Nazir Naji Abusing

  • Probably most of you heard three audio recordings, out of which Nazir Naji abused Ahmed Noorani in two of those. I see plenty of comments in this website but I don't know how is national media is playing this. I request bloggers to post current development about this issue; i.e. which channel played (with blips) this exchange or which channel or which talk show mentioned this conversation. In total does national media is paying attention; or this is a website or blog phenomena only?

  • It will never be shown on any national TV. This was a private dicussion and will be treated as a feud b/w the two bitter rivals in the same profession: Naji and AA!

    Naji was of the view that Noorani is working at the behest of Abbassi so he lost his temper and the tirade was recorded.

    If it was possible to air on TV then he wouldn't have relied on PKPolitics. I'm sure his bosses must have refused to help him in this regard.

  • I just called him on his cell fone no. 0092-300-8456827, and he did not confirm if it was his own voice.

    All he said to me was I've recieved a few calls about it and I haven't got a chance to listen to it yet. I told him its posted on Pkpolitics, so go have a listen.

  • It is true that bosses may not run in it national media by terming it a private conversation. However, the way it may beacome a national news is through the context of this conversation i.e. allotment of plots to select few groups. Bring that topic into play and then bring Nazir Naji as a side issue.

  • True, the best I could see happening is some journalist might write in paper about it showing solidarity to this young man, most probably Ansar himself.

    I remember many other journos came forward to show their support to Ansar by writing calumns when he recieved threats for publishing material exposing corrupt elite mafia.

    Let's see if Ansar takes the initiative in tomorrow's paper.

  • even If nobody else mentions it on tv I know nusrat javed and mushtaq minhas wont be able to stop themselves.

    who are the other 6 people who received these extra plots in Islamabad other than nazir naji?

    also if someone calls nazir naji like msohail dont forget to record the call post it here ;)

  • Can sum one post the link of this conversation here please!

  • Khan here it isssss..What a fraud this idiot is..

  • Nazir Naji is a Govt mouth piece..

    i have already bracketed him in numerous of my posts as Black Sheeps of media ...

    he is taking plots and all the privileges just to say good things about Govt on screen.

    and the kind of lingu he has used...

    shows How Experienced is he?

    not in his own field but in money making field .

    journalist should go for a HATTAK E IZZAT case against Nazir Naji the so called senior journalist.

  • how about we call Nazir Naji sahib and congratulate in our own way ....... its just lmao comedy

  • Nazir naji contributed for 50 years and these 50 years are the dark years for the media. His contribution was for the establishment and establishment is giving his due share so if any one will interrupt now, he has to see this face of nazir naji.

  • Nazir Naji is a shame for the whole journalist community.

  • i would love to hear this conversation later specially if its in punjabi :O) good destresser after

    hectic working day .....

  • Mr. Nazir Naji is a true reflection of Pakistan's cultural image.

    This conversation, (if genuine), represents the ground reality about the tone of Pakistan's National Language.

    I was told that this type of language is very common and popular in and out of the parliament to make one's message more impressive.

    Adding the garam-masalh makes the food tasty.

    It also provides a gauge to predict the evolution of Pakistan's society.

    Where gold rusts, what iron would do.

    Very unfortunate.

  • Mr. Nazir Naji is a symbole of secular/moderate thoughts in Pakistan.

  • What a conversation!A true display of the difference of our generations. As LetsdoIt said "Nazir naji contributed for 50 years and these 50 years are the dark years for the media" I would just add that those 50 years were dark years of our nation as well, because of the existence of such naji's everywhere...

    This display was remarkable in the sense that noorani was calm and just sticking to his assignment (nothing personal).

    A salute to noorani as he represents the thoughts and ways of our generation.....PAKISTAN WILL CHANGE...Insha-Allah!

  • his cursing is very good,, with a lot of passion he curses....

    its been a while i heard this good passion filled cursing...

    Naji paji....


  • 1. Why Mr. Nazir Naji didn't hang up and kept on talking?

    2. Is is legal in Pakistan to record a telephonic conversation without permission?

    3. It seems like a preplanned trap, what is very common in Media.

    4. Not only secular-moderate, even the so-called Islamic champions use the same language and issue Fatwe to kill the opponent.

    5. I have experienced many Nazir Najis at the Pkpolitics forum who were banned by the administrator to participate.

  • @rana029

    noorani was only clm because he knew that he is recording.


    In audio tape no. 2 Naji asked him to record this so now its not illegal.

  • YEs , Nazir Naji is against Taliban so Taliban Media wing started their dirty tactics