Boycott these Traitors (Ghadar e Watan) Bloggers Long March!

  • Enough is Enough!

    We all know that we have the most corrupt leaders. These blogg sites on the net are filled with their black past and hatred expressed by our nation scholors.

    Let's unite together and atleast get rid of the big evils of our country first!

    Atleast at this forum, we should start a combine bloggers movement to identify,name and shame these corrupt politicians.

    In my view, we should start a blog movement against the fillowong:

    Asif Zardari

    Altaf hussain

    Maulana Fazal er Rehman

    Chaudry shujaat

    Chaudhry pervaiz elahi

    Salman Taseer

    Rehman Malik

    Asfansyaar wali

    ??????? Bugti (can't remember his first name)

    Hafeez peerzada

    Please feel free to dicuss these traitors and give your valuable feedback! In begining every effort looks minute and worthless but today blogging has become a powerful tool.

    So let's try our least and do something constructive for our nation.

  • @Khan sahib,

    a big LABBAK ...

    a big welcome from my side....

    i am all for getting rid of these 2 numbrees .

    lets find out the ways for it.

  • @ Khan Sahib,

    I agree people want change of faces too.

    These persons should voluntarily announce the retirement.

    They are not making any score to bring the team at the victory stand.

    Please also suggest for the replacement to fill the vacuum.

    What is the surety that the newcomers won't also look ugly after a couple of years?

    For the last 62 years, Pakistani Nation has not established, produced and acknowledged a single leader, with the exception of the Qauid-i-Azam, who commands a popular respect, credibility and honor as National leader.

  • @javedsheikh

    what is wrong with Imran khan?

  • @msohail83,

    JS has not critisised any leader but just described an overall picture so just chill.


    I wish these leaders had some pride or self respect but unfortunately none of them had these traits.

    As regards to replacement, at the moment, I will go for a lesser evil and my recommendation is entirely a personal view :

    1. Imran Khan

    2. Shahbaz Shareef

    3. Nawaz Shareef.

    With additional leaders like Mr Hashmi of PMLN

    I would like to see Abdul Qadeer khan as the President of Pakistan.

    As regards to comments on 62 years of failure to produce a credible leader, I agree with you with a heavy heart but we have to start from somewhere. No one is an angel here and as long as one is sincere to our nation and not have failed us before then he should get a chance and hence my first choice is Imran Khan . Others are more like a backup or let say, the lesser evils!

  • yea add shareefuddin pirzada as well

  • Sorry, I wrote hafeez peerzada in my original post.. Yes bilal, shareefudin haramzada as well

  • Khan_Sahib

    You are completely entitled to hold your personal choice of lesser eveils. But wud u plz care to elaborate ur criteria of "Lesser Evil"? I m asking this because u hav included Sharifs in your lesser evil list.

    Personally I have found NS amazing. Because every evil (evil by Pakistan standards) and wrong doing that is done by any ruler of Pakistan collectively, NS has done everything single handedly! And still he manages to be a hero! Few examples like:

    1. Supporter of Dictatorship: Staunch Supporter of Dictatorship even after his death. Chowdhy PI of 80s.

    2. Conspiring against Democracy - IJI: Where he actually sold himself to Hammed Gul.

    3. Corruption:

    a. Qarz utaro, mulk bachao scheme

    b. Yellow scheme

    c. Ittefaq Industrial empire

    d. He, his family and his friends like chowdhries has lended billions of Rupees from Pakistani bank and never returned them back.

    e. His empire was seen rapidly developing during 80's when he was finance minister and CM!

    f. His raiwand farms are much more expensive and luxurious thn surrey palace.

    g. Countless other examples which require separate thread.

    4. Criminal Record: There were criminal/corruption charges against him (Including murder of Ittefaq foundry workers) against him which were never proven in an independent court of law, so as criminal/corruption charges against Zardari and AH which were never proven in an independent court of law, what is the difference? The difference is that AZ has at least spent 11 and half years in prison while NS could hardly bear 2 years of jail.

    5. Assassination attempts: BB was attacked many times and many of her party workers got killed in those assassination attempts during elections campaign and she accused NS for those.

