Hindu extremists try to disrupt Indo-Pak journalists’ moot

  • Its Good enough to open our eyes.. Especially for those who are the biggest supporters of Pakistan India re-union and always protect this argue thru this bogus logic that we (both nations) have similarity in various ways of life and we had lived together in past since 1947. Some ppl so called intellectuals and liberals including journalists, NGO activists and Actors) says that our Father of the Nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah that he was an agent of British rulers and he had completed their plan/agenda thru demanding a separate land of country. Personally, I always thank to Allah Mian that he gave us an opportunity to born and live in an independent country. No doubt there are many problems and system is near to collapse but still I do believe firmly that this country is a God Gift for us and we should care of it and love it. (Love is the best care).


    Hindu extremists try to disrupt Indo-Pak journalists’ moot

    Thursday, April 16, 2009

    NEW DELHI: Activists of the Shri Ram Sena, a Hindu extremist group, tried to disrupt Pak-India journalists moot here on Wednesday.

    Organised by the Foundation for Professional Journalists, two groups of journalists from each country formed a panel for a discussion on “Is media jingoism fanning Indo-Pak tensions.” Journalists from Pakistan included Rahimullah Yusufzai, Saeed Minhas, Muniba Kamal and Beena Sarwar.

    A large number of journalists and academicians participated in the discussion. As Rahimullah Yusufzai was speaking on the subject, a group of Shri Ram Sena activists stood up and started raising slogans against Pakistan. The slogans included “Jang Karen Ge Pakistan Se.”

    The activists tried to rush towards Yusufzai but the organisers and participants pushed them out and locked the door. They continued raising slogans against Pakistan outside the hall. Later, a police contingent reached the spot to control the situation. Later, talking to APP Yusufzai described it an “unfortunate incident.” He said it was purely an academic discussion and had nothing to do with the politics between Pakistan and India.

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