Talbanised Islam......what a disgree....hell to all parliamentaners

  • What's your view justapak?

    I would post my view once I am able to read this article as I can't on my fone due to tiny font!

  • I dont understand why people calling swat deal as victory for taliban mulla sufi and fazllulah are two different things people are not understanding that by criticizing this deal we are dividing this country into 2 parts one swat deal supporter and those who are against this.

    My firend jus go 20 years back and recall why soviets were defeated in afghanistan because USA declared that war as war against infedels or war against ISLAM.

    If we reject this deal its means we want to become another

    soviet who are against islam and defy people will in implementing shariah law.

    All those critics and media person who broke flogging video all over the world and embarrased pakistan and islam why they are now silent about the authenticity of this video.

    Dont' we think its a responsibility of so called free media to uncover this truth this is not a small issue even UN secretary general criticized pakistan on that video.

    In the end i just want to make this humble appeal please don't become instrument of enemies of pakistan who first want to divide public and then this whole country let the

    sanity and peace prevail all over pakistan.

  • its a defeatist attitude on Govt behalf.

    it shows Govt has got nothing to do with awam.

    they want to rule at every cost....

    as long as MQM is conerned.

    its also not concerned about awam.

    its proceeding with its own agenda of making Karachi another swat by creating first talibaan in karachi phenomena and then emerging as anti anti talibaan force.

    so they can call US their original masters to come and get hold of this GOLD MINE OF PAKISTAN.

  • Beenai

    why you calling it "defeatist" i think you didnt read my post with open mind the word you just mentioned in your post our enemies want to be on all pakistanis lips.

  • Khan bhai my views are with the these columnists ,so have a look on these articles.

    Well IJay by making these deals u realize how many fazllulah we gonna produce....and how many deals we need to do?

    Now any group emerge and start mass killing the innocent citizens.......instead curbing them our govt make deals with them crap......

    Our moderator under some MQM phobia so no comments...

  • justpakistani

    keep beating this drum war war war and give this pakistan in USA LAP this is all they want and you are helping them

  • For sepratist we have to use all our resources to crush them

    no compromise !!! but for those who are misguided we have to use dailouge as first option and try our level to convince them with proper reasoning that what they are doing now is wrong...we have lost bngladesh becuase we have excercised last option against misguided people who didnt want separation from pakistan but we separated pakistan for our own interest

  • Well stop giving these crappy reasons.....USA wants this and blaa blaa......when we are not capable of handling our issues we start blaming USA.......If Pakistan is state then there should be there should one rule...why make exceptions.....have u check the statement of Sophie Mohammad?


  • @Ijay,

    i share your thoughts for separatists .

    i have no soft corner in my heart for them.

    but how can u justified Govt behavior who took a easy way out in the situation by admitting all of their demands?

  • Justpakistani

    You can't throw stones at every barking dog let him bark..he will run away with logic and reasoning.

    remember when we threw stone on mujeeb what happened his friends came for rescue.I am blaming UNCLE SAM becuase they are fully involved dont you agree..we want to follow path which is safest and reliable for pakistan don't follow what you enemies showing you otherwise this nation god forbids not distegrated on races would be divided on religion.You just need to add factor islamism in any conflict then it will make its own way..i am the only sain voice here i think who is talking about our homeland pakistan not about taliban usa islam pukhtoonkhuwa.shariah..blah blah

    Don't give them reason to fight against pakistan and their masters to invade pakistan please undertsand what i am telling you aagain and again!!!! :O)

  • Well man this Sophie Maohammad is main facilitator in the whole deal......so our friends only say Talibans are just talking but so what they did.....and lastly govt need to make a deal with them........damn. Making the deals with barbaric Talibans a safest way?? r u kidding....and these Talibans now givings fatwas that all judges ,courts and whole system is ghair sharai? what a joke

  • @ijay,

    Tell me Man! Why are u so confused? In some threads you criticise talibaan and in other u support them? In one thread u want dialogue and in other u want drone attacks and carpet bombing!

    Do u even know wat is the real relationship of sufi mohammad and faizullah? Answer this first then talk abt them!

  • Justapkistani

    My friend i tell you frankly 100% islamic verdict

    yes all these laws and courts are illegal as per islam

    these courts and system is inherited from britishers who were anti muslim they damaged islam more than any country in past they cretaed qaudiani fitna to tarnish islam and bring disputes amongst muslim but if i consider them illegal according to islam it does not mean i want to finish these rules and coutrs immediately and create vaccum and anarchy in my country.

    Always remeber pakistan was created for mulims of sub continent and if it was created then it should have islamic shariah as law 40 million muslims sacrificed for this just cause.

    we can not betray their sacrifices but we need to modify

    these laws peacefully with mutual understanding,reasoning taking all stakeholders onboard thats why i insist dialouge is the only way to move forward.Negotiations is best option for pakistan in future.




  • current system of pakistan is illegal according to islam.

  • usman1423

    As a muslim i second to you

  • Thanx mulla Usman & Ijay....to let us know that whole system of Pakistan is not as per YOUR Shariah.....go and join Sophie Mohammad

  • I am just saying that this sick system is illegal according to islam.

  • so replace it with your version of "ISLAM"....koool

  • No let us replace it with JEWISH CHRISTIAN form of govt..ooops We already have that one.Just fraud.Why cant we turn it like america and uk??big malls and whore houses on every corner??Just fraud??Idiot.