PIA and Pilots Demands (PALPA)

  • PALPA is considering to go on strike or go by the books in order to ask for a pay rise.

    Recently, I have the experience of travelling in a 777 cockpit which was an amazing experience specially during landing! I must say that being a surgeon, I always thought that we work long hours and we have quite stressed life style! But in that flight I have realised that these guys do a wonderful job (keeping in mind the lives of those 300 + passengers plus the costly plane) ya, I know that this is about their life too but still u have to give them credit where they deserve!

    My point is not to praise these pilots but to appreciate the work they do like other dept too. After PPP came into govt, they not only reinstated some 13000 plus workers who were politically employed in PPP prevous govt but also announced that they will get their seniority and back pay for these years!

    What a f****n joke!

    Head of PIA, Mr ajaz haroon agrees to feed these "Mazloom" workers but those people who genuinely work are told off!

    What a hypocrite chief, just like our president!

    Shame on Ajaz Haroon and the govt, yet once Again!

  • Heck, most govt. beuracracies, like PIA, are tools for the politicians to fill them up with their jiyala "workers".

    PIA is perhaps the best example.

    Privatize PIA so that the politicians cant do that and so that the taxpayers dont have to foot the bill of PIA's billions or losses every year.

  • If my flight get cancelled, I am gonna kick PIA's MD's ass.. Allegedly, they not only recruited their ex jiyalah workers but new workers too.

    An airline which never seems to be understaff now have all of a sudden an extra 15000 plus staff! What the fcuk this govt gonna do with them,

    Also they got those old baggot office bound govt ass licker pilots to do some short flights! These old pilots can't fly the new planes like 777 so they will be either not used or will be used if they have enouhgh pilots.

    If u see a really old pilot on a 777, ask him if he knows to fly that aeroplane or else jump out of that flight :-)

    These buggers have stopped using 777 for karachi- london but now use airbus! I am really Mad at them!