Who is a better Administrator in Pakistan?

  • There are 3 choices

    1. Shahbaz Sharif

    Brings many years of experience from running industries that he inhertied from his father. He did an awesome job as a CM last time and proven himself to be a great administrator. He's my first choice. I dont think there's any match for him.

    2. Mustafa Kamal

    Still pretty young at job but has shown some excellent administrative skills. City of Karachi has seen enormous growth, infrastructure projects underway, water treatmenet plants, sewege/drainage systems etc. I was impressed to see bridges/underpassed everywhere in KHI during my last trip.

    3. Imran Khan

    Powerful personality and a great social worker. He's awesome at raising funds and is still in charge of Hospital management. He hasn't got a chance to show his real worth yet, but I'm sure he won't disappoint us.

    So, Shahbaz is my clear favorite. What say you?

  • definately Shahbaz Sharif....

    proof is that

    there was no election campaign ..zero preparation but ppl of punjab voted for him.

    when he was out thrown by 2 number judicery .

    whole punjab came on streets ...

    the common ppl as well as bureaucracy of punjab sided Shahbaz.

    Rs.2 Roti is not a joke..its a reality ........

    he is a good administrator ........

    as far as Imran is concerned ...he has to prove himslef yet as an administrator.

    last Mustafa Kamal ....

    he is not as hard working admin as he has been made off by the propaganda machinery of MQM .

    he is a stooge of US .

    so he needs to lick the boots of Richard Boucher ..every time he comes to Pakistan.

  • My choice is Mustafa Kamal, young energetic, hardworking and he even can talk with Americans in English....

    Y not shabaz Sharif..... well never know when he will leave country under deal....?

    Imran Khan.... always going to be hope for the next generation....how about A.Edhi sahib, he is running bigger social service network then IK ?

  • @Expakistani,

    for leaving the country with a deal...

    u must have remembered the day ...

    when one fine day ,ppl of Karachi wake up in the morning ,and they saw a picture in the paper front pages ,of their beloved Mazlomon ka Saathi saying good bye while reaching to the air craft.

    this man is the GURU of Mustafa Kamal.

    Mustafa Kamal is any way a US agent ...

    as long as his hard work is concerned.

    he is working ahrd for his propaganda machinery .

    so he has to fly back to his Aqqa ...

    once his given targets in karachi achieved .

  • Beenai Bibi... tum ko to amerika or mqm ka phobia hey,

    oh yeah i remember that day when altaf bhai was leaving karachi.... he said.... "main eik din laut ke aaon ga" and Farooq Sattar & CO told him " tum laut ke na ana pher kabhi"...

    Altaf never said if he gona be back in 5 yrs or 10 yrs.... there was no written deal between him and Asif Nawaz


    there was no Saudi charter jet for him, Jam Sadiq Ali was there to look after all arrangements.... kind of pay back !!

    Any how i have seen changes in Karachi, so i must appreciate the work of local Govts of Naimat Ullah Khan and Mustafa kamal.... u must be living in Bhans colony or machar colony jahan per abhi tak koi change nhi ayi...


  • @Expakistani,

    your dear leader is just as big a traitor as BB or Sharifs are .if they went away and left their followers in dark .

    so ur leader too..........

    he wont come back ...coz he is a traitor,kidnapper ,rapist and killer ....so is afraid of jail and hanging process which he eventually face ...as soon as he comes back.

    as long as development changes are concerned.

    there are digged roads all over the place .

    i am not living in Bhanse or Machar colony.

    but thanks to your City Govt...

    now every part of the karachi city no matter its Defence,Clifton,PECHS ,Gulshan or North Nazimabad...

    it has become a Bhanse or Machar colony.

    my salutes to Mustafa Kamal for turning the whole kaarchi into a machar colony.


    have u been an expakistani becoz of ur loving party? as thousand of young ppl have been ex Pakistanis due to belonging a terrorist party

  • If there is one principled and honest person in pakistan who you can trust with your tax money its Imran Khan.

