Great Muslim leader.Ahmadinejad: UNSC has given Zionists liberty to commit crime

  • President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the International Durban Review Conference (Durban II) on Monday that United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has in the past 60 years supported the occupier Zionist regime and given it the liberty to commit any crime.

    Addressing the participants at the international meeting on racism in Geneva, he questioned the right to veto, wondering which logic underlies such a right. "With which human value does it comply? Is it compatible with justice, equality and human dignity?" he asked.

    Referring to the fact that UNSC is the top-most source regarding international peace and security, he questioned that while legal discrimination prevails and laws are based on force rather than justice, how one can expect justice and peace?

    He complained that a number of western and European governments consider themselves committed to the genocide racists and support them.

    Following World War II, some displaced a nation and moved a number of people from Europe, the US and other countries to their land under the pretext that the Jews were victimized, and established a totally racist regime in the occupied lands, he said.

    Ahmadinejad also posed a question on the origins of the recent wars such as US invasion on Iraq and Afghanistan and asked whether the reason was other than the self-conceitedness of the then US administration to expand its domination, destroy a lofty culture, eliminate potential and actual threats to Israel from regional countries and loot the Arab country's energy resources?

    Stating that hegemony and self-conceitedness are the root causes of racism, discrimination and tyranny, the president added that today most of the racists pay only lip service in condemning the phenomena.

    However, when several powerful countries are allowed to take decisions for other countries based on self interests, they can easily trample on all human values and laws.

    Can you name any other MUSLIM LEADER who can articulate Islamic views with such logic my fellow brave Pakistanis??ONLY IMRAN KHAN comes to mind..Time has come the end the criminal west hatred of brown negros of south asia.Enough of white christian frauds and zionist terror against muslims.Get the abdalis ghauris ready to confront these subhuman filth.

  • Ahmedinejad is a big disgrace to Iranians and Muslims and humanity.

    The guy needs to get a brain, and, learn some basic diplomacy 101.

    Expect him to badly lose the upcoming Iranian election.

  • Secular filth..Zardari has brains??You are a mental slave..

    While your mother is being raped by the americans secular let me see if she likes diplomacy..Pathetic assanine moronic statement by a fraud.get lost..pussy

  • "filth" "mental slave" "fraud" "get lost" "pussy"

    You arguments and points are highly intelligent and very convincing.

    I am sure you are winning over many at this forum.

    This is Iran for you, the second biggest producer of oil in the world:

    1. Unemployment: 12%

    2. Inflation: 25% (official)

    3. Daily petrol allowance: 3.5 liters (petrol rationing in the worlds second largest oil producer)

    If the Mullahs dont interfere too much and allow a free election, expect this big mouth useless piece of shit Ahmedinejad to badly lose the upcoming elections.

  • Iran and Ahmedi Nijad used American and Israel hatred just to have unity in Iran ,to become popular and to maintain Iranian Mullah in power .

  • If the shoe fit you must admit secular pussy.

    1.American yoyr white master..unemployment 14%

    2. Dollar collapsing

    3.Death Merchants..Iraq Pakistan Afghanistan.

    4.Inflation 22%

    5. Shanty towns all over california.

    6.suicide rate up by 44% among adults USA.

    7.Empire collapsing front of your eyes.

    This is napak india for you

    1.1.2 billion indians not a single good looking one.

    2.77% live off 3 us dollar perday.

    4. 32% unepmloyment

    5.Discrimination against muslims.second class citizens.

    6.Cow worship penis worship??Need I say more.

    I am not here to win any thing period. I hate pro western brown negros slave who will sell thier mothers to go against pakistan.Give us green cards will will sell Pakistan we had celantro fields in india I hate these traitors.I try to expose traitors on this site. Iran is a great country 9000 thousand year history.Beautiful country great people.Can you name me one decent moral leader in Pakistan??secular??

