Nazir naji

  • nazir naji taliban kae khilaf lkhtae rehae hain nazir naji kae khilaf taliban ki himaiat main likhane walo ka prpiganda hae aur yeh talibnized forces nazir naji kae khlaf propganda kar rehai hae awam iss ko khob samajhtae hain

  • Agree shafaq ,These Jamaati and Talbani Mullah and Clean Shave taliban making the big propaganda to defend them and fighting for them in media

  • Nazir naji is so much dangerous for taliban that they start a conspiracy against him ... you two are fools.... i dont know why you support This OLD DOG

  • who from you is the son of nazir naji?

  • ashfaq and netengr

    if i abuse you in the same way nazir naji was doing then please tell me you will consider me in taliban group or anti-taliban group. BTW i am ready to use the same language if you and admin allow me.

  • @Ashfaq @netengr,

    if some one is against Talibaan or pro Talibaan.

    it doesn't allow anyone to be abusive with others.

    the language he has used is really shameful.

    its not been quoted wrong...

    its not a printed story ...about which one can easily get away by saying it has been twisted .

    its a RECORDING .