    6. Horse-Trading: I'm sure you know changa manga the epic incident of horse trading when whole assembly was purchased.

    7. Sacking of CJ and attack on Supreme court for which Musharaf paid heavy price.

    8. Sacking of COAS and attack on ARMY.

    9. Attack on Media: Jand, dawn and many other media outlets. Also considered pioneer of lifafa and brief case culture.

    10. Deal with Dictator: In 80s he made a dictator his Father and after 1999 he backstabbed his own party and escapped the country with all his family and khansamas.

    11. Backstabbing ARD: First betrayed Nawazada nasrullah when he left the country to KSA and thn formed APDM.

    12. Backstabbing APDM. He also betrayed his own created APDM and left PTI, MMA, nationalist parties.

    13. Broken Promises: Vowed never to talk MQM and we recetnly saw SS meeting with MQM governor and talking about forgeting past.

    14. Military operations: Extra-Judicial Killings in Punjab and in Karachi Operation during 90’s. Also military operation in Sindh during 80s and later in 90s.

    15. Governor Raj in Sindh: In 90s same Nawaz shirf put 11 MONTH month Govt raj in Sindh.

    16. Influencing/buying judges to curb opposition: In an infamous incident NS through his right hand man Saif-ur-rehman was caught red handed in an telephone conversation with Malik Abdul Qayyum a judge of higher courts to give the maximum penalty to the Mohtarma BB and her spouse Asif Zardari. Later on due to this maligning incident, Justice Abdul Qayyum was sacked from his position as Judge.

    17. NS and Farah Hameed Dogar case: Recently there was a hot issue in the media accusing the PCO judge Abdul Hameed Dogar for misusing his position to acquire 21 extra marks for her daughter Farah Hameed Dogar in federal board. A very similar incident is attributed with NS who actually changed the rules of medical college just to get her daughter admission in prestigious medical college of Punjab.

    18. Obnoxious character: Cheap and low life propaganda against Mohtarma Nusrat Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, IK and his wife Jamima Khan. Recently against Salman Taseer.

    Still he is lesser evil and can become hero. I am surprised.

  • Fahim23

    I am glad that there is someone else who can see this side of shareef brothers and don't have a short memory like most of us do have.

    Brother! Even if u wipe all his evil and consider his DEAL with a dictator and leaving this nation to save his skin then..... Then this is enough for a person like me.

    I am the biggest opponent of shareef after zardari and altaf in that order! And u can see this website and my previous blogs until this one. The only leader I trust now is Imran but consider one scenerio!

    What if IK doesn't participate in elections (the way he did which I am sure he regrets now)

    Or what if someone kills him (After BB I am not sure abt any one's life) so in that scenerio, I don't want to see zardari or altaf as my leaders! Though I will be prepared to vote and support a total common pakistani vs shareef brothers if I think that he will be capable and will be able to deliver goods!

    In essence, I only like IK but cuz people like us are not IK advisiors so don't know what stupid decision of IK is coming again (like to be associated with Qazi, trusting Nawaz in long march)

    Hope u got the message.

  • Fahim

    First of all i want to make clear that i have no sympthathies with Nawaz sharif and i could even contribute to your list by adding more crimes of this man.

    But you hold some one accountable when you are clean. GAND ka tokra (zardari) is on your head and you criticize others.

    Since raiwind farms are more luxurious than surrey palace so surry palace is OK great logic

    I am not taking NS side but atleast he is investing in his own country showing that he has his stakes in this country. Tell me source of income of zardari from which he could have build his empire.

    You are saying NS attempted to kill benazir but look who succeded, he is the same one who killed Murtaza bhutoo.

  • @Khan-sahab

    We must get rid of all these corrupt, dishonest, traitor rulers but I believe it is not possible unless we root them out along with the fraudulent system of which they are the product. Democracy will always give birth to these traitors as it primarily paves way for the Elites of the society and country. Hence to me these traitors will remain there unless we root Elitocracy out from its roots.


  • @misalligned

    I support PPP not necessarily every action of ZAB, BB or AZ.

    I have never ruled out the possibility that AZ or BB has been involved in financial corruption unlike ZAB. But I also think that they are not alone in this mud. In fact I can see the empire Shareef family has created in Pakistan and all over the world from the time when his father used to own a bicycle to the raiwand state.

    When did I say that since NS own more expensive and more lucurious raiwand empire, Surrey palace is ok??

    I too don't want to defend the alleged corruption AZ has done but his father Hakim Zardari was one of the richest landlord of Sindh unlike NS's father who started his business on a bicycle.

