A proposed solution to deal with Sufi Muhammad

  • Whenever i hear someone is criticizing on Swat deal i also hear this question that what was the solution?

    here i want to propose another solution which IMO could have worked better.

    First of all i want to clear one thing, i strongly believe that a real model of Sharia should be implemented in all over the pakistan instead of swat but at the same time i am strong opponent of the taliban-sharia because of many reasons which if you want i could elaborate.

    At the same time i also believe that using power is not the solution of this problem because we have an example of Afghanistan in front of us we saw that use of power in Afghanistan did not brought any change and with the help of Nato troops Hamid Karzai is not even able to walk few Kms away from his residence. So the only solution existed was through talks.

    my proposed solution is that ANP should have asked Sufi Muhammad that OK we agree that we will implement SHARIA in swat but we want to make few things clear.

    As in the document it is written that all the laws would be made under the guidance of Quran and Sunnah and after that ijmah and Qiyas. So we agree to it but we want to see what is your interpretation of Quran and Sunnah. So please document all the laws according to your interpretation of Quran and Sunnah and make them like a constitution. Once this document is ready we could debate on that with the help of different Ulema (from all sects) and only then it could be implemented.

    The problem is that at this moment no document of this Sharia exists so the result would be every decision would be made according to the limited knowledge of Sufi Muhammad's interpretation of Islam and that is the thing which is generating doubts in the mind of every one. No one knows that what will happen if a women will ask to go out for a job? No one knows that what will happen if some one wants to cover his ankles? If once this thing is documented we could debate whether its islamic or not?

  • yea it should be well documented

  • I see the same attempt by Dr Shahid in Meray Mutabiq. He brought different school of thoughts. Here is the problem; you cannot talk or reason with junooni. They have no patience for conversation or discussion or temprament to sit and write. Though I completely disagree with IbneTammaya or Al-Qutb. But atleast they brought their thought on piece of paper, current batch of disciples of Qutb or Tammaya couldn't write. They don't even know what kind of doctrine they are following. Their knowledge of terminologies are very limited. They know following few words.







    There may be five or ten more words they know of.

  • I could write many points on which i could Inshallah prove with daleel that the version of the Sharia presented by taliban on media is different from Sharia-e-Muhammad saw. But the problem is that they dont have any fixed opinion and that increases uncertainty you dont know for what and how they will hold you accountable? it totally depends upon their state of mind so i am in the opinion that go and implement Sharia but first document it.