• IPL(INDIAN PREMIERE LEAGUE) 2nd season started in SOuth Africa without PAKISTAN PARTICIPATION because INDIANS don't want pakistani players in this competition after 26/11 MUMBAI ATTACKS

    Its very disappointing to see that Pakistani TV channels specially GEO TV not only covering but showing result as breaking news..

    SHAME ON GEO and all those covering it and dishonoring people of pakistan and also pakistan.

  • shame shame GEO TV shame shame

  • I love watching cricket but i wouldnt pay 1 cent for IPL ICL regardless if Pakistani players are in our not....

  • Same here. I religiously watch cricket matches, even test matches but I somehow don't have any interest in IPL.

  • True! Who gives a fcuk which team wins! Its the name or belonging of a country which makes a player worth.

  • Jamaat Ud wada will make their cricket team and will play with tehreek-eTaliban .("ball" temprering will be forbiden )

  • @netengr

    WHy do you have to spew this hatred in topics that are totally irrelevent. If they are extremist then how are you any different? Get a life, dude!

  • @netengr

    IPL boycott and Taliban ..... amazing ...

    brother try to overcome this fobia ... try to come back in normal life ...

  • Netgrrr sometimes forgets taking his morning "happy pills". LOL

    But in fact we have an intereting match in our own country!

    PPP vs PMLN. NawaZ though do match fixing every now n then!

  • Guys

    I am discussing cricket and role of indian cricket board against pakistan here... no party politics in this post

    above all even india influenced bangladesh to cancel pak tour our MEDIA CHANNELS still covering IPL..but i am very happy to see south africans are not at all interested in IPL..means less money....IPL is going down :0)

  • I don't see the point of paying so much for these event courage by GEO!

    I would prefer to see a live coverage of an assembly meeting or old matches from world cup ... GEO sports channel personal are Morons!

  • Teacher!

    Can we discuss american national sports?

    Drone attacks vs pakistanis it will soon come out on play station 3....

    Its more fun to discuss drone sports then IPL

  • we all should boycott GEO SUPER .

    give them a BIG LOSS .

  • Khan

    You are listed as Taliban Supporter, Jamati, Takfeeri in the list of netengr. BTW suggest him some medicine, consult some good physciatrist to prescribe him happy pills.

  • Coming to the topic:

    Now pakistani cricket board should reply by saying welcome to ICL players which were banned on the demand of Indian cricket board.

  • IPL boycott due to mumbai attack where Jamaat ud dawa was involved .Not possible that we keep supporting terrorism and world will support us .

  • aur usi jamat-ud-dawah nain srilankan team pay bhi hamla kiya lolz @ your tiny brain netengr. a real close minded person, i am sure you are a product of some madrisa