    Sorry the way Farook Leghari dismissed Mohtarma's government in 97 and all the people involved with Murtaza Bhutto's assassination when AZ was in jail and Mohtarma was in exile I suspect our "Pak" Army and ISI involved in his killing thn Mohtarma or AZ. Also the way the scene of crimes were washed up on 18th Oct in Karachi and on 27 Dec Pindi, my suspicion goes to Musharaf and Hameed gul type element in Pakistan. In fact I personally am positive that mohtarma is assassinated by ISI.

  • I did come to pakistan with a hope!

    A hope to see some thing positive in this mess!

    I thought, I may see some light at the end of this long tunnel!

    I went to karachi, islamabad, peshawar, FATA ( mohmand agency) and 24 hours in swat!

    I am sad, disappointed and feel dejected and failed by usn the "Pakistanis"

    Luckily or unluckily, I know people from different parties, top brass people, people who can make changes!

    All, I can say, it looks bad,difficult.

    I don't want to be disappointed but its time to Go!

    If I did had any energy or will left then after 26th I will try to post my experience of pakistani visit.. But till then, I don't feel like writing anymore..

  • @Fahim,

    if Khan sahib is saying NS a lesser evil that means he s admitting that NS is an evil too but yes lesser than others and i second to him.

    thanks for making a list for NS wrong doings and properties.

    could you please do us a fevor and make a same list about PPP wrong doings and properties ???/

    maybe it took you a little long but please ...

    if you do it ...

    we would be really thankful to you.


  • I wonder what city you guys are living in then go have a look at Punjab today it looks beautifull almost every bit of it has reasonable medical coverage a passable educational setup more literacy and if Nawaz allowed the motorway to be made and bought the Idea of Gwadar port is he still only considered to be elected on ethnical basis.

    Have you forgotten the Nuclear tests the joy it had bought in our nation on the streets unity beyond anything do you remeber the manufacturing plant for Indus motors providing a lot of jobs to out of town Karachiites or the deregulation of the markets the pushing of the GDP to 8% not ever acheived by anyone again have you forgoten the record decrease in unemplyment or the best days of the steel mill after 71' or the increased and expanded road network the creation of a highway the peace in Swat where tourism was giving us leaps and bounds the royalties that were earned after allowing K-2 to pass health and safety regulations the stopping of Indian media allowing us to have our own identity , or the expansion of the rail network or the year when PIA purchased 6 airbus A-310 all that still ethnic in your opinion, Punjab being the exporter of the best types of cotton or the export of our Mango raking in revenue for who else but out developement only during Nawaz's first reign did Pakistan stop taking aid remember the Financial crisis of 88' when our foreign reserves had dwindled, the only one government that had acheived its real five year plan that grew our electricity capacity by 11.2% the reduction of our trade deficit.

    Do you know it is a known fact that during Nawaz's first term we didn't recieve any international aid after the sep 92' flood because they "failed to recieve certification that Pakistan was not developing a nuclear bomb"

    The growth of our power generating capacity to 10696 MW was acheived by 98' a promise made to the nation of breaking the 10000 MW barrier was broken.

    you still think that he was elected purely on ethnic basis.

    And hear are the sources in case you were thinking I am repeating party lines.

    Liberalization and Economic Crises in Pakistan- M. Zubair Khan

    IMF economic report 2008

    Privatization in Pakistan- Dr. A. R. Kemal Country Studies: Pakistan- the Economy

    Economy of Pakistan: an overview- Dr. Ishrat Husain

    Lecture on Pakistan’s Economy- Kaiser Bengali

    World Bank Group

    Economy and Society in Pakistan

    Trade Liberalization and Poverty in Pakistan- Akhtar Mehmood and Farkhanda Sohail

    Remittances, Trade Liberalization, and Poverty in Pakistan: The Role of Excluded Variables in Poverty Change Analysis- Rizwana Siddiqui

    As for his corruption I can't deny the fact that he is a businessman so he must have tried to avoid taxes wrong on his part but not surprising in the industry and the growth of Ittefaq can be matched and infact in many cases beaten

    by many steel giants around the world. He is a politician and he would get into dirty tricks to hold power but he is one leader I am sure who won't betray the nation or allow its sovereign borders to be attacked.