Women, children among eight killed in US drone strike

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    Killing of brown negros slaves of Paksitan by the white christian american rapist coward army.Ofcourse with the help of haqqani rehmena the quadiani zardari harWANA: As many as eight people, including women and children were killed and several others injured in the suspected US drone attack on Gangi Khel area of Wana, headquarters of South Waziristan Agency on Sunday morning, locals said.

    However, the political administration and other sources denied reports of any loss of lives in the attack, saying no causality happened in the attack but the attack hit an explosive laden vehicle parked inside a house.

    According to details, the suspected US drones kept flying over the area the whole night and cause panic in the area but on Sunday’s morning it fired two missiles at a house in Gangi Khel area, damaging two explosive lad vehicles parked in the house, however, no casualty was reported.

    Sources of political administration said two explosives laden vehicles were targeted in the attack and caused no casualty.

    According to locals, sounds of powerful explosions were echoed after the attacks.

    While, according to a private TV channel, the drone targeted a house, located in the area of Taliban commander, Mulla Faqir Mohammad, killing eight persons, women and children among them, and several others injured.

    Media reports reaching here said that the attack was carried out in populous region and sounds of explosions heard far away, while locals said they could have never heard such powerful explosions before this and were seen smoke emitting from the site.

    A foreign news agency quoted Shahab Ali Shah official of local administration, as saying that drone targeted hideout of suspected militants but did not mention details.

    Locals said there was no one at the site during the time of attack.

    According to a private TV channel report, fire engulfed the two explosive laden vehicles parked in the house after the attack and also spread to several adjacent houses.

    It was claimed in the report that militants used to stay at the site and militants cordoned off the area after the attack and started rescue activities.

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