Why media is dominated by Punjabi Anchors?

  • Starting from the great Talat hussain to Asma choudhry and mediocre PJ Mir, most media anchors belong to Punjab. No matter how hard they try it is not possible for them to genuinely feel for the prople of other provinces as they do for Punjab. Beside not all people can lift themselves from these prejudices and biases like Talat Hussain. As it is required in Supreme court that the judges must be equally appointed from all the provinces, IMO same should hold in the media otherwise I am afraid instead of becoming a uniting factor it will further fuel the grievences of smaller provinces against Punjab.

    As an example I'd like to write my observation in the recent crisis in Balochistan after brutal killing of three Baloch leaders. In almost every program including that of Live with Talat, the thrust of questioning was: "Since there is foreign hand involved in Balochistan that's why there is unrest and all separatist movements are installed by either India, Iran, CIA or Mosad. If that hand is removed thr will be all peace and harmoney in the province and the thr is no genuine problem in the Balochistan". During the discussions it becomes very hard for the anchors to digest when the feelings of ppl from smaller provinces for Punjab are surfaced. That's why probably they try to enforce this false argument tht thr r only few ppl in Balochistan who are on pay scale of foreign elements and only they want separation.

    On the contrary they also know, it is a fact that since the Balochistan is treated like a backyard and dumpster from the times of Quaid-e-Azam to Current government and despite being the energy province of the country it is kept in dark and gifted with 14 Army operations, people of Balochistan are saying "enough is enough to Pakistan". They are legitimately demanding Justice or Separation. If there was any Balochi anchor I'm sure this would have not happent and the air time could have been more effectively utilized to reach out the Baloch people and thr problems.

    But I hardly found any Baloch or Pathan anchor and very few Sindhi anchors. There are many Sindhi journalists working in BBC, DAWN and running more than dozen daily sindhi newspapers and 4 TV newschannels but they are not given chances to conduct thr programs on major media outlets. As far as Balochistan is concerned those poor ppl are facing discrimination of its worst kind. In balochistan province you will hardly find any Balochi in Police, FC, ARMY, Judiciary, Media, Beaurocracy etc.

    Nevertheless due to this same media at least people of Punjab have now developed some sympathies with the Baloch cause. Otherwise the Baloch ppl and thr leaders were always accused of being ghaddar adn kafir. I hope this discrimination ends at all levels. I'd suggest that media should bring people of Balochistan, Pakhtunkhuwah and Sindh also and try to create sense of equality and participation.

    For your reference I have made this list to prove my point that even media is dominated by Punjabi Anchors, please correct me if I am wrong at some places.

    Anchors from Punjab

    Live with Talat - Talat Hussain

    Capital talk - Hamid Mir

    Kal Tak - Javed chowdhry

    Naseem Zehra

    Off the record - Kashif Abasi

    Asma Chaudhry

    Nadeem Malik

    Najam Sethi

    Qatrina Hussain

    Dr. Moiz Pirzada

    Choraha - Hassan Nisar

    Two guys of Left right

    One to one from Dunya TV

    50 minutes guy

    Bolta Pakistan - Nusrat Javed

    Bolta Pakistan - Mushtaq Minhas - Kashmiri but born and bread in Punjab

    AAAS - Naeem Bukhari

    Jawabdeyh - Iftikhar Ahmed

    Mujeeb-ur-rehman Shami

    PJ Mir

    Abbas Athar

    Anchors from Sindh

    Meray Mutabig - Dr Shahid Masood

    AKKS - Kamran Khan

  • you forgot one

    Mulla Radio - NWFP

  • @Fahim,

    its true that we have most of the anchors from Punjab only but i dont agree with the thought that it is creating a sense of disintegration and ppl of Balochistan are feeling aloof.

    matter of the fact is that ...

    coz we have majority of Punjabis with good qualifications as compare to sindhis,balochis and pathans ....so we can see them not only in media but every field ,whether its bureaucracy, Armed forces ,info tech,teaching ,engineering ,medicine ,pharmacy or journalism.

    same case is with media .

    we have educated and qualified journalists in punjab as compare to sindh ,Baluchistan or NWFP.

    so obviously they get more chances then any other province to get jobs in their respective fields.

    2.i also disagree with the thought that the anchors are trying to enforce Punjab view point in Baluchistan situation.some times a natural tilt towards punjab view point can not be ruled out but in general they are trying to present Baluchistan view point with their own representatives in every show.

    whether its Talat or Hamid Mir or anyone else .

    they always call into the studio or make a call to a Baloch representative to get the view point .........

    3. as long as separatist movement is concerned.

    i do believe that this is just a propaganda .

    and ppl of Balochistan has seen bangladesh scene .

    they wont let foreigners to make them fool like they did in 1971 with East Pakistanis.

    4. i am not a punajbi but i strongly believe that Baluchistan problem has been aggravated by design and a foreign hand can not be ruled out in this situation.

  • Punjab holds the 65% (if I am not wrong) population of Pakistan.

    Not only in media, Punjab dominates in so many other walks of life such as Sports, Literature, Health, Music, Poetry, Drama and many others according to the proportion of its population potentials.

