Asal baat yeh hai....

  • Swat issue and Drones are connected:

    during a gap shap meeting with some political pundits in Washington DC, I realized the following:

    If you guys remember, Pak Army was given a task by NATO to help create a soft base inside Pakistan in the Tribal areas.

    PAK Army said, that public mind has to be crafted to allow this. Now look at this:

    NATO asks to open a base.

    Pakarmy says public opinion is needed to smooth this.

    ANP Releases Sufi Mohammad out of the jail for no reason.

    A few days later all of a sudden Army operation starts in swat.

    Mulvi Lullah Fazal appears as a new gladiator and media is flooded with news about swat.

    Drones intensify.

    After every Drone attack media blitzes Swat issues.Even yesterday when Drones attacked, Media paid more artificial attention to what Sufi Muhmmad said about courts, we all know he is not a molana and is an ex jamat Islami worker.

    Drones keep attacking and our leaders are begging money while the Army is re negotiating their price in USA.

    Gen Shuja Pasha was summoned like a dog to DC last week and rebuked harshly for asking more money.

    Now look at this, in less then a year, Pakistani public is totally against the Taliban's, public opinion is almost complete, Sufi Muhammad has accomplished what the Army asked him to do by indirect support of the warring factions, many of the talibs are army men....from all over pakistan....even Muslim Khan is ex PPP worker.

    MQM and other parties are creating great diversion from the fact that NATO forces will have to come and sit in the tribal areas in a few months....

    Objective achieved of creating public opinion to allow NATO to help Pakistan curb the Talib's...while there are no talibs and no talib-ans's .....just shosha....


  • If USA leaves afghanistan this talibanisation will never end .

  • i think this is a false and fake talib-ization, this is a drama...for permanent bases in pak territory...for future

    they are being used a a context...there is no real talib!


  • @Mulla,

    i agree with u ....

    US wana get hold of whole Pakistan..this nuclear armed country with a good location on the face of the world map...

    they wana eat it in breakfast with a shinny fork n spoon.

    i wont be surprised if i come to know that Sufi getting aid from US and he has got business links out there like Osama .

  • Media is playing along as well.

    Media is paying unwanted attention to this subject while covering up for something else.

    But who cares!


  • :

  • i agree ....

    Swat is more important or the whole big province of Balochistan?

  • I belive the entire south east asia is the real issue...

    Baluchistan is just a trigger and swat is a diversion!