National reconciliation needed @ pkpolitics

  • everyone is fighting on every thread instead of discussing something useful. I think in wasee ter mafaad of the forum there is need of a peace treaty lol..

    to start with I apologize to anyone I have been rude to specially JS anderkabandar and the guy I fought with on the PTI thread today (sry forgot the name)

  • hasheesh,

    good initiative ....

    i have already apologize with my elders like JS and ANDARKABANDAR Sahibaan.

    i really apologize with them again,if i hurt thier feelings .....

    rest of the fellows who are of my age group ,they are my dear brothers and sisters.

    Behan Bhai mein Nook Jhonk tu chalni hi chahiyeeeee....

  • hash

    no need for this .check out what he has written in PTI against your post .hash remember u cant change some people and if u become apologatic they will think u r weak .so i prefer to stand by my opions and views .

    and i refuse to get into peace treaty with only one sick (dont wanna mention his sick name )head coz he crossed all the limits .others i dont know if i have really offended them or not but if i did ,i dont care coz if they fail to realize i was not getting personal in a debate then i cannot change their views .

    anyway whosoever have problem with me can tell me ,i dont mind .

  • and i dont think so i can please everyone or everyone else has to be pleased with me .so i dont care really.i dont favor any peace treaty with morons .

  • Mr whatever who has misbehaved adn used bad langauge about hasheesh should be noticed by Admin.i ve just gone through his post in the PTI thread in the answer post to hasheesh.Mr whatever has broken all the records of bad language.

    we should know the difference between an enemy and an idealogical opponent.

  • my hats of to hasheesh

    after facing that kind of misbehave ,he is still ready to offering apologies.....

  • woot the girls support me lol

    I dont care if anyone wants to copy paste lyrics, it doesnt offend me

    but I wont be replying in an uncivilized way anymore. this was mainly about JS was really his show of support for salman rushdie that pissed me off, but hey if thats what your opinion is feel free to express it I didnt have any reason to get angry about that

  • We need national reconciliation not just on pkpolitics but in the entire country :P

    but seriously, tolerance is the very basis and foundation of true and real democracy. and we lack tolerance, if we don't try to instill tolerance in our society, we will only have the kind of democracy we had in the 90s, and, the kind i see in the forseeable future. specially tolerance towards those who have views we don't agree with or approve of.

    and i also think musharraf supporters like myself should also be apologized to :P lol

    no but seriously, i try not to take it personal against anyone regarding their views or supports.

    but i dont think it's very democratic when supporting someone or a particular view leads to you being called stupid/dumb/idiot/moronic/evil/bad/inhumane/enemy of pakistan etc etc etc

    and specially because musharraf supporters are a minority, and, one of the very fundamentals of democracy is not just the will of the majority, but, also not doing this at the expense of the rights of others.

    only a truly tolerant society will lead to a truly democratic country.

    like ron paul said, i am not unpatriotic bcuz I don't support their policies/views.

    but i have a feeling. right in this very thread. i will be called stupid/idiot/lunatic etc

  • dear secular bhai ,

    u have won our hearts by admitting the fact that

    @musharraf supporters are in minority.

    thanks bhai

    nobody is going to call you with bad names here .we all are eduacted and civilzed ppl ...we disagree decently.

    God Bless You!

  • secular

    i dont remember anyone calling u dumb etc etc

    coz we all know u never got personal

    and ofourse we treat minority with special care so they dont get deprived or isolated in any place .

    if u r all for reconciliation then u must have defened NRO coz ofcourse it was meant for giving indemnity to late BB by mr mush .


  • @ hasheesh

    I appreciate your intentions of 'reconciliations'. I am the one requesting the same attitude from the day one, I jumped into this Forum.

    Could you please do me a favor to find with reference to the context, cut and paste where I supported Salman Rushdie?

    Some other respectable Scholars have also 'blamed' me for that.

    "it was really his show of support for salman rushdie that...."

    So far I remember, it was with reference to the 'Jihalat', intolerant attitude, under the cover of Religious Fanaticism, which, (according to me) is responsible to prompt Scholars like Salman Rushdie (and Tasleema Nasreen) to revolt against Islam and throw 'Satanic Verses' in the market.

    It was not to offend, annoy or tease anyone.

    Being in teaching profession for the last 38 years, to the best of my ability, I try to be very particular, careful, polite, tolerant, friendly and lively about my articles and letters.

    (I could be pulled in the court of Law, for loose talk.)

    That’s what I have been 'preaching' to all my young scholars.

    I accept, out of 50 over’s, there could be a few 'no-balls' or 'wide-balls', giving extra score to the 'other team'.

