Shoe on the face of indian politicians....

  • This shoe throwing phenomenon is getting really popular among folks and the credit goes to one and only our beloved George W Bush, who is the sole reason for this invention.It was December 2008, when an Iraqi journalist named Muntadhar al-Zaidi became talk of the town soon after he greeted George W bush with a shoe of Size 10, we know the size of

    the shoe because respected president himself told everyone proudly about its size.

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  • they all deserve shoes ..........

    we also need some shoes with some courageous ppl to use them properly and bravely.

  • Not only the leaders, also majority of Pakistanis need such kind of treatment.

    Do Pakistani pay their bills honestly?

    Do Pakistanis care about rules and Regulation of the land?

    Do they observe the Traffic laws?

    Do they have intention and desire to earn the livings through honesty?

    Is there any section of the society in Pakistan which asks not what the leaders do, but what the people gave to the country?

  • it all starts from upper part of the society.

    if Zardari can get away with loads of corruption ....

    why not a single 100 PKR pocket maar would do it with confidence?

    if all the tarffic can be stand still and even the ambulances can be make waiting for a stupid mininster to pass by?

    why one should care about a red light after that?

    u first need to give your citizens a sense of importance ,due respect and sense of belonging ...

    than you should expect them

    to act according to law...

    if a Sufi can deny govt writ .

    why not a common citizen of karachi can pass by a red light?

    u cant expect oranges from an apple tree .

  • Zardari emerged just recently.

    Examine the attitude, behavior, habits and thinking of Pakistanis since 1947.

    What respect they gave to the father of the Nation?

    We don't need a leader to teach us how to honor the traffic signal.

    Believe it or not, a majority of Pakistanis are genetically above law, rule and regulation.

  • @Shikra ,

    Zardari is just the symbol of what worst can happen to us as a nation?

    but i would disagree with u ......

    ppl use to be honest and abiding law in past .

    my father use to make all the radio and TV license and keep renewing them by paying fees.

    we use to have a Dog and my father use to have a DOG LICENSE to.

    now he is just sick n tired of everything and leaders law breaking practices has made him put off....

    who's fault is this?