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  • The media is an important tool of building/ generating opinion. The current era of technology is converting the world into global village. Pakistan Media has also groomed well in last few years but some how lacking behind in displaying responsibility with regards to the national integrity, security and Pakistan interests. The current letter of Col (R) Harish Puri (published in “The News” on 14 April 2009) and propagating of lashing of an innocent girl of Swat area are two news which have been negatively projected:-

    Are you satisfied to the present role of media?

    Should Government devise some rules to fix the limits of the media?

    What’s the difference between, Pakistani, Indian and US/Western media?

    What was the aim of publishing Col ® Harish Puri open letter to Gen Kayani? And who should be held responsible?

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  • You raised a good point. I think media needs to be a bit more careful about handling such issues. Publishing that article at such delicate time which was very demoralising for our military showed the immaturity of our electronic/print media.

    I believe in freedom of speech but we have to know our limits. Timing of that article could even cause rift among our top military ranks. Country's interest must come first under any circumstances. I don't know what the intention was of printing that in a popular newspaper.

    Hope they learn a lesson.

  • yeah , ur right, now a days this popular group is showing very very irresponsible attitude. It seems that there are some anti state elments in this group who are working against the national intrests and palying in foriegn hands. Lests findout out

  • Agreed fully.

    Media doesn't seem to understand the national interest.

    Though I must say that media has progressed alot in doing, what it should be doing. Trying to bring out the bads where ever they are in the society. In terms of highlighting many dark areas of our society, I am convinced, our media is no less than CNN or BBC.

    For such aspects, I must give them 10/10

    But national interest, must be very clearly understood by them. Here I must say that our media is no way near CNN or BBC. Our media doesn't even have a concept what National interest is. They perform extremly poor, when it comes to PROJECT & PROTECT the national interest.

    For such aspect, I must give them 0/10

  • i think...

    JANG group is getting immature with the passage of time.

    or they are so proud of themselves being the biggest group that they have a perception of getting away with everything under the sun.

    or being the first one to break phenomena is getting on their nerves so badly that they cant prefer anything else than that.

  • Beenai

    Ur absolutely right. This JANG Group seems to be on contract deed of America. Their motto is to catch a bigger market "India”. Probably, time is coming when this group will be kicked by true Pakistani. Their Programmes on national and international issues are performing the character of “PHAPHY KUTTNI" of the Society.

  • @Paktruth,

    our media definately need to set some standards of braeking news ?

    i must say.

  • yeah ur right, They give breaking news of all stupidities. There is a need to wet the script prior to its publishing.