Punjabis attacked by Baloch in Balouchistan

  • Many Punjabis are migrating from balouchistan and some were killed but why no one protesting against this ??? if this issue happens in Karachi the reaction would be different .

    Why there is one ovice for all ,voice for justice for all .

  • yea bhi jamati aur takfeeri log hoon gay hain na, somehow bring taliban topic in bahi netengr, i could not digest any thing else from your brain

  • Yes netgrrr,

    Its the same, when pukhtoons are killed by army operation and Drone attacks and no one protested.

    Plz. Refer to my previous posts on this forum where I said that the way pukhtoons have been treated in this state is appauling.

    Specially given the fact that baluch are unhappy and perhaps wants an independent state or a province which is not under central govt riens.

    On the other hand pukhtoons have a big military and socio-political support across the borders. Alienating any ethnic group can never solve any problems and a dailogue should be initiated with the participation of all baluch and Pakhtoon tribes or else the same will happen in every street of sindh and punjab and no one would care!

  • The Same principal should have applied with Bangladesh ,but 30 year ago It was Kufr to fight against Pakistan and JI declare Jihad against Bangali's now the same situation but no one is supporting army ,no one is asking about rule of law ,no one is supporting country .Militants wining every where .So what the reason to have one country ?

  • Is their any detail of the attack for I feel that the motive may not neccesarily be an ethnic one if you could post a news link it would be very kind.

    However justice for all is a chant that will take a very long while to come and an even longer while for people to completely comprehend and understand.

  • Dears

    Please read underline the situation. there are some sardars who dont want devlopment in the province. The current situation was created by US and india . The recent leaders abducted UNO'S representation and took money and got killed due to the fight over money . please read article

    Foriegn hands eliminated Baloch leaders


  • I think its as much of a cruel act killing innocent settlers in baluchistan as baluchs being killed by state terrorism. We have to accept the fact that whenever baluchs asked for provincial autonomy then all we gave them was army action, they are a very loving, down to earth, honourable people,, whom we have exploited, used, treated badly and always misunderstood them either on purpose or unknowingly. Last but not least point i would like to make is, its very easy to accuse, finger point, or defame someone without proof. But universal law says,, You Are Innocent Till Proven Guilty. So the same law applies to baloch, there leaders or sardars too. if anyone have any hard proof or evidence against these sardars then those roofs/evidence should be brought up in media,, then it will be the responsibility of the free and independent media to look into those fact/proofs and then give there own verdict. Please stop branding other pakistanis as traitors, because you have done nothing more patriotic then them.