    Why should iran adopt american system of govt??jackass secular??tell me..Why should we as Pakistanis adopt american demonic values??WHY?? dont we have our 1400 history to emulate??why this facination with white anglo saxon filth??So shut your trap and wake from your american induced sleep boy.

  • Since when stating a truism, a verifiable act is an offense to anyone??Secular??

    Ahmedinajad was right and justified verbally lashing Israel for their brutal abuse, oppression and terrorising of the Palestinian people. Like it or not, it's the fucking TRUTH. How can those spineless, immoral hypocrites deny it?

    Time has come to stop being hypocritically correct.

    The UN must be dismantled, since it does not play its accorded role any longer. It has become a forum for the oppressors and manipulators of the rich nations of the world.

    Shame on them.Fact that no stunt will detract the attention of the world from the evils of zionism, fact that all the propaganda in the world will not cover-up the stench of decaying state of the only apartheid regime remaining on this planet, and fact that the truth can no longer be held back evidently have not registered in the thick skulls of the jewish nationalists, whose unreasonable, and insatiable greed have brought about the unfolding tragedies in Palestine, and worst still to destroy the last vestiges of trust and credibility of the states, and the leaders of these states in the eyes of the masses living with in these states.

    The sounds of the clapping majority of the nations present in UN somehow rendered the theatrical walk out of the nine compromised nations a very hollow gesture, bereft of any credibility.

    Every word Ahmadinejad spoke is the truth. The spineless response of Europeans and the no-show U.S. is so revealing.

    All the world knows what Israel has done and continues to do. The Israeli nation is a war crime in progress.

    Secular pussy..Why didn't the Europeans give the Jews part of Germany. Germany was the guilty party. Not the Palestinians. The Palestinians had nothing to do with putting the Jews in concentration camps. That as Merkel's Nazi Germany. Make Merkel cough up some land for the Jews so they can leave Palstine. How about Austria? Or the Rhineland? Ahmadinejad was right on. I hope this economic meltdown takes Nazi Europe down the tube. They, along with the US, have caused most of the problems in the world.

  • Migel, everything you say is agreed and leaning more towards the truth.... however, your wording and tone do not do your words justice. Change them, my friend, you are not the only one that feels the pain for Muslims suffering around the globe.

  • "you are not the only one that feels the pain for Muslims suffering around the globe"



    1. I never said anything against Iranians, infact, I said Ahmedinejad is a disgrace to Iranians, I spoke against him and in favor of Iranians. I know about Iran's history, and, the regime in Iran is a shame for Iranians and Iran.

    2. I never said anything in favor of the US, or, India, or Germany, or Pakistan, or, Israel, or any other country. I never said anything in favor of their economy, or, their foreign policy, or anything!

    3. Your stupid rants and attempts to associate me with all the countries/ideas/policies above, is quite amusing to say the least.

    4. Nonetheless, reading your ridiculous posts, I found some hilarious parts, eg:

    i. American unemployment 14% (Its actually 8 or 9 percent, and, will go to 11 or 12 percent in 2010)

    ii. Suicide rates of 44% in American adults (I never knew almost half of the American adult population kills itselt, soon enough they should have the same population as Canada)

    iii. India: 1.2 billion indians not a single good looking one (Really shows your positive thinking)

    iv. India: Cow worship penis worship. (You know, people expect their culture and religion not to ridiculed and humiliated. Muslims around the world feel increasingly isolated and targeted. But heres some advice for you. Do unto others as you would like to be done to you...)

  • You still need some education secular??Oriel My apologies..Every now and then I get little excited due to these Brown sahibs...Secular Monkey god??I vomit on that one.Read and learn about the american ecomonic system it is about tobe foreclosed..Take your money out bring to Pakistan NOW.

    Muslims around the world feel increasingly isolated and targeted. But heres some advice for you. Do unto others as you would like to be done to you...) eheheheh woweee

    The american british masters are upset with brown sahibs??ohh noo..What about 197 other countries secular??What do think when the word WOLRD COMES TO MIND??Let me guess secular..USA UK AUSTROLIA GERMANY FRANCE ITALY..Is that world you are talking about?/1.4 Billion muslims in 56 countries are isolated secular??what you smoking boy??I bored with you go away...

