I Wish Pakistan Goes Under Sharia Law?

  • This is the last alternative and final solution.

    I wish the Jennie of Sharia comes out of the bottle and captures the sovereignty of Pakistan.

    Let the champions of Islam and the members of their household 'enjoy' the blessings of Sharia System.

    I am sure the system will be exposed within one year or less.

    Very soon their will be a chorus of Baan Baan in every city, town, village, market and street.

    The hospitals and the Educational Institutions will turn into Mental Asylums.

    You will see a revolt in Maulvi's house just within six months. His daughter or son would throw the Lota at his face to express the resentment and frustration.

    I wish this prescription is tried to settle the validity of the illusion of this TANTA for ever.

  • If one morning president announces it will bound to fail even whtever system you bring in will fail.

    For your satisfaction to settle the validity of the illusion, you would better know about RIBA issue and practical implications e.g foreign debts, banking system etc.

    Decision which has been delayed for 62 yrs will certainly have its implications, however we cant deny it is the best system and only solution for the integrity of our nation (Muslim nation not baloch, ponzabi etc)

  • @kaka

    Since when Islam or Muslims became a "nation" from being a universal "Religion"?? Last time I checked it was Elijah Muhammad in USA who created his own Islam and called it "Nation of Islam".

    Islam is an Idealogy. It is not a piece of territory, language or culture. Even if you are an Alien from Mars or seventh aasman you can be muslim and follow Islam.

    Why do we even need to create new confusions in crystal clear matters when already we are directionless and common sense!??

  • crap topic

  • We are not ready to have sharia system until we get rid of MOLVI from our islamic education system.

  • Hi there

    It's always why Islam is distorted by showing flogging an accused women. There could be some procedural disagreement for accomplishment of punishment according to Islamic law.

    The Media always closes their eyes when the same happens to any where in the Western Modern World.

    Below is the clip which displays that Ohio Policemen were hand coughing and undress a woman.

    I hope that those police man were also the Taliban.

    They just dressed like Police officers with clean shaved faces.



  • @Pardesi

    Unfortunately and amazingly such ppl actually exist who would try to justify these pathetic incidents and get apologetic about it and instead of plainly condemning it they will cook up numerous non relevant issues tht will divert the main issue just because it satisfies thr egoes to support Taliban or those inhumane bunch of policeman shown in above video!

    But you should not care much about them. Whereever you see any victim (be it women, poor, child or animal) you should support him/her and plainly and brutally condemn the opporessor whoever it may be...be it Talibans, JI, MQM, Superpowers etc.

    Don't let ourselves fight on these petty issues like whether the dr afia siddiqui got more publicity or that poor girl in Swat got more publicity while those women and many more like them were and are continuously being victimised, terrorised and opporessed. I hope u got my point.

  • Unfortunately the Muslim World has not contributed much positive to the humanity for the last 600 years or more.

    The knowledge of the Muslim Scholars ends after narrating the stories of the Pious Caliphs.

    Just count on the inventions and discoveries done by the Non-Muslims, in the fields of Science, Medicine, Literature, Art, Culture, Technology, Sports, Recreation.

    There could be 20% inhuman or criminal activities in the Western world which cannot eclipse the 80% constructive and reformative achievements.

  • @ above remarks

    agreed with you with a sad heart.

    muslims have forgot the first command of Allah to seek knowledge and read. Many considered to limit knowledge to Quran and Hadees only. whereas Quran and Hadees should be the essential part of education alongwith the education. secondly i dont know why maulvies considered the knowledge of science as maghrabi uluum. western knowledge. pathetic.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @js

    In a way you are right but tell me one thing? So what? If our past is not good then should we just give up hope? Our problem is and will be always the lack of education. Till we don't over come this, we will have zardari and nawaz and altaf as our leader. I know u are a devoted supporter and member of PPP and so was I! But when it comes to Pakistan and or Islam then there is no party or leader I won't dare to sacrifice.

