Website to match pakistani students with mentors

  • I was reading the professions( thread and I got the idea that there is probably a need for a place where pakistani students can be matched with mentors(people from pakistan working in pak or abroad) who can guide these students about how to enter diverse careers. I think this can be really helpful for students wanting to get into lesser known fields and students trying to go abroad to study. let me know what you guys think, I can probably set up such a site but I am not sure if there is any really need for it or not

  • Very good idea!

    I can help/provide advice about medicine and seeking training abroad or even pakistani docs who wants to find out about appropriate short course. I can also get some of my family members to advice on flying(Pilot) and forces.

    Let me know when u do decide about this site.

  • Its a good idea and i am ready to contribute if could help.

  • very +ve, i can help in IT field, have teaching exp at college level

  • ok so I think I am going to start working on it. expakistani I am sure I can use the help, give me your email addess please.

    Letsdoit do you have any web dev exp? if not you can help brainstorm and come up with ideas and stuff

    what do you people think would be a better implementation of this, a website or a facebook app?

    request to admin: can you sticky this thread

  • its a really good idea .

    i can help you in with my limited knowledge in advertising .

  • codefreaq

    I have done some work in web development just for fun never did it seriously as i am not related directly with IT. So i could definitely help you with the ideas/stuff.

  • I would suggest a web site and then we can all use the link from our facebook profiles which will give the site a boost!

  • Any Progress?

  • @khan sahib,

    don't disturb codefreaq.........

    he is damn busy in developing that site.