    This should be taken as a positive factor.

    Even in the US, India, Canada and some other big Federations there are certain regions which dominate in certain fields.

  • @Shiekh sahib,

    thats what i was trying to say in my post to Fahim...

    otherwise .

    i dont believe in segmentation of ppl in terms of province ,language and cast ..........

    there is no such criteria ............

    being an Urdu speaking ..i should be a fan of MQM.

    but i hate it .

    due to its Ghunda policies ...............

    being an urdu speaking ...i should be fall in love with Mush ....but i cant see his face ...

    as a dictator he has been the worst thing ...happened to Pakistan ever.


    there is no criteria that if some one belongs to your community would be defiantly good for you and your country .

    so community or language is a useless meter to judge ppl.

    we should judge ppl with the gauge of what they are doing?

    and How they are doing???/

    as My Dear Quaid e Azam has said

    dont see who is saying ?

    see What is he saying?

  • I would have to say that this is the typical piplee mentality that sees Pakistan not as one country but as divided into distinct entities.

    Media is in private hands where merit reigns supreme. There can be no such quota system in media that equates horses and donkeys.

    It was the film industry of Lahore (punjab again) that made a sindhi speaking Mustafa Qureshi and hindko speakin Sultan Rahi top heroes of Punjabi films. Muhammad Ali from Hyderabad, Waheed Murad from karachi and Rangeela from FATA became biggest stars.

    So talent makes its way to the top, it does not need clutches of quota system.

    P.S: Supreme Court is not required to have same number of judges from each province.

    Mushtaq Minhas was born and bred in Azad Kashmir.

    And several names in your "Punjabi" list include those who live in geograhical boundaries of Punjab province or Islamabad but are not Punjabi speaking. So much for the domination of Punjabis.

    Interestingly, I spent many years in the heart of Punjab. Being a non-punjabi, there were many times when friends made fun of my "gulabi" punjabi and I in turn made fun of punjabi language and culture etc. But not once did I felt discriminated or detested. Sadly this is not the case with ethnic minorities in smaller provinces.

    Punjabis can be accused of many things but discrimination and ethnicism is not one of those things. This is why ethno-centric parties have never been able to gain any support in punjab.

  • @Adonis,

    i 200% agree with u ...

    i have many friends who are punjabi,living in karachi...

    they are very sincere and there sincerity is full of warmth.

    on contrary i have met some ppl from my own community ..urdu speaking ...who are very arrogant and proud of being urdu speaking for no reasons. they hate punjabis for no reason.

    i am not at all going to buy the argument that punjabi rules.

    i think they are most cultured ,most educated and most hard working and smart so they deserve to rule in every field.

    other communities ...cant beat them in competition with ENVY only.

    they have to get education and have to get work hard to get there .........

  • is kashif abbasi punjabi? his urdu accent doesnt seem punjabi

  • I disagree with u Beenai,

    The most educated, cultured people are urdu speaking (dare I say karachites among all cities)

    Just cuz I hate MQM, I can't have bias against them.

    Punjabis are good too but then so are other ethnic. Groups.. If you compare the big names (except media cuz this field just buzzed up in last few years) and if u compare the quality in all field , you will surprise to know that based on population ratio, other provinces have a better quality products as compared to punjab.

    I can support this by data but for that u have to wait till I return back to my base as my BB is not that fast here and the broad band ain't that broad as yet ;-)

  • @codefreaq

    Yes he's from Pindi/isb area. His mother has a thick accent, don't know how his accent is so clear. Maybe the influence of Islamabad.

    I never thought Dr. Pirzada was from Punjab. However you missed a couple in your list that hail from Karachi

    Faisal Qureshi - Host of Unkahi (samaa TV)

    Mujahid Barevli- Indus and CNBC TV anchor/journo

    Aamir Liquat - He entertains some political issues

    from religious angle.

    I don't think people of karachi take as much interest in Politics as other parts of the country. Maybe this is why there's a lack of anchorpersons in the mainstream media? Residents of Karachi can help me out with this. Although I firmly believe that talented people will make their way up the ranks and can't be neglected anymore. This is competition time so merit does matter.

  • @Khan sahib,

    i am an urdu speaking ..i know for a fact that we are concedered educated community but i have met the most PARHA LIKHA JAHILS in my own community ...unfortunately.

    shake hands ...in the hate of MQM i am with u.

    if u can blow up 90 for us ...

    we all karacties would be really thankful to u ........

  • @Codefreaq,

    yah ..Kashif Abbasi is from punjab.

    but it doesn't make any of the difference in his popularity across the whole country.

    as contrary to what author of the post Fahim thinks.

  • Yes beenai,

    But parey likhey jahil are in every nation. Take maulana fazloo aur asfandyaar.. They arer quite educated too! This guy Shahi syed from ANP represents pakhtoons via ANP... All I can say is that he is a disgrace like asfandyaar..

    I would suggest to ignore 90 as now power store is in edgware, london! ;-)

  • There could be few reasons:

    1- The people of punjab are more vocal and they could think freely because most of them (living in big cities) are not dominated by wadeeras/maliks/khans or MQM

    2- The education facilities are better in Punjab but they are also very good in karachi and peshawar.