    There is nothing wrong with implementation of shariah! We have seen the demise of socialism, capitalism and one world orderism so why can't we have something which is near to our hearts and our religion? But yes! I don't want talibaan's shariah either! I want a shariah where govt is the protector of the law and the people and crimes are punished according to islamic law and not by any Mulla on a chowk. I want nizam e adal where punjab has the same right as sindh or baluch. I want to see every killer hanged unless qasaas has been agreed by next of kin. I want to see every thief's hand chopped and every rapist sangsaar.

    I want a country wherer my sister or mother can go out at any time without any fear and where a woman is working in offices and in industry without any socio-sexual threats by any male.

    In erssence I want shariah implementation minus talib or mullah but an Islam implemented by educated muslims.

  • unfortunately ...

    here in Pakistan..

    or may i say ..in whole islamic world...

    there are too many interpretations and manifestations of Shariah.

    here they take RIBA ...the Interest ...

    and label the same with MUDARBA ...MUSHARKA...


  • js

    muslin invention you better read britanica or encylopedia

    your a teacher by profession..and you talked like this..

    man i feely pitty for your students..

  • @Ijay,

    u should not talk to a senior member like Javed Shiekh sahib like this ...No1.

    No2...nothing wrong as whats he is saying is really true.

    do u know who invented Algebra ?

    who was the one who has invented ZERO without that whole mathematics is ZERO?

    any idea?

  • I can only smile :)

  • al-Khwarizmi - algebra

    Maya-India - zero

  • @ My dear Khan Sahib,

    1. For the last two years as a member @ the Pkpolitics forum, I have been totally misunderstood by some of the respectable scholars.

    2. I along with my parents migrated to Pakistan from Jullundur at the age of 10.

    3. To the best of my sincerity, capacity as a member of a middle class family, I was brought up like a devoted Muslim young man who wished to see Pakistan a worth living place for the future generation.

    4. I dreamed that Pakistanis should be able to earn respectable and comfortable living in their own land without going to the Middle East, Europe or the U.S.

    5. As a political and social worker, as a teacher, as a writer, as a Radio/TV host, as a liberal, secular, democratic and creative human being, I am not ashamed of my input.

    6. There came a moment and chance to understand and perform the responsibility for my family and I had to leave Pakistan in 1989.

    7. In spite of being a non-practicing Muslim, I am not against any Religion or Faith.

    8. I endorse and support the vision of great legends such as Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Allama Iqbal, who wanted to make Islam practicable, attractive, respectable and commensurate to the requirements of the modern World through Ijtihad, Analytical Deduction and Consensus of Opinion.

    9. I get disturbed where someone intentionally or unintentionally is involved to make Islam look ugly.

    10. The resources and technology are there to put the final and unanimously approved version of Sharia Law at the Internet to remove and clear all sort of doubts and fears about Islamic Way of Life.

    11. One should be able to get a copy of the Sharia Law from a book store just like the documented text of the Constitution.

    Please let me know, where I am wrong?

  • @js

    You are not wrong js sahib,

    The only point I disagree where u start by slagging muslims or pakistanis first. We all know that we arer corrupt,liars and bunch of hypocrites. You can very well see the behaviour of people like ijay and HM who are actually a threat to pakistan islam and humankind in general. For people like them I suggest ayatullah khumeni figure. But anyway, what people like me wants from you is to stay positive and give us positive and b uilding advice. One bomb of america has killed more then since the last world war. (In one war) but I am not gonna sit and criticise the country which you think has an ideal system.

    Just be constructive and ignore these kids

  • we are threat or people like khansahib who prefer pukhtoonistan over pakistan... looking who is talking about pakistan.. :)

  • good point

    10. The resources and technology are there to put the final and unanimously approved version of Sharia Law at the Internet to remove and clear all sort of doubts and fears about Islamic Way of Life.

    11. One should be able to get a copy of the Sharia Law from a book store just like the documented text of the Constitution.

    Please let me know, where I am wrong?