Imran vows to enter Karachi on May 3

  • LAHORE: The chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) Imran Khan has said he was ready to lay down sacrifices in the greatest interest of country and vowed to enter Karachi on May 3 at all costs.

    Addressing to Zonal leaders here in Lahore, Imran was of the view India and US were hatching conspiracies against Pakistan nuclear program.

    He asked government to neutralize pressure in wake of Swat peace accord and termed the upsurge in Talibanization in Pakistan caused by the rising unjust.

    According to Imran Khan, national integrity and sovereignty have been endangered due to operations in Balochistan and FATA.

    Previously MQM was in full control of Sindh so they had almost banned his entry to the province. Now they are in coalition govt led by PPP, so I doubt they can stop him this time.

    Good luck Imran....We're with you. God bless you!

    Watch out MQM ;)

  • Wao ... I hope he would dare to go to Waziristan and sawat too to meet his friends

  • Atleast he is not sitting in his Hujra womewhere in London spewing his nasty hate filled sermons via telephone. What a pussy leader ;-)

  • Altaf hussain should be hanged ...

    Imran Khan should be given to Taliban ,they will apply their law on him ...

    Qazi ,Munawaer hasan ,and Imran should go to sawat ,waziristan and bunain now to show their solidarity with their friends "taliban"

    jab piyar kiya tou derna kia

    Sawat janay say derna kia

    piyar kia koi chori nahi ki

    piyar kia

    piyar kia koi chori nahi ki tou phir SAWAT anay say derna kia

  • Well i think PTI & IK should file a case in SC to ban MQM.......Now CJ is no excuse of partiality....

    Since PTI & IK claim they have enough stuff against them so no more wait....

  • full support of young generation of karacties is with imran.

    about which MQM is worried about and thats why all the walls of karachi has been inked with filthy slogans against Imran.

    but we the common karachties welcomes imran khan...

    imran needs to take precautionary steps as month of MAY is quite dangerous for karachi .

    he may need to revisit his dates to visit karachi .

    and should keep it unannounced as long as possible.


    CJ Iftikhar cant hear MQM case .

    coz he has been a party in May12 incident .

    and as a fair judge ...he would avoid hearings of any case of MQM .

  • @ Beenai a very weak justification,Well i m not talking about just 12th May but overall, moreover all judges are reported so any one of them can hear plus if in case of any partiality CJ can keep a eye on all the case no point to delay the case... no point to keep issuing statements if they really mean it come forward file a cases...drag them in court.

    SC not in no excuses......

    Well if all generation of Karachi with IK or not that will decieded only in let him sit in next election from Karachi or Larkana.....;)

  • @justapakistani,

    i dont think its a weak justification.

    its quite sensible and solid justification...

    that 12 May case or no 12 May case.

    if its MQM it has been playing a DEVIL role against CJ Iftikhar all along the movement of his restoration.

    so if he goes to hear a case against them .

    he cant be unbiased.

    or at least ppl wont believe in his neutrality in the decision.

    yah IK can win from Karachi or Larkana .

    once the ppl of karachi get rid off Ghunda mafia

    and Larkana ppl get rid off wederahism.

  • Well he is not the only judge in SC but there are others like Jutice Jaweed Iqbal etc. who can follow the case plus If SC won't be unbiased then then he don't deserve to be CJ......

    Beating same tune all the time just they need to come up and file the case and show courage.....otherwise there word will remain words like other parties....words generate only words people need action

    Also keep in mind if awam are with a party/leader then no one can defeat them by any means and that was already proved in Feb 2008 this is very lame excuse that wedera/khans/chaudries/mafia dont let them to win...

    By the way IK already said "bhokay nangay people" should not come in the politics....

  • 28th may was a day where there was no writ from the governemnt and MQM was the responsible for .


    there have been several suicide bombing ,killings of army ,killing of innocent people ,there have been to writ of the government in FATa, SAWAt ,Buanir ,Bajor etc but Moulna Imran Khan did not say any single word against the terrorist ,

    If Altaf is the terrorist why He do not say openly that baitullah ,molivi umer and others are the terrorist and should support the government .

    This is double standard or may be he is biased.

    28th ,40 people killed

    every other day people are being killed ,one sucide killed 100 accepted by baitullah but he is not the terrorist and IK is not dare to go there .

    Imran is a joker

  • 28th may happened in Karachi and its a settled area and it was followed by live burning of lawyers so this issue is must more serious than FATA.

    And for FATA he always spoke against the military action of US which is generating more loyal supporters for the terrorists.

  • Sawat are the settled areas where there is no writ of the government since 2 year .own courts own shiria ...

  • Oh yeah IK protested some much for 12May but what happened no protest for 27th Dec 2007? why this day forgotton by IK and all champions of democracy?? since IK things Karachi people with him then why not to raise his voice for 27th December ....

  • Why should IK protest for 27th Dec. Give me one good reason? BBs own party is in power and they are not even filing the FIR.


    Come out of the HATE which is blinding you.

  • @netengr,

    it was not was 12 May...

    i can see your true association with MQM..

    and your desperation to defend these losers.

    which is alright.

    but don't get over excited to mix up the dates of atomic tests and MQM ghunda gardi miraaj dates.

  • I used to be the supporter of IK 2 years before but i find him a biased and stupid person ,he is a clean shaved Qazi hussain Ahmed ,He does not have any principal .

  • netengr you are also extremist and extremist could not go along with any one else than Altaf bahi so carry on.

    Thanks Beena for correction.

  • @netengr,

    what about MQM?

    do they follow any principle?

  • MQM is the badmash and ghundas .