincingly present it. This uphill task therefore lies with intellectuals and the implementers, who are invited to scrutnise the merits of the Islamic economic system, its successful history of implementation and recognise the comprehensiveness of the overhaul that is required to contemplate 'what comes next'.