Sunni Tehreek aur MQM ka Nikah! Dawat e Aam

  • Sunni Tehreek, a hardcore sunnis religious party who becomes the biggest opponent of MQM over last few years in karachi has decided to join hands with MQM against the implemented "shariah" by Talibaan!

    Over past few years both parties have killed hundreds of their activists in gunfights on karachi streets. Even the last killing was few weeks ago. So what changed their hearts?

    Is it Talibaan per sae?

    Is it the "wahabi" code of Shariah?

    Or is it some other game plan?

    Why would a religious party shake hands with a regional party who are anyway by any standard religiously inclined who have killed thousands of innocent people on the name of language or cast?

    Does Islam teach us to be friends with a killer/rapist just because the oppsite muslim is devbandi,bralvi or hanfee aur shafi or some other cast or colour muslim?

    I was watching tv yesterday and there is one aman jalssa in swat by Talibaans and one organised by MQM who have Sunni Tehreek and TNFJ with them.

    I am surprised,confused,amazed,disappointed,furious,angry,sad to see our Alims,our respected elders! Is this Islam? To divide us further?

    I had a discussion with 2 guys, one supports MQM who was saying that its the marriage of 2 devils and a pakhtoon guy who supports Sunni Tehreek (not ANP supporter) who said that if Sunni tehreek supports MQM then he will support Talibaan (even that he is not from wahabee maslak!)

    What a fuckin sorry state of affairs!

    Shahbaash mayray quam kay alimoun!

    Shabash mayray qoum kay leaderoun!

    Tum sub pay AlLAH ka azzab nazil hoe!

    Laanat tum sub kee zindageeoun pay!

    Muj jaisa koyee agar kabhee sahib e iqtaydar ayya tou,

    Zardari,altaf kay saath inn sub alimoun ko bhee goli maar day ga jo apnay maqasid kay leeye kucch bhee kur saktey hain!

    Kurseee kee mohabat may mulla aur leader kharey hoe gayee aik hee suff may,

    Na raha koyee zardari wah altaf kutta! Na koyee kanjur mulla wa nawaz!

  • @Khan sahib,

    u would be the NIKAH KAHWAAN?at this occasion.

    on a serious note

    MQM has nothing to do these days

    so as Sunni Tehreek...

    so they joined hands for fun only...

    when they will find new orders from the foreign masters.

    they would act upon.

    dont worry .

  • My prediction!

    MQM will now take a backseat and will let sunni tehreek fight with Taliban on streets of karachi in the future! Take my words and when this happens, then refer to this post again!

  • MQM is working on a planned agenda ........

    task has been given by USA to MQM.

    that make a noise about TALIBAN in Karachi...

    take a stand against Taliban.

    and create good grounds for USA to come inside Karachi to conquer this sea port in the heart of Asia...

    in the name of Taliban.

  • Beenai

    they don't want karachi port they want gwadar this we called

    GREAT GAME the new NATO head for afghanistan will start this operation soon i have even gave reference from us naval bloggers posts.

    I awlays ask this why taliban never targeted any MQM rally in karachi when they attack any where in pakistan answer is

    becuase taliban and MQM have same masters USA ,INDIA, and UK.Both parties are working on same agenda to divide pakistan so their masters can invade pakistan in future to dismantel Nuclear structure.

    The reason to get rid pakistan nuclear capabilities is now very important because MR ISRAEL is not very happy as Many Middle eastern countries like KUWAIT,SAUDI ARABIA UAE and QATAR inspired by pakistan nuclear success all want to start their own nuclear program after iran to protect themselves against any aggression by USA IRAN or ISRAEL in future.

  • @Ijay,

    MQM pretend itself as the owners of karachi port.

    they eventually sell it off .

    Gawader has already being sold to China.

    rest of your thoughts...

    i 100% agree with you.

  • Sunni tehreek separated themselves from Altaf

    So khan a sad news, talaq bhi ho gayi hai

  • @Letsdoit,

    jis Nikah ki news Khan sahib break karein ...

    usski talaaq hu jana is predictable.

    on a serious note

    i have already told u guys in my previous post

    that nethier MQM nor Sunni Tehreek is sincere in resolving issues .

    so it has to happen ....

    celebrity marriages and political agreements are meant to be broken.

  • Irrespective of the Philosophy and Political Agenda of MQM or Altaf Husain, one must be courageous enough to call a spade a spade.

    The hatred against Altaf Khan or MQM should not generate a logical support for the Taliban.

    At this gesture whoever comes forward to expose The Sharia of Taliban, I must support that party or person.

    I honestly understand that Swat Pact carries a curse in disguise for the near future of Pakistan.

    Very soon Pakistanis would face and listen the echo.

  • @Shiekh sahib,


    this is the party ..u have voted to make them say YES to these fanatic mullahs.

  • With a few mistakes by the PPP, it is not wise to shift my support to those leaders and Parties who are still not clear at their agenda and direction.

    Do you want me to support 'leaders' like Ch. Shujaat or Sheikh Rashid?

  • @Shiekh sahib,

    i wasn't trying to make you to shift your support from any where.

    and i am nobody to do that......

    i am just trying to say

    that whats happening in the country.

    everybody is responsible for that ...

    more onus on those who brought the party in power.

    as long as ch.Shujat and Co. is concerned...

    who want anyone to pursue for that party which is a dictator adapted kid?

  • @ JS sir totally agreed with u.

  • @ijay,

    Can u post those links of american bloggers here for our reference. Thanks..

    On another note, I totally disagree with u that MQM and Talibaan are same or have same agenda. Talibaan wants shariah with in state of pakistan which is there version of Islam, unacceptable to most of us.

    ANP wants a secular govt with religion as a personal matter within pakistan state

    On other hand MQM wants azad karachi (jinnahpur) or they want to join india again! MQm and baluch separatists are the only group who don't want to stay in pakistan. Rest wants to stay with pakistan and destroy it internally so they can get personal benifit.

    JS.. Yes! I want u to shift your views to PTI and not cuz I want to but cuz u will agree with him then MQM or PPP if u want to see pakistan progress into next level.

  • @ijay,

    You were favouring Talibaan shariah in another post just few days ago? Why change of mind so quick?

  • @Ijay

    u look quite impressed by MQM ....

    kabhi kahein kabhi kahein.




    for others!

    i have never supported talibaan shariah i always support islamic shariah as i am muslim and its my duty to support islam.

    Talibaan don't want to implement shariah they want anarchy and chaos to pave way for their masters.THose who think they are doing this for islam are fools.They working on uncle sam agenda just like MQM both are travelling in same boat and driver is INDO-ENGLO-US and their destination is pakistan!

  • Abay duggay!

    You replied to me after so called ignore!



  • After talbanisation there will be Civil wars


    Mohajir -Pathan

    Shia -Sunni

    Deobandi -Brelvi

    Ahledatthees -Deobandi





    War between so called Mujahideen herkat Vs jaish ,Jaish Vs Lashker will keep going

  • Before talibaan,

    Shia - sunni

    MQM - Pakhtoons

    MQM vs PPI

    MQM vs Punjabi

    MQM vs PPP




    MQM vs ANP


    MQM vs JI

    MQM vs PMLN

    MQM vs PTI

    MQM vs Police

    MQM vs ARMY



    MQM vs Pakhtoons

    I wonder how come Talibaans have managed to hide over all these years! Hmmmmm

    Netgrr may know the secret hideout??

    Are u sure u r not confusing the clean shaved Talibaan Bhai's of 90 Azizabad!