  • Iranian leaders are what actually leaders should be...

    they have got courage to say that and stand that too.

    not like our spineless ,brainless ,speechless,useless leaders ...who if given a chance to speak at an international forum like UN ,they start showing pictures of their deceased wife and shedding crocodile tears .

  • Beena,

    They have courage to divert all attention away from the issues of Iranians to loud and EMPTY shouting and sloganeering against America and Israel instead of focusing on the well being of their people and their country.

    Iran's govt. could not provide enough economic activity to provide employment to its people, they could not control inflation and prices, they could not build basic infrastructure and give a good life to their people, despite hundreds of billions of petro-dollars, but, they will solve the problems of the Palestinians and fight America and Israel and solve the problems of the world?

    Give me a break.

    Ahmedinejad should lose badly in the upcoming elections.

    I would actually be so embarrassed to have a stupid undiplomatic loudmouth piece of shit with ZERO intelligence and intellect like Ahmedinejad as head of my govt.


    I dont think you read other peoples posts, just blindly copy paste from the web.

    1. I clearly said I did not say anything in favor America or its economic system.

    2. I did not say anything about "American British masters".

    3. Infact I was talking about OTHER countries, like India, whose Hindu majority's religion you blatantly insulted "Cow worship penis worship" and also "1.2 billion indians not a single good looking one"

    4. I never said anything about "USA UK AUSTROLIA GERMANY FRANCE ITALY"

    5. I meant Muslims feel increasingly targeted and cornered.

  • @Secular

    @I would actually be so embarrassed to have a stupid undiplomatic loudmouth piece of shit with ZERO intelligence and intellect like Ahmedinejad as head of my govt.

    that means

    you would love to have a brain less pocket Maar standing in UN floor ,representing your country ...

    and have zero clue ,what to say and what to not?

  • No.

    You mean Zardari?


    I saw one of his interviews and he was saying the stupidest stuff like Benazir guides me from her grave and all sorts of weird stuff, like he was high on drugs or something.

    But, no, I'd like neither Zardari nor Ahmedinejad representing me at UN or anywhere.

  • @Secular,

    ohhh ...u mean u wanna see a dictator with his autocratic approach to say whatever he likes to say at your behalf.


    I dont remember saying that in my post.

    I love it when people try to put words in my mouth just cuz I dont agree with their point of view on an issue.

    Let me try to guess the next reply to my post:

    Do you like Bush then?

  • @Secular ,

    i am not guessing .

    but your previous record tells us that u r a BIG BIG FAN of mr.Mush the dictator.

    Yeh Hum Nahin Kehtay ...Log Kehtay Hian .

  • One more thing secular, AHMEDINE NIJAD HAS PhD in engineering..He can speak without the help of a telepropmter and can write his own speeches..I paste articles that reflect my views moron.Catch my drift boy??

  • Should mushie sahib be tried as a traitor and a mass murdering agent of america?Secular??should he be hanged live on GEO//I do not like cow worshiping or penis or monkey worshiping or urine drinking, by the way morar ge desai the indian prime minister was a regular drinker of urine secular fact.I find this CULTURE repugnant subhuman and sickening and I am going to through up.

  • Beena,

    I liked Musharraf's first seven years for several reasons like strong economic growth, infrastructure development, higher educational development and stability, and, thats why I kept supporting him, but, I'll be very frank with you, I didnt like his rule AT ALL in 2007. I actually hated pretty much everything he did in 2007...So there you go.

    I actually dont care much about "dictator" or "democrat" but more about substance and what they deliever.

    South Korea used to be poorer than dirt poor North Korea but two military generals ruled there for almost 30 years and turned it into one of the WORLDS most prosperous and advanced countries.


    And Bush had an MBA from Harvard.

    I guess both him and Ahmedinejad should have similar IQ levels.