  • @Codefreaq,

    yes i believe but i think we need to first do something to make all the other leaders to go away ,get killed or get jailed so Imran can win.....

    on a serious note

    we can definately try imran.

  • Absolutely pathetic.

    Read the title of the thread.

    It DOES NOT say who is the most honest person, who is the most sincere, who is the kindest, who is anti-American or pro-American, who is MQM OR PMLQ OR PMLN OR PPP, it does not say who is friends with Altaf and who is not. It says, simple, who is the best administrator. Who would you pick to best run your city or province. Who would you pick to be mayor or chief minister.

    I would have to go for Mustafa Kamal over Shahbaz Sharif (I am not a member or supporter or follower of MQM, or any party for that matter). Shahbaz has even been CM before, but, I dont think he has really developed Punjab all that much. I am certainly not aware of it if he has.

    Mustafa Kamal seems to be making a lot of progress in a short period of time (from 2006).

    Imran Khan would be a complete flop. He is sincere and honest, but, he so doesnt seem like a good manager/administrator.

  • well i would prefer Imran Khan over shahbaz sharif and Mustafa kamal because:

    I agree Mustafa Kamal did lot of work but the initiative of making roads was taken by Naimat Ullah Khan not him although he responded very well. Second he did all the development in the Musharraf time when he was getting lot of financial support but if you compare IK with him

    Ik never had this much Tax Money on his disposal but still on his own generated funds and he built with his self generated funds 800% longer roads in Mianwali than the roads built by Govt in that region. He has given a world class technical college to the people of mianwali from where he was elected. 2-Rs roti was his idea later cashed by Shahbaz Sharif because Shahbaz was having Tax Money and he was not having that but still he initiated.

    Working of Shaukat Khanam is another miracle. This man has done so many thing without having any Tax Money in his hands thats why i hope when he will be given financial support he will bring lot of changes.

  • @Secular ,

    i dont find anything wrong in the topic.

    being a good administrator means you are honest to your job and wanna do something honestly.

    anyways it seems like you havent been to Lahore for quite a while ....

    they say Old Lahore was built by ShahJahan

    New Lahore is built by Sharif brothers...

    it was their last tenure of CM ship in punjab.

    in this tenure the Rs.2 Roti is itself a karnama.

    plus Khuli Kacheri kind of things makes ppl think that a CM is working on a grass root level to actually solve their real problems rather than sitting in the air conditioned studios of a Tv Channel and making tall claims.

  • Topic noted but slightly disagree with the way we all have approached it!

    Imran should be the prime minister of pakistan as he will fail as a CM. We need IK to run the country plus deal with the rest of the world, foreign policies etc. He is a good captain not a good coach!

    Shahbaz shareef is no doubt a good administrator on a CM level. He will fail as a PM as he will get pressurised by americans and will bend down to please them but on other hand IK will not only face these bastards but will make sure that we live with pride and our head up!

    Mustafa Kamal is a young, energetic mayor (despite a member of MQM and being corrupt which I came to know from some sources who are actually running the show for MQM)

    But I think he has a potential to perform even better if he has shahbaz shareef as his CM and Ik as his PM.

    In the end, I want to see Abdul Qadeer Khan as the President of Pakistan.

    What do u think? Though we need 3 more CM's... I suggest Mr Hashmi of PMLN, Aytezaz Ahsin, Mr kurd, Mahmood khan Achakzai as candidates for CM (though I want to see all three of them in central govt too :-)

  • definitely shahbaz sharif

    imran khan....well he's not really impressed with his administration of his own party

    mustafa kamal....administration of terror?!

  • Just within short span of time and with the help of foundations provided by Naimatullah Khan, MK has progressed very rapidly and developed karachi of course with full blessings of Musharaf and now present government. Major drawback of Mustafa Kamal is that he is from MQM and he has let some dirty things happen to favour his masters! Otherwise he is far better administrator thn Shahbaz Shareef or IK IMO! I don't think IK is even a good politican he is way too emotional, immature and therefore exploitable. After seeing Ayub and Zia he couldn't understand that dictators are not to be trusted, he still thinks that fight against terrorism is not our War. Yea he seems honest, sincere etc but so is Edhi and Mother teressa.