    3- The big media centers are based in punjab so naturally punjabis will come first

    But if the purpose of this post was to highlight that there is some restriction or resistance offered to people of other provinces then this is not very true. And if you hold this opinion then please justify with proofs.

  • This post is deleted!



  • The geographical status, climate, food and the norms of social living also contribute to make a certain region more fertile for certain productive activities.

    I leave it open for the respectable members and scholars @ the forum to analyze why certain regions of the World produced more Scientists, Inventors, scientists, philosophers, artists, poets, musicians, composers as compared to other regions?

    Just for an instance, why most of the famous wrestlers like Gama, Bholoo, Dara Singh, Kiker Singh, Goonga, Goga, Accha, Younas, emerged from Punjab?

    Why Bengal could not produce any Pahalwan of that calibre?

    Why Bollywood could not be established in Ludhiana?

    Why Bengal is known for music?

  • Religion and nationalism are exploitable and they are exploited throughout human history. In Europe and other western cultures humanity just recently has witnessed worst kind of racism against Jews and Blacks. In almost all Wars the most common factors amongst many are either Religion or Nationalism.

    One of the blessings of Islam IMO is that it purifies the nature of its followers from negative side effects of nationalism i.e., racism. However, how much Islam we practice and how much we exactly know about this religion is known to all of us. Therefore, the instincts like Greed, Self-righteous Superiority and Racism are bound to grow in our society.

    In the early 50's the people who migrated from India were most educated and so they dominated the civil bureaucracy and they actually started promoting favoritism and nepotism in Pakistan. With the passage of time Punjabis have replaced them.

    Ex-Pakistanis (known now as Bangalis) decided to live in an independant country because of this very discrimination and racism committed by the dominant groups of Pakistan. When 52% people were made equal to 48% and when men of west pakistan wanted to sleep with women of east pakistan to make thr looks better and when Army used to reject them after mocking due to thr small chests and height. This is known as Discrimination and Racism. But we have a habbit of living in denial and we very quickly jump to self satisfactory conclusions that "ohh bengalis were traitors they were hijacked by sheikh mujeeb-ur-rehman who was indian agent, otherwise they still want to join pakistan back. and look at them what they got after getting independance - loosers."

    The same is happening with Balochistan. Especially the people of Punjab are made to believe that "whatever is happening in Balochistan is because of RAW/CIA and yahood-o-nisara are involved thr, otherwise they are very happy with their pakistani brothers." I only get surprise when people call it a mere propaganda that thr are genuine separatist movements in Balochistan and Sindh.

    Thr are total 60 lac Baloch's in Pakistan and 1/3rd of that population are children. If 10 schools are established in Punjab and only 1 school is established in Balochistan, Baloch will be the most educated people of Pakistan. But what is their plight any fair minded people can feel their misery. And here some people will even go to the exteme extent and say that "oh ji thr sardars don't want them to be educated, yes we are in government and our responsibility to educate them is only in books, zameeni-haqaiq don't permit us" .

    Today in pakistan thr r many ppl who support PMLN, PPP. ANP or BNP just because they r punjabi, sindhi, pathan or baloch. not cus who is right n who is wrong. Anyone who accepts tht we r ethnically divided will have to accept accept tht dominant groups wil discriminate weak groups.

    @JS Sb

    Every nation in the world has the potential to produce Wrestlers, Scholars, Musicians, Artists and intellectuals. I'm sure you also know that Hitler had the same mentality that only Aryans are capable to rule the world. I don't agree with this argument. Just within few decades Arabs were transformed from most backward people to the most civilised and cultured people by education and training. If Balochis are given opportunities you will see them rising in the ranks in every walk of life. But unfortunately whoever is weak in Pakistan is being denied of its share by those who are strong. Central Punjab and Karachi is probably getting much more than its due share and at the cost of others.


    Yes because Capital is in Punjab and punjab holds more thn 50% of Pakistan's population and thr dominance is natural and I have no problem with it. And Punjabis like any nation are very much capable to excel in every field. But I cannot agree they are inherently more vocal or naturally any better, as some scholars are claiming, thn any other. But do you notice that there is no journalist at all from Balochistan, in 60 years not a single sportsman has come from Balochistan, and even for the posts of IG , CJ which require only individuals they have to rely mostly on Punjabis. Few groups are dominating every thing at the cost of others and Every pakistani knows that merit does not reigh supreme here!

    My purpose for this post was to highlight that if thr is no/or lack of presence of certain group in different walks of life like Sports, Music, Bureaucracy, Government, Army etc it generates sense of deprivation and alienation. If among 25 leading TV anchors if you find even one baloch it will help to generate sense of participation and increase our fragile unity. Right now ppl of smaller provinces have to Struggle to get thr rights.

  • Very well put fahim sahib!

  • Fahim, I agree with most of the points you're making but please don't simply rule out the foreign element in Balochistan.

    Watch today's episode of Live with Talat. If that doesn't shake you then I don't know what to say to you brother.

    I couldn't believe the audacity that Brahamdagh Bugti was talking with. After today I have no sympathy left for him.

    He must be picked up and thrown in Attock Jail.