Indian Muslims shall be declared as citizens of Dar al Islam, by default.

  • Dear All

    I want to know the opinion of Pakistani polical analysts and Ex-Prez Mr.Parvez Musharraf. Can any one forward this to him?. Thanks.

    Just look at the pathetic situation of Indian Muslims. Anybody can say or do anything about them. Sachar committee, Haj subsidy, Minority commission, appeasement, vote banks, Paki agents, jihadis, terrorists, dole eaters, national burden, Babur ke aulad, hum paanch hamaare pachees, desh drohis, Babri masjid, Gujarat massacre, Batla house, bomb blasts, Mecca Masjid, Malegaon, Mumbai terror attacks and what NOT?. Anybody can insult our Prophet(PBUH) and our faith as and when they like.

    It's a crime to be born as a Muslim in India.

    The media, NSG, NSA, Police, PM and any tom, dick and harry can suspect us. Why?. Because, we are unofficially second class citizens. We are living in Hindustan - The land of Hindus. The magnanimity and mercy of Hindus has allowed us to stay back in our homeland after 1947 and grow from 10% to 20% of the population. If any terror attack happens, we have to immediately run out and condemn the terror attack and bark at Pakistan to preempt the suspicion on us.

    How long can we silently cry inside our hearts and keep our mouth shut?. How can we prove that we have got nothing to do with the bad guys who carryout terror attacks in the name of our faith?. We are guilty untill proven innocent. All Muslims are NOT terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims. We are getting totally pis**d off.

    This is the time, suddenly Mr.Varun Gandhi came and screamed "Muslims should get out of India". That was the last straw on the camel's back. For a moment i was taken aback but some where deep inside, my inner conscience said that this is what you have been asking for. I tried to listen again. Yes. It said clearly that "just get out of this madness. As a Muslim, you have no hopes and no future". Again and again. The message was clear. Just get out.

    Now, silently i asked myself. Why NOT?. But, does it solve the headache of India or Muslims?. Why me alone?. Why NOT 250 million Muslims?. Yes. I got the answer. This will solve the problem for everyone and bring peace.

    During this moment of inner struggle, i realised that this has happened to our Prophet(PBUH) also. He lost his homeland mecca and migrated (Hijrath) to medina. He had asked Muslims to live in Dar al Islam, in order to live peacefully and practice their faith without conflicts.

    Indian Muslims must appeal to the 55 OIC nations that they should be declared as citizens of Dar al Islam and shall be allowed to migrate, work and live peacefully.

    This is 100% Ahimsa, peace and Gandhi. Leave and let live.

    Thank you Mr.Varun Gandhi, once again. Peace be upon you and God bless you in your noble mission.

    What benefit OIC nations will get by absorbing 250 million Indian Muslims?. Why India should help Muslims to leave India. Read this blog.

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