  • Fahim23

    Mother teressa is dead! Edhi is only a social worker who also supports army/mussharaf!

    Imran is a better choice then retesting these old currupt and traitors! Have IK committed any corruption? Or has he used any law like NRO to save his skin? Or has he left this nation behind and absconded to another country. Let me tell u one more thing (which any overseas pakistani will agree) that criticising US and UK and favouring shariah etc and even then visiting these countries needs BALLS which none of your pakistan based leaders have! Take altaf for a min.. He will not utter a word or even fart against british govt.

    U may remember when he got rid of Dr aamir lyaqat hussain after he said that killing of salman rushdee is "Jaiz" and same about Qadyanees and on the other hand, Altaf did Fateh khwani for the qadyanee killed on the media. Now not sure if it was his belief or he is scared (which I think is the case) of british govt reaction which can result in the loss of his "Mazloomo kay khoon ko baha kay hassil keeya howa british passport"


  • @Khan_Sahib

    I am not aware IK is corrupt or not. While he used to play cricket he was accused of using drugs, mistreating javed miandad, known as arrogant and match fixing incidents occured under his captainship. On political side he has never been tested! His social work is certainly admirable and some of his personal qualities too are poignant and personally I think that he is much more honest and clean thn current lot of politicians. However, since last 13 years or so on political side he has disappointed me at least in showing some signs of good politicians. Making spontaneous decisions or differentiating the right and wrong dictated by the circumstances is not an issue. Every one can do it.

    1- IK took too long to recognize that "Dictators are never to be trusted". Despite our personal expereinces with Ayub, Yahya, Zia and dictators all over the world.

    2- Very first thing that he was supposed to do was to make a good team. But still after 13 years he is standing alone.

    3- He condemns MQM vehementaly while he sits shoulder to shoulder with Qazi hussain ahmed and JI. If there are two ghundas present in karachi one is MQM and other is JI. Visit any karachi university u will know that. Bhatta khori, killing, beating is also done by Jamiat! Well IK has personally been beaten by Jamaitis but he is silent about that. Beside he either don't know or don't want to know the role of Mullahs in Al-Shams, Al-Badar or Afghan war.

    4- He is brainwashed by Qazi and Hameed gul type and therefore fail to recognize that War against Terrorism is our own War to this day!

    5- In APDM he was condemning PPP for cutting deal with Dictator while in same APDM he was sitting with MMA who was actually running the government of NWFP and was in coalition with PMLQ in Balochistan. And we all saw the pathetic display of MMA in NWFP when in the last minute they broke their promises of resigning from assembly. He seems to be ok with all this.

    6- He stupidly boycotted the elections and is paying the price when according to his own claims he was very well prepared and everything.

    7- There was a time when daily on different newschannels he used to make promises with nation that I'll bring Altaf Hussain in the courts of Britain. I have enough evidence to deport him, my lawyers are working on that. And people like Naseerullah babur and many victims of MQM supported him but due to his open mouth and short belly he immaturily disclosed tht Naseerullah Babus is ready to be witness against him and he has provided some evidance. Well, the fact of the matter is ....IK is still not able to bring AH to justice even in UK!

    8- He had no idea whatsoever what was going on in the last long march. Or what's happening between PPP and PMLN in punjab. He himself admitted his naivity about these matters.

    9. He issues statements like national disobedience, re-elections in Balochistan, etc without realizing the consequences of his statements. Mostly out of his emotional nature.

    In his last 13 years of Politics I have never seen IK coming to Sindh, Balochistan or NWFP for engaging with masses and develop his team. He is probably expecting that people will come and make him PM! With only handful seats parties like JUI and MQM play very important and crucial role in pakistani politics and most of time it is negative. IK with his few seats could and can play same role and positively. But he thinks that he is better thn everyother politician and his arrogance probably want to see him being carrid by the people to the seat of PM or President!

    I wud be glad if i am wrong and contrary to my assessment IK is Smart and capable to lead this country out of disasters!

