When I felt bad for Zardari for once!

  • Was watching news of zardari addressing Friends of pakistan Donor"s conference and another news about zardari meeting chinease officials for donation.

    Regardless of my hatred for this man, I really felt BAD for him. This finiancial mess is not a day's mismanagment but it goes back to 1948. Its amazing that we let mussharaf and his tout PM who are main responsible along with previous govt of Nawaz and BB but still I really felt bad to see Zardari's smiling face in anticipation and the stiff faces of chinease and other countries representatives.

    May be its a human weak moment, but I did felt bad for him to be a president of a nation of beggers.

    Please no political cvomments.. Just be in his shoes for a min and begging the world leaders!

    Allah sub pay Reham karey

  • @ Khan Sahib,

    Your posting prompted me to think about this very disturbing scenario.

    Unfortunately Pakistan is a Nation of beggars.

    Since 1947 Pakistan's economy is running on foreign aid.

    America, Arabs, European Consortium, World Bank is constantly proving help to keep Pakistan survive.

    Coming to the point---Who is responsible for this state of affairs.

    Did our rulers, lack of resources, incompetent leaders, external intervention, irresponsible citizens, and corrupt bureaucracy, wrong policies and stupid preferences of priorities could be held responsible to make Pakistan a Nation of beggars?

  • nobody gives free money. foreign powers who are giving this money are not doing pakistan a favor, they are investing in their own security. Pakistan has lost many times the GDP of this aid as a result of being involved in a war in which it had the option to stay neutral in. If this money was for beggers there are a lot poorer countries in the world than pakistan.

  • Pakistan has received 11 billion military aid (Musharrafs time) + 5.6 billion (FOP) + 15 billion Biden-Luger bill + 3 billion present military aid plus some more probably.

    Thats a total of $35 billion atleast.

    I doubt Pakistan lost $35 billion because of war on terror. Those Govt. estimates of $30+ billion losses are bogus and are only intended to aid the begging.

    Pakistan would probably lose that much if it went on an all out war against India, but, because of War on Terror, I doubt it.

    Plus Pakistan really didnt have a chance to stay neutral then. Remember with us or against us? Bomb you to stone ages? I dont think so. Not on 12th Sept. 2001.

  • sec pak you didnt understand what I was saying. Pakistan had the right to stay neutral but wasn't allowed to do so by foreign powers so pakistan did not willingly enter this war because obviously pakistan was not going to be hurt in any way by taliban had it stayed away from the whole thing. After the with us or against us warning we could have either stood up and said no or join them and receieved proper compensation for being an american strategic base like Israel does. I think pakistan strategically is a far more important base for americans than Israel and should receieve a far bigger aid package than what we are getting now. and this should not be taken with any shame but demanded and invested wisely in infrastructure and industry by the government.

    I dont understand the mentality that 1) you are going out of your way to help someone which btw never happens in global geopolitics 2) on recieving mere pennies as compensation for taking on someone elses troubles you are calling yourself beggers.

    Is 35 billion$ worth endangering your countrys existence over!

    either be a coward or a fool but dont be both

  • I dont think Pakistan's existence is endangered because of the Taliban or War on Terror.

    The army should stop being cowards and go fight the Taliban like men instead of running away and hiding.

    What do we pay them for? Why do a 170 million poor Pakistanis spend billions of their taxdollars on this army for?

    Why do we have like more than half a million soldiers? Why have we wasted tens of billions of dollars on our army? Why dont they go fight the Taliban?

    In my opinion, we should not aim to be a paranoid national security state like Israel. We should aim to be a progressive and prosperous state with an advance economy and a civilized society, we should aim to be like Singapore, we should aim to be like London, we should aim to be like Switzerland, we should aim to be like Hong Kong.

    After we have dealt with the Taliban and terrorism, we should make a peace deal with India, even if we have to give concessions, and, dramatically cut the size of the army and military spending and focus on education, infrastructure and economic development.

  • @sec pak

    Why dont they go fight the us instead of taliban? r u with us r against us i m not sending u in stone age?


    waht else we could expect from this sick system and rulers?

  • usman,

    I am neither with the US nor with the Taliban.

    I believe in peace. I dream of a future where the entire world lives in peace and harmony as one, where we exchange goods and services and information with others, instead of bullets and missiles, where we exchange tourists, instead of soldiers and terrorists.

  • @Khan sahib,

    you should not feel sorry for Zardari...

    yah we are a nation of beggers .

    but who made us BEGGAR?

    who has looted all the money from us?

    who has made us use to to BHEEK?

  • Beenai,

    Being a human, sometime when a killer is electicuted or hanged for killing innocent people, you still (at least I do) feel bad for the dying person. Have u realised that when a person die, he is gone out of this world for ever? If u can relate to that feeling then you will understand, where I am coming from?

    It was not Zardari but the feel, that this Man is begging for Pakistanis! I felt bad when. I saw the stiff upper lip of our chinease friends where zardai was smiling (like the head of a loser nation) and the way they were responding with their body language was not a very nice feel.

    Apart from that, I know that zardari is corrupt,idiot,thief and a killer BUT let me ask you something?

    The present situation in pakistan (I am talking about finiancial status here) and the defecit we are facing!

    Who is the cause?

    I will give u the answer!

    Its me, you, aristotle, js, expakistani,netgrr,justpakistani.migel9,ijay, our neighbours, our school mates, our countrymen and no one else!

    Who is zardari?

    Who is nawaz? Or shahbaz? Or chaudhry shujaat aur chaudhry pervaiz elahi?

    Who is altaf? Musharaf?asfandyar?mustafa jatoi?

    They all are pakistanis whom we supported,voted and chant slogans for them.

    You or I may not like him but atleast 30% of pakistanis still support zardari and altaf! Its said but reality!

    Zardari is the face of all evils in our socitey!

    There is one Zardari sitting in all departments/walk of life who will use, abuse the system for his or her own evil benifit!

    Our war is not against Asif Zardari only but against all zardaris (metaphorically)in our system.

    In the end, last time I supported PPP was in 1990issh but I still felt sad on BB's death and despite my hatred for Zia,Saddam Hussain I felt sad on their deaths. Sorry but I still have not stopped myself, behaving like a human first then anything else! :-)

  • @Khan sahib,

    being a human i also feel sorry for many ppl...

    i feel sorry for my driver ...who has lost his home in Rawalakot and now his family is living in a UNO tent for the past few years.

    i feel sorry for the street kids ...who fight themselves for a piece of KUCHRA to collect instead of going to school.

    i feel sorry for myself too...........

    i feel sorry when i start my day with a hot humid chipchipi morning as load shedding was on all over the night...

    but you know i feel ANGRY when i took a shower get ready and on my way to office i found all the street lights on all over the place in a sunny shinny day light.....


    if switching off the street lights is public responsibility?

    but i am sorry ....

    Zardari would be the last person on the face of this earth ...

    for whom i would feel sorry for .

    believe me , the money he was asking for ...

    is for Him Self ONLY ....to expend his business in Dubai to manage the expenses of his kids education as well as their recreation in a better way..........

    as long as voting is concerned....

    Allah ka shukar

    i have never ever voted for Zardari or PPP.

    and you know why Chinese were so rude to him?

    not becoz he is the President of a beggers country.

    coz he is Zardari ...Mr.10%....

    everywhere in the world ....

    he has been known for his corruption.

    nobody wants to give a single penny to HIM .

    belive me ..if some one else...

    even you would go or i will go to china .

    they might treat us better ......