    Once again I appreciate and encourage your positive desire.

    Good luck.

  • @ JS

    i dont remember where you said that but you called him a genuine scholar which I dont agree with.anyhow you are entitled to your opinion wether you support or dont support him.I am glad you wrote here.

    @ secularpakistan

    U stupid dumbass&*$%&^$ !!! just kidding :P

    ron paul 08!

  • hash


  • bros n sistaz!

    i Acknowledge, that i got way beyond my limits.

    It waz just a euphoric moment.

    i admit i didn't have anything to prove so i stuck with what i did!

    sorry mate "hasheesh", U won.

  • Reconciliation:

    I appreciate. There is a wonderful change in our attitude.

    I wish our politicians learn from the pkpolitics.

    By the way, does anyone know, if persons like Ch. Shujaat, Wasi Zafar, Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan, Pervez Musharaf, are among the viewers of this Forum?

  • administrators

    @ javedsheikh

    ch. Shujaat and Wasi Zafar dont know, what a computer is?

    Nawaz sharif, zardari, imran and musharraf might not have time but definitely the people feeding them ( i mean feeding News n views)

    do visit here.

    This is as per my 6th sense ( supported by sense no. 3, 4 and 5)

  • @Hasheesh

    I appreciate your effort with a long footnote.

    Actually you must use the word tolerance instead of reconciliation. Reconciliation means group of people reached or agreed on one or more point or points. People will have different opinion in this forum; sometimes it may be extreme. Extreme opinion or position on the issue must not be snapped back by insult. One must differ to that opinion but one must never insult the person who had that extreme opinion. Though your efforts are noble but I don't see any likelihood of it adoption in this forum either, I am not pessimist but I don't shy away from reality which is bitter. Overall our society is intolerant and this blog is the reflection of the society. We are bound to judge, humiliate and insult the dissention. That is why I am so much in the favor of free media because only free electronic media can bring tolerance in the society. Why free media? Because free electronic media will emit images of millions of human behavior. These human behaviors will be in the form of scripted and real conversation, documentaries, live news and news analysis, drama, sports, entertainment and movies. Some of these reflections may be offensive to some segments of the society. But if offended people learn to switch the channel instead of demanding suspension of that program or shutting down the channel then we can say that we have real tolerance in the society and then we can talk about 'Reconciliation' in this forum. Culture of intolerance doesn't disappear in a flash it takes generation.

    Give you a very simple example about Pakistani society, let’s say a person wants to sell his Car and he told few friends and advertised too. The market value of the car is Rs. 200,000 but seller is asking an exorbitant price of Rs 325,000. When the potential buyer will listen to the price of 325K having a market value of 200K; the potential buyer will insult the seller he may question his intelligence and he may use couple of curse words too. In response seller will also reciprocate with same vengeance accusing the buyer of being 'Kangla'(i.e. penniless). Model conversation for transaction may be:

    Buyer: How much you are asking?

    Seller: Its Rs 325,000

    Buyer: It’s your property and you have right to ask the price you want but in my opinion it is little too high. My best offer is Rs 175,000.

    Seller: I appreciate the offer but my bottom-line is Rs.250, 000

    Buyer: I can bump up to Rs.200, 000, this is my ceiling.

    Seller: Can't do that but let me know if you change your mind later. You have number.

    Buyer: I will think about it, you take care and have nice day.

    Seller: You have a nice day too, bye now.

    Now, these two fellows couldn't strike a deal but did they insult each other? No they didn't. This is a core problem of our society, we cannot have a conversation. So all these noble intentions of reconciliation and democracy aren’t going to materialize if an individual behavior couldn't change. To change the individual behavior we need free media; we make media free now then after ten or fifteen years we will see signs of change. Media is not likely to be free for I don't know how long. So forget about 'Reconciliation' it never going to happen.

  • well said rafi

  • glad you wrote here adeel. again, no need to be sorry it wasnt you alone the whole forum was on fire


    you are right, we need tolerance in the long term here and in the country.I just noticed a lot of enmity on different threads so I used the word reconciliation because there seemed to be an immediate need of it :P

    if this forum is a reflection of the society as a whole then you should also notice that the people I apologized to have already replied. the situation is not as hopeless as we sometimes think it is. I dont agree when you say we are bound to humiliate, judge and insult the dissention.

    media and education are vital in civilizing a society but individually we can make a difference too. 99% of the people are like sheep who just follow what others are doing. If the majority of active users on this forum for example start behaving in a civil manner you will see not many others will come forward to break the trend. but if the active majority start fighting then everyone will start a flame war.