  • PS: We have no evidenace to support that IK is a good administrator or not. So I think he was misplaced on this post. You could have included Raisani, Jhirki Shah, or Amir haider Hoti. He is yet to be tested on such position. Is he a better politician thn SS, or MK! well it is debateable.

  • Fahim23

    Very good reply indeed! Let me try to answer some points and back up some points of yours where I agree with you.

    1.Yes, he did sit in Mussharaf's lap but then all of us did. Let's be honest, all pakistani nation has at some time in their life have supported Ayub,Yahya,Bhutto(civilian administrator)zia and mussharaf. If any one says that they have not supported these dictators at some stage are liars. Also out of present or past politicians (including Bhutto,BB) have sat or emerged from a dictator's book! I am not trying to clear him of this crime but observing our history, I must say that this can be ignored as long as he doesn't do it again.

    2. Yes! Agree! That after so many years he has failed to make a team. He still thinks that he is a celebrity cricketer. He has to come out of this aura! I actually tried to contact him but believe me that I can meet Gordon Brown but not him as he is surrounded by bunch of self centered, egoistic bastards and bitches! And people like them, are never important for an egostic person like me either!

    I know that some of us would have boosted his party as I have more experience then all of his tom dick and harry's but you can't make good political workers/leaders.. U have to earn that respect! So on this point, I agree with u.

    One more point, I am not sure if this is the case in pakistan, but PTI UK sends email for party membership asking for membership fund.though its common in west for party supporter and members to pay but in my opinion its unwise in pakistani political scenario.

    3. Case against altaf hussain was a big goof up! I tried to follow this case cuZ I have some hardcore ex MQM contacts who wanted to be witness against Altaf but when the british govt contacted pakistani govt to get clearance to investigate these allegations, the pak watan govt, stopped the process by not allowing the brits. He should have thought before boasting! That's his fault but not that big fault that we should now ignore him or put them with zArdaris and altaf or chuadhrys.

    4. Yes, qazi association was a bad decision and he should distance him (which he will now as qazi is history now)

    5.I disagree with u that war on terror is our war. Remember it started with 9/11 and it was Al Qaida who were involved not Taliban. Taliban only gave shelter to Osama! Even then, pakistan govt started operation in wazeeristan and baluchistan on american instructions. Killing your own people for over 3 years and none of political leaders raised their voice, except Imran (plz check archives) who did visited wana in waziristan and FATA (Mohmand and bajour agencies) while zardari,nawaz or none of other leaders visited those areas.

    6. He has been fooled by nawaz, fazlu,qazi several times and that irritates me too. He should not be a B party in any alliance. He should work on grass root and make his party strong enough to sustain on its own.

    7. Yes, he is not experienced but he has to learn very quickly as there is no time to waste and no margin for error any more.

    8.As regards to his decision of not taking part in elections when he could have won gud number if seats, I do respect him for that!

    Cmon, taking part in election held by a dictator and under fake judiciary??? Give the guy some credit which should be one if his positive selling points in future (though I whole heart idly accept that it did turn out to be a wrong decision)

    Hope you do understand my view point.

  • Beena,

    I go to Lahore frequently, and, I tell you, Im not that impressed. Lahore is full of shit everywhere.

    And, these Rs. 2 roti dramas and khuli kecheri are all bullshit.

    They dont mean anything, and, they dont do anything. Lahore has what like 10 million people? How many people is Shahbaz feeding with his Rs. 2 rotis and khuli kecheris? A few thousand? Tens of thousands at most?

    And, if Rs. 2 roti is being provided on a large scale, to millions, then it surely means that a large sum of money is being diverted from education, infrastructure and economic development to subsidising rotis. Which is a bigger bullshit. Teach a man how to fish, instead of giving him charity. Its better to develop Punjabs economy so that people can afford Rs. 10 roti, as they can in rich countries, instead of giving begger Punjabis the charity of Rs. 2 roti.

    If the great administrator keeps employing such policies and wasting public money on subsidising consumption instead of real work, soon enough Punjab will be just as poor as Balochistan and FATA.


    I wanna see some real work done instead of these stage dramas.